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With the post season arriving and teams already looking into the pool of players that will declare for free agency, I have taken the time to put up the tentative list of the top ten free agents coming out of the regular season.  All of these free agents are unrestricted.

1. Randy Moss
His stock soared this season, he went from being a risky addittion to one of the must haves of the off season.  Although most signs say that he will re-sign with the Patriots because of the great success he is having, you never know, this is Randy Moss and god knows what he is thinking.  Moss, if he becomes a free agent, will most likely demand the biggest WR contract ever.  This means only top flight teams will go out and grab him.  Moss would most likely want to go to a pass first team so he can have all the passes he wants.  He brings a mixture of speed and great hands to the table and still has around 5-7 years of football left.

2. Lance Briggs
Briggs is one of the premier defensive players on the market.  He is athletic, quick and strong.  He adds a sure tackler to any defense, and has totaled over 100 tackles each of the past three seasons.  He will be asking for one of the largest contracts of the year, expect a team like San Diego or Denver to go after him.

3. Asante Samuel
Samuel is one of the best shutdown corners in the game and is still very young.  He totaled 10 picks last year and six this year, but he is becoming notorious for shutting down every reciever he has faced.  If the patriots dont resign him, he will be in for a HUGE payday.

4. Jared Allen
Another one of the star defensive players to be hitting the market this year.  Allen has been one of the premier defensive ends and has terrorized offensive tackles all season.  He is a strong DE who resembles Aarron Kampman of the Green Bay Packers for his continous motor.  He plays every down and gives all of his energy on every down, he is a must have free agent this off season.

5. Alan Faneca
Faneca is one of the top flight guards in the game right now, and it seems very likely he will leave the steelers.  Faneca is a five time Pro-Bowler as well as a 5 time All-Pro player.  He is a strong crushing run-blocker but has had some troubles in pass protection in the past.  He is possibly the best guard and will be given a mega contract.

6. Albert Hayensworth
The only reason Hayensworth isnt at the top of the list is because he has had so many problems with injuries this season.  Missing a couple of games this season lowered his stock but he is one of the best DT in the game.  He is quick, has a great swim move over O-lineman and is devestating at stopping the run.  With Hayensworth in the lineup the Titans allowed around 70 rush ypg, but with him out of the lineup they allowed 100+ ypg.  Hayensworth anchors the defense and would be a huge add to any team.

7. Jamal Lewis
He has revitalized his career in Cleveland and I would be very surprised to see him leave.  But if in fact he does leave, his rumbling and tumbling style of running will be great wanted in the off-season.  His age is starting to become a problem but he seems like he still has the strength and speed to be good for a couple more years.

8. Marcus Trufant
He has been a huge surprise this season and I doubt Seattle will let him go.  If Trufant hits the market he will be greatly prized because most teams wont be able to bid on Samuel so they will look to the other shutdown corner in the market.  Trufant has been great this season totaling over 70 tackles and putting up big interception numbers, he will be a great corner for years to come.

9. Jordan Gross
Gross has been outstanding for the Panthers and the Carolina organization all think he deserves a big pay raise but with his contract voiding at the end of the season he will look to see what offers he gets, and trust me they will be big.  Because of his athleticism and young age he is a valued offensive lineman.

10. Terrell Suggs
Suggs makes the list because he is a very versatile defensive player.  He can go down to DE and be a ferocious pass rusher or he can stand up and play linebacker.  His versatility will pay off when he gets a big pay check.

Just Missing Out
Justin Smtih DE, Corey Williams DT, Michael Turner RB, Bernard Berrian WR, Boss Bailey OLB, Karlos Dansby LB, Floyd Womack OL.


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