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First off sorry puter has not been nice to me and reformating errrrrr.

Dover , here is a race I can get into, hopefully.

I love short tracks and lately there has been enough bad blood that this could very well get very ugly ...... wooo hoooo.

Is this a track you can get into?

Who are looking to do well this week?

Someone you think will do bad at this track?

I was surprised to hear Jeff Gordon say this is not a track he is good at. Jeff use to dominate here.

Jimmie and Denny are suppose to be favorites here.

Both drivers need to have a good finish to get back into the Chase or risk playing spoilers for others.

Is playing spoiler a bad thing?

Can Denny or Jimmie play second fiddle to Jeff , Kyle or even Jr and run interferance on the track for their team mates without egos getting in way?

October 1, 2011  09:36 AM ET

Can Denny or Jimmie play second fiddle. Denny maybe, but there isno way in heck that Jimmie is going do anything but race to win.

They better dress warm because its supposed to be in the mid-60s both days with a slight chance of rain.

I'm wondering what effect the cooler track temperatures will have on the tires.

October 1, 2011  10:30 AM ET

I love it that Jr is higher than JJ in the Chase.....I don't expect Jr to win, but finishing top 5 in Chase would top off an improved year very nicely.

I love that JJ is 10th in the Chase period.....would love to see him go to 11th and miss the top 10 table in November.

Carl, or Jeff, or Brad , or Matt going to #1 would be great.

Denny can stay right where he is....12th and insignificant.

Dover is one of my more fav tracks....should be a good race.

My fav thing about the Chase overall this year, is that no one is a shoe~in to win right now....many drivers can still take it....much more interesting.

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October 1, 2011  12:11 PM ET

I'll, be nice if some Others here grow the hell up! LOLYou would think 70 year old men would have grown out of playing kindergarten games, and NO 22GA, I'm not talking about you.

I have a theory that maturity peaks at a certain age. After that age the older you get the more immature you get.

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October 1, 2011  04:24 PM ET

Denny and Kurt are the only 2 that I'd guarantee aren't going to win the whole thing at this point. Jr., Newman, and Kenseth are on my not very likely list. The rest are still up for grabs.

As far as tomorrow's race goes, the only thing I'm hoping is that there's not another fuel mileage finish.

October 2, 2011  12:02 AM ET

Looking at the qualifiers and practices, Jooonya has his work cut out for him tomorrow.

October 2, 2011  07:02 AM ET

Ok, good morning. 35 outside, 63 inside. I guess I should light the stove a while

October 2, 2011  07:51 AM ET

Same in Milwaukee 37 outside, talking 70 this week (Indian Summer) ...

warm inside with the Brewers WIN, Badgers WIN ...

going for Three Wisconsin WINS Today ;)

... Brewers, PACK, ... Kenseth ...

October 2, 2011  08:12 AM ET

and DANICA ,,,, only TWO chances left for that Second IRL WIN ... GO GIRL GO ,,,

today at Kentucky .... then Phoenix ...

and then INDY 500 sounds like with Andretti Rent a IRL, who running CHEV engines in 2012 ...


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