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Well, I decided to do my blogs in Family Guy format.


Ollie Williams- efbasketball

Asian Reporter Trisha Takanawa- Wallace

Peter Griffin- efbasketball (this job is open for anyone who wants it. It is a rant about something in the section "grinds my gears"

Ollie's Swiming Hole

Okay so this blog is about the future of Cleveland teams. A lot of throwdowns have stated that besides Boston, Cleveland was the best sports city this season. Thats great and all, but we came away with no championships and we have to start to wonder, was it a fluke? Can we follow up on this season?

Cleveland Cavaliers

This is the team that really jump started the Cleveland sports year. They made it all the way to the NBA championship beating the Nets in 6 games and the Pistons in 6 games. We got swept right out of the Championship by the Spurs though. The Cavaliers are already off to a bumpy start this year, we are two games under .500 at 15-17 and currently the 8th seed in the East. I believe that we can sneak into the playoffs this year but we will probably be playing either the Pistons or the Celtics so I really dont think we will get very far in the playoffs. What do I see in the future of the Cavaliers? I think that LeBron will eventually get his own Scottie Pippen and will win an NBA Championship. The Cavaliers will learn from their big mistake this year of not signing anyone in the offseason and they will add at least one big name to the team. I think they will be 41-41 this season though, but I think they will win an NBA Championship within the next 5 years. LeBron's contract with the Cavaliers is up at the end of this year, I have no doubt that he will re sign with us. Meanwhile, I think our owner is still slapping himself in the face for letting go of Utah's Carlos Boozer who has really been dominating the last couple of years.

Cleveland Browns

The Browns are the team that I see the most promise in out of the Indians, Cavaliers, and Browns. They just went 10-6 and got cheated out of a wildcard. Braylon Edwards and Josh Cribbs were named to the probowl this year. Edwards went insane this year with 16 touchdowns and 16.1 yards per catch. Cribbs had over 30 yards per kick return and Jamal Lewis revived his career and really proved a lot of people wrong that he was finished. Phil Dawson should have had a probowl visit as he was one of the most important members of the Browns team. He was captain clutch this year and hit 2 game winning field goals. Kellen Winslow is continuing to be one of the best TEs in the NFL. He was too a pro bowl snub.

The Browns will most likely be parting with Derek Anderson this off season as he is an restricted free agent and he if sought after by the Ravens and the Bears. Hopefully the Bears are the highest bidder because it would be devistating for him to get signed within the division. We will have Brady Quinn as our starter next year and I couldnt be happier about that. He was 3-8 this season, but two drops in the endzone alter that a little bit. Braylon Edwards dropped the first and Kellen Winslow dropped the second. He did look really good for his first game though.

The story of our year was our great offensive linemen. Eric Steinbach and Joe Thomas really did wonders for our running game and offered more than enough protection in the blind side of the QB. Thomas only gave up one sack all year and was the best rookie lineman in the NFL.

For next year, we are going to be playing the toughest divsion in the NFC. The NFC East. It will be a very tough year for us, but I think we can pull out another 10-6 season, but this time be good enough to make the playoffs. Ultimatley I think in 5 years we will be one of the best teams in football since we are one of the youngest now and we COULD be the NFLs new dynasty.

Cleveland Indians

This upcoming season doesnt look too good for us since Detroit signed just about every all-star out there and has a lineup that is probably the most dangerous in the MLB. We still have a shot but I dont see much of a chance to win the AL Central. We are still a very young team with a lot of potential and I think that we can land a wildcard birth but I dont see a real oppurtunity at the World Series for about 5 more years. Mabey Detroit isnt as good as they are on paper, but I doubt that. We were a 96 win team last season and one of the best in the majors, but I see a win decrease of at least 8. I say we win 88 games in what will be one of the toughest divisions in baseball. We really didnt add anyone this off season but we didnt lose anyone so I dont think that will hurt us too much. Our key to success this year will ultimatley be our pitching. We have one of the best bull pens in the MLB with the best reliever in baseball Rafael Betancourt and a young top 8 reliever in Rafael Perez. Plus we have one of the best 1 2 starting picthing punches in the MLB with Sabathia and Carmona.

Tom Tucker: We now report live to Asian Reporter Trisha Takanawa.

Asian Reporter Trisha Takanawa (Wallace)

Good evening Tom, I???m standing outside of Jacobs Field where the anticipation for the 2008 Indians season is already mounting, because frankly, this is the only Cleveland team that has a hope at any sort of success. This year looks to be a great one with basically the entire team from last year returning- include Cy Young winner CC Sabathia and up and comer Fausto Carmona. To compliment them is the young star Grady Sizemore who looks to add a World Series trophy to his accolades. This team will have great competition in the Central with a bolstered Detroit lineup as well as a good twins team, however many here in Ohio believe that the Indians truly are the team to beat. We asked Jhonny Peralta about what he thought of his chances this year in the playoffs. He responded very calmly, ???**** BOSTON!??? Back to you Tom!


And finally we have

You know what really grinds my gears?

You know what really grinds my gears? You bandwagon Cavalier fans. Last year there were more Cav fans than any other team in the NBA and now there are only the true fans. It dissapoints me and is a real problem. never jump on our bandwagon again.

Lets end with an Ollie Williams joke

Tom Tucker: SO how are you beating the heat Ollie?

Ollie Williams: SWIMING HOLE


Thats all and remember the position for Peter is open.



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