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Finally!! It took me forever but here's my 4th mock draft of the season. This version has a few added surprises and one major trade....


Round 1

  1. Dolphins - Glenn Dorsey. There's no doubt that Parcell's would love to trade out of this pick and get a couple extra 2nd or 3rd round picks but I just can't see a lot of interest in trading up. Everyone knows the Dolphins and Rams aren't going to snag McFadden so I would look for that #3 slot as being the key to this first round. If the Dolphins stay, Dorsey is their choice. When healthy he was the most dominant player in college football last year and he instantly upgrades that defense. With Dorsey tying up the lineman the linebackers will be free to roam.
  2. Rams - Jake Long. They had a fluke of a season IMO. The offense is loaded when everyone is healthy. And the main health concerns are with the offensive line. With Long in the picture most of those concerns are put at ease. Say what you want about Long but he only gave up 1 sack this year and that was to fellow first round pick Vernon Gholston.
  3. Raiders - Darren McFadden. Here's where the draft starts to get very interesting. A lot of teams would love to jump up to this spot to snag one of the two best prospects to come along at his position in the past decade (AP being the other). However, I think Al Davis jumps at the chance to add a weapon like McFadden to an offense that is in need of a playmaker. This means they'll let Fargas leave in Free Agency. And they will also cut either Rhodes or Jordan. Leaving them with a very solid one-two punch.
  4. Chiefs - Sam Baker. A reach at the #4 pick but this is classic case of need over talent. The Chiefs O-Line needs major help and after Jake Long the next best is Baker. He won't mull anyone but he has the technical skills and smarts to be a very productive tackle in this league for years.
  5. Falcons - Matt Ryan. Tough call here for the Falcons. They need a franchise QB in the worst way. However, this year more than any that I can remember featured a number of college QB's who continuously hurt their draft stock as the year went on. At the end of the day I believe Ryan will grade out as the best and the Falcons will take a chance here. It's going to be a long road back and they're hoping Ryan can lead them there.
  6. Jets - Chris Long. The Jets get an absolute steal here by taking Long with the #6. Some would argue that he's the best player in this draft and it'd be hard to dispute that. He provides much needed playmaking ability on the defensive line. He will make the entire defense better by providing consistent pressure on opposing QB's. No matter what type of defense they decide to play.
  7. Ravens - Malcolm Jenkins. Another tough call here. This pick will ultimately hinge on whether or not the Ravens feel they have a QB on the roster they feel comfortable with going into the 2008 season. McNair is old, Boller has had his chances, and Smith showed flashes but only played in 3 games. Starting just 1. If they don't take a QB they snag the best CB available. No doubt that's Jenkins. If he declares he's a lock for a top 10 selection. The Ravens get younger and better on defense with this selection.
  8. Patriots - Rey Maualuga. Not fair. They will do their best to trade down for future picks or mid-round picks that they don't have to pay as much for. What they do with the pick depends squarely on whether Asante Samuel leaves or stays. If he stays and they keep the pick, they will surprise a few people by taking Maualuga as the first LB off the board. He reminds a lot of people of a young Junior Seau. So who better to mentor him that the original Junior Seau. He's a vicious hitter who had a big game in the Rose Bowl to raise his draft stock. Good fit and makes a good defense that much better.
  9. Eagles (from Chicago) - Kenny Phillips. In the biggest news of the draft the Eagles trade Donovan McNabb to the Chicago Bears for their 1st and 4th round picks in this year's draft. The Bear's feel the #9 pick is worth FINALLY settling their quarterback situation (and I would have to agree). Especially since I think McNabb has at least 6 or 7 good years left in him. With a healthy defense and McNabb at the controls this team becomes an instant contender again.
  10. Lions - James Laurinitis. I personally think he's the best linebacker in the draft (if he declares) and if the Lions can grab him with the #10 pick they would be more than thrilled. He could be paired with Ernie Sims to provide the Lions with one of the best young LB groups in the NFL. Now if the rest of that defense could be just as good...
  11. Saints - Antoine Cason. The Saints #1 concern going into this off-season is their secondary. They thought Jason David was the answer...they were wrong. Cason was a 4-year starter at Arizona and will be an instant upgrade over David. Really improved his draft stock with that big Thursday Night game against Oregon.
  12. Broncos - Keith Rivers. Their run defense has been dreadful this year and part of the reason is the loss of Al Wilson. Rivers would be a great replacement for Wilson and will help to shore up that porous defensive front seven.
  13. Bengals - Sederick Ellis. No one has improved their draft stock more than Ellis. Some have even talked about him being a top 5 pick. I'm not quite that high on him but he's a great value here at #13 for the Bengals. He will give the Bengals a solid presence in the middle that will tie up the O-Line and allow the LB's to roam. Similar to the way Dorsey will for the Dolphins but on a slightly smaller scale.
  14. Bills - Dan Connor. Bills will be tempted to snag a WR here but in the end the temptation to pair Connor with college teammate Posluszny is too great. These two former teammates are tackling machines with a nose for the ball. This pick and the return of Posluszny from injury will improve the defense greatly.
  15. Panthers - Brian Brohm. At one time it was a foregone conclusion that Brian Brohm would be the #1 pick of the 2008 draft no matter who was picking because he was that good of a prospect. However, after a disappointing senior season he has fallen off the map. The Panthers hope for the best here. They feel it's worth the 16th pick for a guy who could be a stud QB for the next 12 years.
  16. Texans - Jamaal Charles. Could their be a better fit in this draft?? He's a stud running back from the Longhorn state going to a team from the longhorn state in desperate need of their running back of the future. IMO this one's a no-brainer.
  17. Eagles - Vernon Gholston. If he comes out this would be a great value pick here for the Eagles. Kearse and Howard just aren't as explosive as they once were. With the additions of Phillips and Gholston the defense should show immediate improvement.
  18. Cardinals - Derrick Harvey. A perfect fit in the hybrid OLB/DE role in the 3-4. Team him up with Wilson and Dansby and you are looking at a young, fast, and talented defense.
  19. Vikings - DeSean Jackson. With Jackson showing signs of improvement towards the end of the season Minnesota looks to add the best playmaker at WR available. Jackson is a homerun threat in the return game and gives the Vikings a receiver who is more dangerous after the catch than before.
  20. Cowboys - Reggie Smith. Some aren't as high on Smith but I think the Cowboys will be in love with his versatility. He has played both corner and safety in college and will provide depth and talent into a shaky secondary.
  21. Redskins - Calais Campbell. If he declares he will be disappointed with where he is drafted. Has the physical tools and ability to be the best player in this draft. However, the question becomes does he have the drive and passion to get the most out of that ability. Worth the risk at #21.
  22. Buccaneers - Kentwaan Balmer. Quickly shooting up draft boards. Gruden knows that his defense is getting old and if they want to continue to be as good as they were this year they must get younger. Balmer fills a need position and has great potential. With him and Adams the D-Line seems to be in good hands for years to come.
  23. Titans - Limas Sweed. They need a playmaker on the outside. Vince Young has never had a WR that he's felt comfortable with while he's been in Tennessee. Adding his former college teammate and probably the best all-around Wide Receiver in the draft will go a long way towards not only Vince's development but also the development of that entire team.
  24. Giants - Steve Slaton. They have found a very good running back in Brandon Jacobs. However, they could still use that homerun threat in the ground game. Slaton could be used in a one-two combo with Jacobs to form a potent ground game as well as split out as a third receiving option for Manning.
  25. Steelers - Michael Oher. With Faneca on his way out of Pittsburgh, Oher should be able to step right in and take over. Some are projecting him as a tackle in the NFL but he has enough versatility to play either.
  26. Seahawks - Jonathan Stewart. Very similar to Jamaal Charles and the Texans. Went to school in the Northwest at Oregon, Seattle plays football in the Northwest and they need a RB to replace the over-the-hill Shaun Alexander. Another no-brainer here.
  27. Jaguars - Lawrence Jackson. The Jaguars have turned themselves into a very dangerous team because of defense and running the football. Jackson improves an already impressive D-Line and makes it one of the best in football.
  28. Chargers - Quentin Groves. The Chargers on paper don't have a lot of holes and can afford to take the best player available. Enter Groves. Very similar to Merriman in style of play and could become a force quickly for the Bolts.
  29. Cowboys - Malcolm Kelly. With two first round picks they may look to package something together and move up for a Kenny Phillips. If they stay look for them to take best player available after snagging a DB with the first of the two picks. That would be Kelly. Glenn is getting up there so why not take a shot on a guy that could easily beat out Crayton and Herd.
  30. 49ers - Ryan Clady. He may not slide this far down the draft but if he does fall the 49ers would be more than happy to take this stud OL. Paired with Staley they could actually have a decent offensive line. Great value.
  31. Packers - Aqib Talib. Woodson and Harris are good but they're old. Talib has enough talent to step in for either if they were to become ineffective. Good value pick here.
  32. Pats - Forfeit.


Round 2

  1. Dolphins - Chris Williams. Might be gone by this time come draft day. His stock is rising and with a good pro day he could be a top 20 pick. At this point the Dolphins would be thrilled to have snagged two guys who could anchor each of their lines.
  2. Rams - Ali Highsmith. Great pick here. Their linebackers need a talent injection and Highsmith has played at a very high level on an elite college football team.
  3. Raiders - Jefferey Otah. Their O-Line is still in need of help and Otah would be a welcomed addition. Could help open holes for D-Mac.
  4. Chiefs - Mike Jenkins. Similar to the Packers in that their CB's have been very good but they are old. Jenkins could be groomed for a year as a nickel back and then take over for whoever feels the oldest.
  5. Falcons - Chris Johnson. Atlanta needs to bring some excitement back to its football team and what better way than with this little guy. Showed his skills in the bowl game and would be a great replacement for an aging Warrick Dunn.
  6. Jets - Xavier Adibi. They need an OLB. Adibi and Long give them speed and talent on a defense that needs it.
  7. Ravens - Andre Woodson. You talk about your draft stock This guy was being thrown out there as a top 3 pick heading into the season. Now look at him. The Ravens passed on a QB in the first round. But they can't pass on Woodson at this point. Smith, Boller, and Woodson will battle for the starting spot.
  8. 49ers - Chris Ellis. Defensive line is a huge off-season project for the 49ers. Ellis provides them with a very good start. Will probably start from day 1.
  9. Bears - Gosder Cherilus. After picking up McNabb in a trade they are all smiles in Chicago. Now that they have their QB they need to protect him. That O-Line is old and Cherilus will push for time as a rookie and be ready to take over by year 2.
  10. Lions - Tracy Porter. Simply put, the Lions secondary is the worst in the NFL. And that's coming from a Lions fan. If you don't believe me, watch the Thanksgiving Day game against Green Bay. Porter is an instant upgrade at corner over Wilson or Fisher. I see him starting from Day 1.
  11. Saints - Frank Okam. They need an interior D-Line presence that can disrupt things in the backfield and tie up lineman. Okam has the potential to be exactly that.
  12. Broncos - Dre Moore. The worst run defense in the NFL needs all the help it can get. Getting a defensive tackle here will help that.
  13. Bengals - Erin Henderson. The first 5 rounds of this draft need to be spent on defense for this team. Henderson is a solid LB with a good bloodline who can help solidify a shaky defense.
  14. Bills - Adarius Bowman. They need a big target opposite of Lee Evans who can go across the middle and make the tough catch in the red zone. That guy is Bowman.
  15. Panthers - Jonathan Hefney. Some people aren't real high on Hefney. But I think he'll be a very solid NFL safety. Couple that with the Panthers need for a safety and there you have it.
  16. Falcons - Carl Nicks. Good, Solid tackle that could possibly start from day 1. But do you think they'd rather have Carl Nicks or Matt Schaub right about now?? Tough call.......
  17. Eagles - Early Doucett. I have never really been too high on Doucett but with the Eagles desperately needing a WR (what else is new) he's probably their best option at this point. And at this point I think it's probably the right selection.
  18. Cardinals - Terrell Thomas. The secondary could use an upgrade at corner and Thomas gives them just that. He was a solid defender at USC and will be a solid pro as well.
  19. Vikings - Barry Richardson. Mixed reviews on this guy. Some think he's overrated and others underrated. I think this is a good spot for him. The Vikings aren't in desperate need of a lineman but Richardson would provide depth and possible upgrade at tackle (depending on who you talk to).
  20. Browns - Kendall Langford. All defensive lineman for the Browns in this draft. Langford is a very good fit in their 3-4 scheme.
  21. Redskins - Marcus Griffin. After the tragic death of Taylor they'll be looking for a safety at some point. Griffin has a good bloodline and could push for time.
  22. Buccaneers - Mario Maningham. One of the hardest prospects for me to figure out. Looks like a top 20 pick at times. Other times looks like he's in the wrong sport. Good value pick here for Tampa Bay.
  23. Titans - Darrell Robertson. They need some depth on that D-line. Robertson has a high upside.
  24. Giants - DeJuan Tribble. Despite using last year's #1 pick on a DB they still need secondary help. Tribble is a good, solid CB that will help that defensive backfield.
  25. Steelers - Eric Young. Two offensive lineman?? Yep. Eric Young is a true guard. He and Oher could anchor that line for years.
  26. Seahawks - Fred Davis. Steal of the draft IMO. This guy will develop into one of the top 5 TE's in the NFL within a few years in the league. Has all the tools and ability you could ask for with an NFL body to match. If Seattle didn't need a RB so bad I would have him going in the 1st Round.
  27. Jaguars - Dwight Lowery. Provides depth at DB and could step in as the Nickel back if he plays well early.
  28. Dolphins - Martellus Bennett. Miami would love to get Davis but with Seattle picking just ahead of them they settle for the second best TE in Bennett. Dolphins new GM knows the importance of a good TE (Jason Witten).
  29. Cowboys - Kirk Barton. Not a lot of needs so they add some depth on the offensive line.
  30. Colts - Marcus Harrison. The Colts need depth and a long-term answer at the defensive tackle position. Harrison gives them both.
  31. Packers - Shawn Crable. Speedy linebacker who would have a chance to team up with Hawk and Bennett to form the best group of young LB's in the NFL.
  32. Pats - Bruce Davis. They got their hard hitting linebacker in the first round. Now they grab their speedy hybrid OLB/DE in the second. Great fit in the Patriots system.



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