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I don't understand the logic.  Just because a team has a great year, or a bad year, we automatically assume that this year is set in stone.  I say we, but I really mean you.  This writing is in response to the pre season and early season polls.  These polls are preached each week on every college football preview show broadcast on national television.  Who is ranking these teams?  Who do you think you are?  I know, you are the EXPERTS!  The experts that already know who the national champions are.  I guess that no team can improve, or be caught in a downward spiral.  I am assuming that ya'll have decided that a team that had a losing record last year could win a couple of games against inferior teams and be ranked in the top 20, while a team that went to a bowl game last year wins the same amount of games is not.  I am referring to the Texas Longhorns and the Kansas State Wildcats.  How do you consider this disrespect to be fair.  After the Longhorns won games against Rice, BYU and UCLA, they are ranked 17th in the nation.  Please explain this to me.  My Wildcats have won games against Eastern Kentucky, Kent State and Miami, and we are still not considered worthy of being ranked in the top 25.  Do you need to be reminded that KSU beat the snot out of Texas last year?  Do you need to be reminded that KSU has won 4 of the last 5 meetings against Texas?  Where does your logic come from?  I am assuming that ya'll believe that Texas has had a successful football program in the past, so you are also assuming that they will be successful this year.  BULLS#%*!!!  I am picking on Texas right now just because they are a good example right now.  This argument could easily be made about Oklahoma, Alabama, LSU, Oklahoma State, Baylor, Florida State, Virginia Tech, Texas A&M, Arkansas, or any other ranked team in the country.  I heard announcers describe my KSU Wildcats as unproven today, while the Longhorns were described as a team to beat in the Big 12.  Who made that call?  How much are you getting paid by the University of Texas?  I guess that they have money to burn after going behind the Big 12's back and signing a contract with ESPN.  I'm sure that since the Longhorns have beaten Iowa State that they will be in the top 10.  Now my Cats have just beat the #15 Baylor Bears (yes we have actually beaten a real football team, unlike the shorthorns), can we get some love now?  You will not see my Wildcats getting invited to join another big conference for 2 reasons.  Those reasons are:

1.  We do not have the TV audience to bring enough money in to make other schools rich (because, that's what college sports is turning in to.  Another essay is coming about that.)

2.  No conference will want to bring a championship buster into their ranks (you should just say that you are scared).



I find it impossible to believe that Bill Snyder and the Wildcats are getting shunned because they do not draw the TV audience that is required by the NCAA, but I have always believed in the impossible.  




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