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All this past week Ive been hearing commentators and anyone with a mouth pretty much saying the same thing in regards to the Pats 16-0 regular season achievment, that it wont mean anything unless its paired with a superbowl title. The first thing about this idea that bothers me, is that it wasnt really discussed until the pats finshed off the giants. Pundits and talking heads on all the sports channels never brought up the supposed need to add a superbowl title to the undeafted season in order to validate it, or match the dolphins perfect season back in the day. I get a little upset when things like this happen to teams i root for, as im sure all fans do(i know boston isnt any more special than your hometown). Its like the general media keeps trying to throw one more road block after another in the Patriots way, each time trying to find whatever little fact they can that will somehow unjustify this terrific season. First it was spygate, which in itself was embarresing, albeit totally unrelated to any of  the wins this season, because it was over by the first half of the first game. Once everyone pretty much agreed that it was a sleazy move but not exactly a national emergency, the masses set about trying to find the next obstacle they could throw in their way. Im fine with saying that a championship is required to validate in season achievments, but you should  be singing that tune from the start, not after. Of course im likely to catch some flack from pat haters out their, and im ok with that. Ive actually been a fan of losing teams, alot of losing teams. In my entire life this is the first time the Celtics have been legitimate threats for anything. The Patriots were always terrible until 95/96 when we went up against the packers and got smacked down, and that led to more years of mediocre play until 2001 when things turned up. And everyone knows the Sox story, i dont need to tell it here. So cut this **** of telling patriot fans and boston fans off for being loyal fans who are enjoying a well deserved good stretch. I wont hate you all come the day that San Diego teams, or Pittsburg teams, or Miami teams enjoy a stellar run. Seriously, all our teams play the game for us, and once a year each sport has one city that is truly happy. Weve all been the dogs at the wrong end, and weve also usually had at least one sweet victory, so please lets stop cutting in when another city has a good run. Because im from this area, and i know better than anybody that it will probably be followed by like 100 years of ****. So there.


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