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There is no doubt that Tony Romo can put up great stats, but he can also make the boneheaded mistakes that constantly haunt him and the Cowboys.  That is basically what he is.  Romo is not a championship quarterback.  For the exception of the Niners and Redskins games, Romo has never elevated the play of his teammates through his play or leadership.  He has only benfitted from having great talent around him.

Romo's problems stems from not learning from past mistakes.

  1. The fumbled snap against the Seahawks.
  2. Romo's ill-advised trip to Mexico.
  3. The interception he threw against the Giants in the 2nd half in a divisional playoff games.
  4. His shoulder separation that was a result of Grankowski missing his block and Romo not standing strong in the pocket.
  5. Not throwing the ball away when in field goal range.
  6. His interception to Revis when he was clearly in Romo's sight.
  7. Fumble against Jets.
  8. His 3 interceptions against the Lions.
  9. His constant failure to read defenses with enough time to snap the ball before the play clock winds down to 1 second.

Terry Bradshaw said it best, Romo was not drafted, he was on the developmental squad for 3 years chunking-up the ball for the defense, makes too many mistakes when under pressure in game winning situations, just throws the ball-up when the rec. isn't open & is still making the same mistakes that he made as a 1st year developmental player; it is time for Big Daddy Jerry to force a change!!!

One can argue that Garrett could have called a more conservative game when the Cowboys went up by 24 points and the injury bug that has hit the Cowboys didn't help Romo much.  3 and outs would have been better than 3 ints especially 2 that are returned for touchdowns.  But coaches call plays and players execute.  If the play is not there, than run out of the pocket and throw it in the stands.  Protect the lead and increase it when the opportunity is there!  Why not use the Yankee approach?  Have the starters and set up relievers give you 8 innings and bring in Mariano Rivera on the 9th to seal the win.  Romo plays for a half or 3 quarters and have Kitna seal the win.

JJ will have to act on Romo.  Garrett, teammates, and JJ are saying the right things to show support for Romo.  JJ went out of his way 4 years ago to make the offense more Romo friendly with nothing in return.  Deep down inside they know that Romo is not the answer. 

October 3, 2011  07:18 PM ET

A change to whom though?

October 3, 2011  08:51 PM ET

Probably have Kitna finish the year then draft a quarterback. Try get value for Romo so he can be traded. Get rid off a couple of more players and go young so that they don't poison the rookies and 2nd year players who are contributing.

October 4, 2011  07:49 PM ET

Ouch! I'm too old to go thru 2 or 3 years rebuilding!

October 5, 2011  01:25 PM ET

Ouch! I'm too old to go thru 2 or 3 years rebuilding!

The Cowboys have gotten younger in the OL, LBer, DL, and are still relatively young at the skill position with Witten being the oldest.


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