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Flambo Gus

Here we go folks, the first of the NFL's bye weeks. This is the point in the season where a savvy team owner can propel his team ahead with a few well time moves.

Teams with Bye's this week: Baltimore, Cleveland, Dallas, Miami, St. Louis, Washington  

Here are this week's Pick Ups, Drops, and Fools Gold.

Pick Ups:

  • Ryan Torain (24%) - Yes, Washington has a bye this week, but Torain's week 4 breakout should not go ignored. He averaged 4.5 ypc last year with the 'Skins, and lost his starting role to Tim Hightower after breaking his hand in the preseason. Shanahan has ties to Torain, dating back to his last year in Denver. Don't be surprised if Torain is the feature back in Washington for the rest of the season.
  • Marion Barber (15%) - If you're a Rice or Jackson owner that needs a spot start, Barber might prove useful this week. In his first action this year, Barber had 5 carries for 17 yards and a TD. The Bears found success last week in the running game, but might be give Barber more carries in order to keep Forte fresher throughout the game.
  • Darrius Heyward-Bey (2%) - Once again, Heyward-Bey might be worth a start this week if you're missing Boldin or Marshall. Finally healthy, the 3rd year DHB may benefit from defenses focusing too much on Darren McFadden.
  • Jason Campbell (22%) - Campbell's averages in losses: 333 yards, 1.5 TDs, 1.5 INTs. Averages in win: 127 pass yards, .5 TDs, 0 INTs. Why is this relevant? Because the 2-2 Raiders travel to Houston to face the 3-1 Texans. Houston opened as a 6 point favorite, plan accordingly.
  • Jermaine Gresham (31%) - While AJ Green has been a relevation in Cincinnati, Gresham has be targeted nearly as often and is a solid contributor if you're looking for a fill-in for Fred Davis or Jason Witten.


  • Roy Helu - Helu's value has steadily declined following his 112 total yards in Week 2. With the emergence of Torain this past week, Helu will likely be relegated to the 3rd string. Ideally, you want to drop him for Torain.
  • DeAngelo Williams - Each week it becomes more and more evident that Ron Rivera is content with letting Cam Newton shoulder than entire offensive load for the Panthers. Despite a season best 82 yards, Williams only had 10 carries. Williams does lead the team with 37 carries, but Cam and Stewart have 33 and 31 carries respectively. You're better off finding a running back that gets more than 9 carries a game.
  • Joe Flacco - 10-31, 163 yards, 1 INT. Joe Flacco's fantasy value took a big hit Sunday night and, in my estimation, is enough of a reason to dump him for someone like Orton or Campbell.
  • Santonio Holmes - He's averaging just 3 catches and 41 yards a game to go with his lone TD on the season. Sanchez isn't showing signs of improvement, and getting the ball outside to Holmes and Plax has been a chore. Until the Jets work out some of the offensive woes, everyone but Dustin Keller should be avoided.
  • Sam Bradford - The sophmore slump is very real for the St. Louis QB. As of Week 4, the Rams are 0-4 and Bradford is completing less than 50% of his passes for just 183 yards a game. He's holding the ball too long looking for WRs that aren't getting open fast enough. Part ways here at the bye week and find a better backup option.

Fools Gold:

  • Laurent Robinson - Robinson had a fine game against Detroit this weekend, just don't expect a repeat performance with Austin returning after the Bye week and Dez Bryant getting closer to 100%.
  • Tavaris Jackson - Jackson's 319 yard, 3 TD performance came against a 24th ranked Atlanta pass defense that's had major confidence issue (or so it seems) since last year's Divisional Playoff loss to the Packers. The week, the Seahawks travel to New York to face one of the best defensive lines in the NFL.
  • Jacksonville Pass / Rush ratio - Jacksonville played right into the Saints hands by allowing Gabbert to throw 42 times to just 17 runs. At the half, Gabbert was 12-23 but finished just 4-19 in a game that they weren't too far behind in. Jacksonville cannot let the opposing defense dictate the gameplan like they did this week.
  • Colt McCoy - Somehow, Cleveland decided to completely abandon the running game as Colt McCoy racked up a ridiculous 350 yards on 61 pass attempts. Cleveland's success depends on McCoy falling in the 20-25 pass attempt range as they control the clock with the running game.


October 4, 2011  03:42 PM ET

FINALLY...a week that I'm sure the Browns won't lose a game. KICK A**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 4, 2011  03:57 PM ET

Flacco goes from god to drop. You do realize he was facing the Island last week?

DeAngelo Williams has been a bust, but with the RB depth so thin, who could you possibly drop him for and be better off? Marion Barber, please. Torain? until he loses his starting spot again.

October 4, 2011  04:03 PM ET

BTW, love the Jacksonville comment. Good point about the run pass ratio.

October 4, 2011  04:05 PM ET

Torain will not be the feature back. He will get carries, but Hightower will as well. He is also a better receiver out of the backfield than Torain.

October 4, 2011  04:05 PM ET

Nice blog, Gus. As usual.

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October 4, 2011  05:27 PM ET

Blast me mate???s!!! Send me to the Davy Crockets grave!!!!!

October 4, 2011  08:59 PM ET

Nice blog. I'm screwed this week. I own:


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October 5, 2011  03:51 PM ET

Didn't put Ridley up as a pickup? I think he might take over the Law Firm as the #1 back there. Won't be a great fantasy back but could be a nice fill in.

October 5, 2011  03:52 PM ET

And I agree with the other comments. Great work. I find this blog more helpful than 90% of what is out there.

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October 6, 2011  01:18 AM ET

As of right now, Ridley would be a decent pick up in deeper 12 team leagues. But the Patriots aren't running much this year, and when they do, its a three headed backfield.

Well I am happy that only my Torain waivers went through. Got Ridley in one but I have no RBs in that one.

I have a somewhat different draft strategy than most but I am seeing guys come around to what I do. If I can't get one of the top studs at RB I go WR or QB. Not in the top 5, well maybe Rodgers, but after 6 I went Calvin Johnson and on the way back around I went White. For the most part it has worked out for me [for 3 years now, winning money in over half my leagues]. In 7 leagues, 5 for money, I have only one non-money I don't feel great about [one money league I had the #1 pick and took AP, than Forte but still have V. Jackson, Austin, Stafford and F. Jackson yea this team is dominating]. I am high point in the one I feel bad about but I have no RBs. Picked up Torain and I am hoping Starks and Jacobs can get it done. It is also the only league I took A. Johnson over C. Johnson. Should have stayed true to what I felt.

October 6, 2011  02:39 AM ET

I dropped Ben Tate for Ridley in my 12 teamer.

But this week will be rough with all the byes

starting cam newton, ridley, mccluster, run dmc, nate washington, jimmy graham, saints D, and mcgahee

all my guys are on bye!

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