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Being a Head Coach in the NFL these days are very similar to being a dog from Bad Newz Kennels....You get the "X" real fast! In this blog I will discuss a couple of teams and how everything turned out for them. So maybe the Falcons and other teams that are in a bind will make the right choices. Fans just have to understand that when you change Coaching Staffs and without a Good Mature Starting QB......The Franchise gets set back even more. Free Agents will not want to come and play for your team, you have trouble re-signing your players, and that boils down to a Franchise in trouble.

If anyone had followed my blogs or seen my opinions on truth and rumors, you know that I was pulling hard for Browns to keep Romeo Crennel as Head Coach. All off season fans from around the world wanted Crennel out. Everyone is so quick to want to get someone new in. You have to realize that a New HC means a New Coaching Staff, New Philosophy, Rules, Personnel, and just a whole new enviornment. So to change Head Coaches on already bad teams is a MISTAKE if you don't give them the proper time to blossom. Well everyone laughed at the Browns when they traded QB Charlie Frye to Seattle, but I never liked Frye. Now the Browns have a Good QB, Great Offensive Line, Good/Great Skilled position players and Romeo has to get a better Defense....Slowly but surely.

In some cases it is not always good to keep a Head Coach for too long. Art Shell in Oakland, Brian Billick in Baltimore, and Cam Cameron in Miami. Shell and Billick were not liked in their own clubhouse and Cameron well that whole entire orginization blew big ones this season with personnel decisions and all that.

Falcons, boy this is a mess. Authur Blank went in the right direction early, by trying to get Cowher and Schottenhimer. Now the reason it would have been wrong is that both coaches love the 3-4, that would set the team back about 3 years trying to build that defense from a undersized 4-3 to a 3-4.....See my Cowboys when Bill Parcells took over. But now it seems the Falcons are desperate. But, if I were Mr. Blank, I would hire Caldwell. I know he doesn't have NFL Head Coaching experience, but players respond well to him and is well known throughout the NFL. This will cause free agents and big names on the Falcons to give him 3 or 4 years to rebuild. Caldwell would bring some of the Colts Defensive staff, and I think that the Falcons could make a Smooth transition to the Tampa 2 Defense. The Falcons must find a QB and soon. They need to go out and try to get a No. 1 WR in free agency. WR Javon Walker should be out there for a 2nd or 3rd round pick....maybe less. Get a GOOD LT and start rebuilding. The problem will lie in the QB department though. There is not going to be much in Free Agency. They need to Draft a QB but not to Start right away. The Falcons should take a look at QB Todd Collins from Washington, Chad Pennington NY Jets, Derek Anderson Browns, Aaron Rodgers Green Bay, or Kurt Warner Arizona........All these guys could come in and help the team NOW and let the Young QB grow and mature until his time is ready. Now, Derek Anderson and Aaron Rodgers are guys that I think could be the Franchise QB........Rodgers and Anderson should stay with thier teams unless those franchises are Stupid! So again, aquiring a Solid Vet QB, Drafting the Future QB, Trading for a VET WR that can play, and getting solid players in the draft will help the Falcons become a Good Solid football team again. That and getting a HC that will stay and rebuild....

Miami is doing the Best Job already and the Off Season hasn't even begun. They Started off with getting Bill Parcells as VP. Then hiring one of the brightest and best talent evaluators in Jeff Ireland as GM. Next in letting Cam Cameron and his staff go, it just wasn't going to work out. Cameron needs to coach a team that is already built and ready to win. Next will be the hiring of Cowboys ****. HC and Offensive line coach Tony Sparano. These are Bill Parcell's Guys. They know how, when, who, and what Bill Parcells needs to bring a Reeling Franchise to Glory again. All These guys have worked together and lived with each other for years. They will bring in a Great class of Rookies, Solid veterans that are team first guys......Parcells knows how to build through the draft and aquire a few free agents here and there to close gaps until the young guys are ready.

Hiring OC Jason Garrett would be a HUGE Mistake for any franchise that is not in a good situation. Wether it be no QB, a bad overall team, and a bad situation. This guy needs a couple of more seasons to understand what it takes to be the HC, making decisions......all that. You have to remember the Men and thier families when you make these Rash decisions. Plus Garrett is a PASS, PASS, PASS type of guy. Sure it works sometimes but look at Sean Payton, some bad injuries and your looking at a bad team again. He has to learn to run the football more and the Overall TEAM aspect......Offense, Defense, Special Teams, Talent Evaluator, Develope Coaching Staffs.......there is a whole lot more that goes in to it that people don't see.......He is not ready! 


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