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Another week is in the books and I am still left mourning after that beat down in Gainesville by Alabama. Speed does not matter when Alabama has a defense like that. I guess I better get ready to cry again as Florida prepares to visit LSU. With Defenses like that, you can book your ticket to New Orleans in 2012 for the title game.

1) I can see a scenario happening where more than 4 teams go undefeated at the seasons end. Feel free to comment at anytime. Oklahoma can go undefeated. Winner of the LSU and Bama game will be undefeated. Wisconsin and Boise can also finish with no losses. Then Clemson can also finish undefeated. All teams are in separate conferences except for Bama and LSU. Let us just say LSU wins vs BAMA and Bama only drops to #6 after the loss So what do you do if your the BCS? the Top 5 looks like this: 1) LSU 2) Oklahoma 3) Wisconsin 4) Clemson 5) Boise State 6) Alabama (11-1) 7) Oregon (11-1) I am also sure there will be a few more 11-1 teams in the mix. Time will tell on that one. I would love for these teams to boycott the BCS and say...hey lets do a small playoff. That would be intense. But Money will control all and they will play in their BCS games and LSU will run over Oklahoma. All the while Wisconsin will beat Oregon and Boise State will get stuck playing a 8-4 WVU or Pitt team. Clemson will get its shot at Bama. If I was a Clemson, Wisconsin, or Boise State player I would want to win my game but in my mind think "whats the point?" We got shafted and no one will really know which team is the best in land because we allow money to run the table. Just another Armageddon scenario.....and to think conference realignment is the real problem right now. I would be so proud to see all these teams finish undefeated but be mad that 3 of them will get left out in the cold.

Moving along...

2) Speaking of these teams did you see Wisconsin handle Nebraska. The problem was that Nebraska was trying to throw the ball. I can throw the ball better than Taylor Martinez. His side arm throw can only go so far vs Washington and Wyoming type teams. Wisconsin is balanced and the defense is coming together...hello Rose Bowl. Nebraska still has a big game coming up. Nebraska vs Ohio State is a game of desperation for both teams coming off a loss.

3) Oklahoma, I just do not feel like talking about your victory over Ball State. Let's talk next week after the Red River "shootout"...which I am sure you will win due to experience. I remember when LSU met OU for the title in New Orleans almost 10 years ago. Do we get to see the same low scoring boring game again this year?

4) I am a Gator but man does Alabama look good. They chased sweep plays from behind and you can not tackle Trent Richardson until he has at least gone 8+ yards. Hey, Bama....thanks for taking out Brantley...guess Gators are in for an even longer season with LSU and Auburn away the next 2 weeks.

5) Congrats to Clemson for "Winning, Winning, Winning" against tough teams. After Auburn knocked off South Carolina we see the potential of Clemson. I look forward to the Clemson vs Georgia Tech game this year. Both teams have up tempo offenses and this match up could get into the 50's score wise. Love it.

6) If your mascot is an Aggie then skip over this part. My brother is attending Utah State and their football team could easily be 4-0 if they just had 4 quarters in them. Heart Breaking loss to Auburn, then another overtime loss to Colorado State, and to top it off...BYU score on them with 11 seconds to go. WAC playing is coming. Keep your head up. Texas A&M can expect worse beat downs in the SEC than what happened vs Arkansas. How do you go being up 35-17 at half time and lose 38-42. Tell these NFL coaches you can not Milk the clock in college football like you do in the NFL. An NFL team would have kept that lead safe but in college nothing is safe. PLAY TO WIN! The SEC has Alabama, LSU, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, and many more teams that will be glad to beat them down.

7) Illinois had a great come from behind win over Northwestern. Northwestern has a great coach and finds ways to win with the hand they have been dealt. the Zookers are looking good and could make a jab at Wisconsin since its a home game. Keep following this one. Illinois is winning with defense and some big plays on offense and if you get in their way they will hit you in the nuts. (see for that one)

8) Sad to see Baylor lose a tough one to Kansas State. Griffin has not thrown a single INT all season and then he did at the worse time. Sad to see their winning streak end. Keep an eye out for Baylor in the BIG-12 (what's left of it). They can still make some noise vs Texas or Oklahoma. It will be tough but they can do it. I am pulling for the bears to make another bowl game and upset Oklahoma.

9) TCU has a great defense.....last year. They just lost to SMU. That does not help Boise State's cause at all. Boise State needs a lot of upsets for them to even have a slight chance. I feel no one knows they are ranked the #4 team in the country. If Georgia keeps winning them maybe people will go "Hey Boise beat them, they are a good team!" Fat Chance. Boise better get ready for the Vegas bowl or some crap Big East opponent in the Fiesta Bowl!

10) Congrats to Washington for going to Utah and winning. The Utah experiment is failing. Utah joined up with the big dogs and have been competitive but have lost to Washington and USC. They now have Arizona State to go up against. This game could decide the winner of the PAC-12 south. Welcome to playing with the BIG BOYS utah! Week in and week out it is alot harder to get ready for BCS teams. Good thing the PAC-12 South is horrible this year.

Take into account my first point about all the undefeated teams. It is going to be a "I am better than you" contest at the end of the year if that scenario happens. I do see Clemson losing to someone they should not lose to. The SEC will knock each other out and Oklahoma has a few hard games left that could be trap games. Plus Wisconsin could hit a brick wall or two but that is hard to believe. Any thoughts?

Now onto the picks:

LSU 38 Florida 10 (Defense keeps it close but LSU defense blows it open)

Oklahoma 45 Texas 31 (exciting first half but OU handles the 2nd half)

Oregon 42 California 28 ( how many fake injuries this time?)

Missouri 28 Kansas State 20 (streak ends here for Snyder's team)*UPSET*

Miami 20 Virginia Tech 13 (Hokies still hurting)*UPSET*

Arizona State 38 Utah 31 (Welcome to the Big time Utes)

Notre Dame 24 Air Force 17 (Irish are starting to click...I hate Notre Dame)

Arizona 31 Oregon State 21 (Toilet Bowl game of the week)

Arkansas 48 Auburn 42 (Light up the Score board)

Texas A&M 42 Texas Tech 31 ( Aggies finally realize there is 60 minutes of football)

Nebraska 38 Ohio State 17 (Black shirts beat up on True Frosh)

Georgia 35 Tennessee 24 (both coaches need a win but Bulldogs take out Vols)

What a year of college football we have. I love surprises and upsets. Enjoy the blog and send me some feed back. Love to hear from you. Go Gators...let's keep it closer than last week. I will go over some Heisman contenders later this week and also talk about why we do not need a playoff and why we need a playoff. Plus I think conference realignment will finally be over.....NOT.

October 5, 2011  04:25 PM ET

sorry about the format. I am out of town on a different computer. I will fix it later.


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