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This will be my last DP&S post for at least 2 weeks.  I wasn't gonna do one this week, but with my an Bocephus getting suspended from MNF, I decided to pay tribute to a great musician's career.


I won't get into politics, or go on another rant about the situation, just gonna post some of his songs.


I'll post a couple of his ore popular songs, thatmost of you have probably heard, and also some of his bluesy stuff, and some stuff from before he fell off the mountain.


I know most of you thnk of Bocephus as just a singer of party songs, but that's not true.  He has several great serios songs, most won't be included on this blog, but his arliers stuff, and his bluesy stuff is great.  Not to mention he can play any instrument known to man.  Guitar, steel guitar, piano, fiddle, bass, and that's just what I saw him play live.  Like him  or not, he puts on a hell of a concert.


Remember, feedback would be appreciated, please leave a comment.


Let's et this thing started


First up,

Mr Weatherman

 This is one of his bluesy songs that I was talking about.  Great imageryin the video.  One of his most underrated songs.  Don't think it ever got any radio play, but to me, this is easily one of his top 5 songs of all time.



Dixie on my Mind

I love this song.  This is a song about him getting stranded in New York City, and can't get Dixie off his mind.  It's a message I can relate to.



Standin in the Shadows

This is one of his songs before he felloff the moutain.  If you're familiar with Hank's most popular music, you wouldn't recognize this as Bocephus.  This song is about him struggling living up to the expectations of being the son of the most influential singer in Contry music history.  The pressure eventually got to him, and he fell off a mountain, and he changed his style, stopped trying to be his dad, got his own style and that's when his career took off.



All My Rowdy Friends

This is the song where the MNF theme came from.  It's a great party song.  Notice the drastic difference between his styling in this song and the one I posted before this one. 



Country Boy Can Survive

 Can't pay tribute to Bocephus without posting this song.  This song has developed a cult following from country folks all over the US.  This is probably his most popular song, and it sends a powerful message. 



Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound

I love the steel guitar used in this song.  This is one of his "get back to his roots" songs with a real honky tonk sound. 


Last, but not least

Leave Them Boys Alone(With Waylon Jennings and Ernest Tubb)

 Not one of his more popular songs, but with recent events, I think it's a very fitting song.  It brings in a singr fro Hank Sr's era in Ernest Tubb, and the leader of the Outlaw Movement, Waylon Jennings.  If you only listen to one song, make it this one.


Thanks for listening

October 5, 2011  09:49 PM ET

Go get 'em, dude.

Giddy up.

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October 6, 2011  08:53 PM ET

Getting ready to listen to the ones I've never heard.

Thank you, hope you like them.

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October 6, 2011  09:21 PM ET

Never been much of a fan of Hank Jr.'s voice, but I really like the old-timey sound of some of this music. Your comment after Standing in the Shadows was cool. I bet that experience is one reason we have Hank III doing so much experimental music and doing his own thing. Jr. surely encouraged him to be his own person from a very early age.

Great comment. You can't be someone you're not, realizing that helped Hank Jr's career big time, and knowing that, Hank 3 never tried to be like his dad, and started out as his own musician.

October 21, 2011  03:59 PM ET

first kicker concert I ever attended was Hank Jr. first 4 songs were Skynyrd covers, he stepped up to the microphone and announced to the country crowd: "My name is Hank Williams Jr and this is my show, if you don't like it you can kiss my ****" and then kicked into
3rd gear. My wife never really like Hank til I took her to a show and then she understood


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