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Let us begin with a moment of silence....


F I R S T   Q U A R T E R    C O W B O Y   R E P O  R T   C A R D

The Boys are 2-2 right now, but are more on the downside of things after another horrendous 4th quarter disaster by the Master of Misfortunes - El Romo-eo.The team had a good 2 consecutive wins, but IMO it was 2 wins that were won with using smoke and mirrors.


The defense is keeping our beloved Cowboys in the hunt yet again this season. They are ranked number 4, right behind the Ravens, Steelers & Bengals. Sadly with all the turnovers made by the offens, the Boys defense is suffering by surrendering 25.2 pts a game. The blame of course is not entirely the defense but rather the much maligned Boys offense.

Yes El Romo-eo has the Boys offense scoring 24.8 pts a game, but has created some untimely turnovers. Even or RBs, lead by Felix "Glass" Jones, isn't getting the job done. Now IMO, Jones has shown flashes of brilliance but lacking in consistency. IMO, Tashard Coice is more of a reliable RB, but he needs to get his touches.

I feel that you have to give Choice the chance to prove himself. Jones has had only 1 game of going over a 100 yards, but this isn't helping El Romo-eo's cause. If Garrett can give Jones 4 games, than he can give Choice 4 consecutive games to see if he is the more consistent ly productive RB.

Let's get back on the Boys QB situation. IMO, it's the same old sotry with this guy. The stats prove that Romo is productive. But productive for whom? Which benefits more when Romo is on the field? 5 INTs and he doesn't pay attention to his Center's snap of the ball, resulting in fumbles that cause negative yardage or costly turnovers.

This First Quarter Report:

Defense = B-

Why: They are on the field more often than not at the wrong side of the field and placed in a bad situation.

Special Teams = B-

Why: Has played well, nothing great but nothing really bad to drop their grade.

Offense = C-

Why: Bad coaching, miss cues on the offense line, inconsistent RB play, risky QB executions.

The Boys have 2 weeks to prepare for the Patriots, but even if you give them 4 weeks to prepare I don't think Coach Garrett can out strategize Bill Belichick. The last time that these 2 teams played was in 2007. The score was NE 48 - DAL 27.

Romo only had 199 yards passing and 2 TDs. Brady on the other hand,had 388 yards passing and 5 TDs. IMO, I see this as a Patriots win, but I truly hope that I am wrong.



October 7, 2011  04:26 PM ET

pats should win it.... they haven't lost a home game since '08. nice photo of the cheerleaders!!


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