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     I have opened a few throwdowns since I joined fannation, and if there's one thing I've proven, it's that I stink at it. In one TD, I named the Jags as an NFC team when I meant to name the Panthers. Both are big cats, both are very far from Montana, maybe that should be my excuse. In another, I cited fantasy stats for a defensive ranking. Big mistake. On that one, I panicked when I made the faux-pas of ranking Seattle's defense as 3rd in the NFL. I did not check my facts. It was pointed out to me by the concerned members of Fannation, and when I tried to back-pedal, all I could come out with was fantasy stats. And yes, the Seahawks' D was on my roster. And they were great! Lots of points! In that same TD, I also made the mistake of predicting an overtime win. This, too, was pointed out as taking the idea of a throwdown into too much detail for a challenge. I am getting better, though. 

     Being the introspective type that I am, I learn from my mistakes, and endeavor to not make those same mistakes again. After all, how hard can it be to check facts, when I'm sitting at a computer? And with that thought, I must say that I am not the only one not checking facts. It is amusing when I come across a TD or blog that throws arbitrary "facts" or purely inaccurate statistics around. We have all seen them. I have done it myself. But no more...I won't just toss something out there without my being able to back it up.

     An awful lot of members here just don't get their stats right when criticizing the Seahawks, unless they're a fan. I just saw one that said that Patrick Kerney wasn't THAT good, and that there's no need to double team him. If that is so, why do all their opponents double-team him? Being 2nd in the NFL with 14.5 sacks, he's not that good? Another hater said that Hasselbeck was the most sacked QB in the league. He is not. He is the 6th most sacked (I didn't know that) with 33. One said that Seattle's defense stinks, and they're lucky to be in the playoffs. Oh, really? 6th in scoring, 12th in rushing, 15th in YPG. They have Marcus Trufant, 3rd in INTs with 7. I couldn't find the red zone stats, but I know they are up there in ranking.

     I say these things to bring you this: Look at the Seahawks' stats. Look at their accomplishments--where they came from, and where they are now. Don't automatically dismiss them as inconsequential until you do your homework. You might find, like many others, that this is a team to root for. They are very good, and are made up of characters that are likeable. I, myself, root for Green Bay (except for next Saturday) for those very reasons, and I will root for any team that shows maturity, character, and class. 

     Come on, people! Show the Seahawks some love!


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