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Here is what I find troubling about sports:

Tony Romo-What are you doing going to Cancun with Jessica.  Yes we all no that she is extremely hot, and every second with her is a good second, but if you want to be with her so much, you have an entire offseaseon coming up in a few weeks.  If you want to travel with her, take her to Hawaii with you for the Pro Bowl, but do not be with her before the game, that just puts your head in all of the wrong places.  T.O. is right, "Jessica stay tuned." 

Roger Clemens-Would McNamee be telling the truth about Pettite and not Clemens?  NO.  It looks like Clemens is learning from Barry Bonds.  The more you lie the more trouble you find yourself in later.  He took them, and all that he had to do was, admit like Pettite did and he would not be under a microscope.  "I wish people would not judge me" , Barry Bonds/Roger Clemens.  he wants the HOF, he will not admit it, every player wants to be inducted, just look at Rich Goosage, he is very happy to be in.  So here is a message to Roger Clemens, do not lie any more, you play the game to winn and to get into the Hall of Fame, you would not have taken steroids to become better, if you did not want to be the best.  If you are the best then you get into the Hall of Fame.

Ben Roethlisburger-He took all of the blam and said "it was my fault" for the Steelers lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Saturday.  But was it his fault?  NO!  His offensive line did not block well wnough he was sacked 5 times!  Yes, he had 3 pics but those were not all his fault.  All most every play he was under pressure.  Sure it is good to be a leader, but no matter what happens he takes the blame, for the problems, The Steelers have enough problems.

John Madden-I have had enough with his commentary.  He is the most annoying broadcaster on telecision.  All that he does is state the obvious.  When Matt Spaeth fumbled the ball last night against Jacksonville Madden said that it is always dangerous to fumble.  Duh!  He has nothing good to add to the commentary.  I say that he leaves the game once and for all.

 Ohio State-As a Michigan fan, naturally I hate Ohio State.  But they have now lost two national championships in a row.  They are at the point where everything that they do is a joke, because sure they can beat up on Big 10 (11) teams but not SEC.  Two strait National Championship losses to two strait SEC teams.  What does that tell you about the Big 10 (11), they can not compete with the big dogs, i.e. Florida and LSU.  They would certaintly lose to Georgia or maybe even Kentucky.  And USC (i know they are Pac-10) would beat them to.  So here is my advice to the Ohio State losers, FIRE JIM TRESSEL.  sure, he has gotten them there, but he has not gotten them the win. 

American Gladiators-Great show.  NBC mondays at 8:00 EST.


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