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Ok, so I know everyone has been waiting for the King to come out and review who the best looking girls of sports are.  Since I am an expert in such matters, I thought I would throw the ball in the air and let it all hang out.

It should be noted that this isn't just a list of lookers, the formula is = beauty + winners + talent. Every few days expect a new Girl of Sport until we hit number one.  

10.  Maria Sharapova 

Evidence: Sports Illustrated bikini layout, CBS Sportsline stats.

The queen of the court is no match for a top ten ranking.  Surprisingly enough, she has her up and down days as a looker.  She destroys any possibility of Anna whatever being on this list based on sheer skill. 

Some facts from Wikipedia:

  • In April 2005, Sharapova was listed by People Magazine as among the 50 most beautiful celebrities in the world.
  • In 2006, Maxim magazine named Sharapova the hottest athlete in the world for the fourth consecutive year.
  • In February 2006, Sharapova was featured in a six-page bikini photoshoot spread in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue annual magazine that debuted on Valentine's Day, along with 25 scantily-clad supermodels. Sharapova joined the ranks of other athletes who have previously appeared in the publication.
  • In June 2006, Sharapova appeared in a commercial for ESPN's This is SportsCenter campaign. In the commercial, she is walking past Stuart Scott's desk when he stops her. He offers her a can of tennis balls he received from a supplier. She says that the can is filled with paper "worms" and that she doesn't want it. Scott acts offended, causing Sharapova to feel bad. She obliges to take the can, opens it, and paper worms fly into her face. She angrily walks away and throws the can back at Scott after he asks for it back. This commercial also featured Roger Federer who suffers the same fate before Sharapova. This was her second commercial for ESPN. The first one involved anchor John Anderson giving Sharapova a seat, which he was saving for Stuart Scott, even though he declined to give the seat to another anchor. This was an obvious reference to Sharapova's looks, as she is seen as one of the most beautiful athletes in the world.
  • Never one to stay quiet on court, perhaps one of the most controversial aspects of Sharapova's game is her trademark on-court "grunting" or "screaming." Quite possibly the loudest female screamer since Monica Seles, a London tabloid is reported to have claimed that "her persistent shrieks topped out at 102 decibels" (as loud as a police siren).Sharapova claims that this is just part of her game and that only the British press give her a hard time about it. Elena Dementieva, Sharapova's opponent in a 2006 Wimbledon quarterfinal, complained about the distraction it causes. Later in US Open, Tatiana Golovin said: "Shrieking is not going to make the tennis ball come to me faster."
  • Sharapova says that what she enjoys most about being a professional tennis player is the traveling and getting to meet new people and see new cultures.
  • Sharapova is good friends with fellow Russian tennis player Maria Kirilenko, although Sharapova does not get along with the other female Russian tennis players.
  • Sharapova is affectionately called "Masha".
  • Sharapova gave the racquet she used in the Wimbledon final to Regis Philbin when taping Live with Regis and Kelly.
  • Sharapova is the only Russian female player with more than one Grand Slam singles title.
  • Sharapova's favourite fashion designer is Marc Jacobs. She is sometimes seen in Marc Jacobs fashion shows


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