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As I watched the Seahwaks vs. Redskins game, the aunouncers were talking about Patrick Kerney, a DE for the Seahwaks.  They were saying how great he was, how relentless a pass rusher he was and all sort of crazy nonsense.  I really didnt think he deserved a lot of this credit and I especially dont think the Seahawks defense or even their team are really that good!  And heres why...

To adress Kerney first.  He may be an average pass rusher and an OK run stopper but I didnt see much out of him when he played a good RT.  His stats are inflated because he plays in the NFC West, I mean what sort of players does he have to go up against?  Levi Brown, a rookie who has never been the best pass blocker and is known for getting beat by speed alone.  Brandon Gorin...who?  Tyson Clabo...yeah...Joe Staley, a rookie who in the future will be good but now he lacks the strength to beat most DE's.  Can you recognize almost any of these guys?  No, you shouldnt because they arent good, and thats what Kerney was going up against all season.  Hell, I could probably run around a couple of these guys!  Kerney facing some of the worst talent excelled, hats off to you for beating on the little guys.  But what happened when he faced a competant RT...lets find out!  Week five he played Willie Colon of the Steelers, a pretty good Tackle, how many sacks did he put up?  ZERO!  But one game isnt enough, playing the Saints the next week he faced Jonathon Stinchcomb, an average Tackle but still OK, again he had ZERO!  Starting to see that Kerney only dominated the weaker less talented tackles?  Playing Cleveland halfway through the season he faced Kevin Shaffer and put another donut up!  Against Jon Runyan and the Eagles he put up a fat...big..ZERO!  So if he put up all these zeros how did he do so well?  Ha, thats the question isnt it!  Well, He put up three sacks against Arizona, Chicago and St. Louis, all of whom have bad, slow and either way too old takcles or way too yound tackles. 

What I am trying to get through is that when Kerney actually faces a RT that has proven himself, kerney goes into a shell, records a big fat 0 under sacks and thinks about how he is going to pick on Tyson Clabo (poor guy!)  When Kerney goes into Green Bay in the dead of winter against a proven skilled RT in Mark Tauscher, we will ACTAULLY see how good he is (I bet he puts up another one of those juicy ZEROS!)

Onto the Seahwaks as a whole.  I pretty much put up the same argument, Seahwaks face weak teams, with non talented players.  Here is a little tid bit for you, the Seahawks actually only beat 1 team that has a winning record and that came week 1 against the Bucs.  Hmmm...gets you thinking doesnt it?  They face the teams with the lowest win percentage in the entire NFL!!  So we will see how they fair against a good young talented Packer team.

(Hopefully Hasselback will keep his mouth shut this time during the coin toss!)


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