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So this week the tops teams in the country showed their teeth once again. Oklahoma showed that it has a great defense also at the expense of Texas. So who gets to be #1 after this weekend. The Debate begins.

1) LSU smacked my Gators pretty bad. Florida went into a hostile environment without a QB and it showed. Florida has been smacked down the past 2 weeks and now Muschamp knows what kind of team he has and what he has to do to win the SEC EAST. Alabama shut out Vandy while Oklahoma beat down a hated rival! So the TOP 3 teams all showed why they belong where they stand. Oklahoma made a strong case to be the team playing the winner of the Alabama and LSU game. Sorry Boise.....

2) Speaking of Boise State they beat down rival Fresno State bad. I really want Boise to get a shot at a big team. Let Boise play the winner of the Alabama or LSU game. It would make for a great match up and let Boise state prove they belong with a big win. A Big loss and then everyone knows Boise is not for real. Utah knows what its like to get beat up by the BIG DOGS now. Boise State should take note of what is happening. Utah is 2-3 and hopes to make a bowl game! Nothing comes easy when you play BIG TIME games week in and week out.

3) The Turner Gill experience is over. He was hired because of pressure by Kansas and now he will be fired without a second thought by Kansas. He let Oklahoma State kick their butts up and down the field.  Oklahoma State scored 56 first half points. I knew Turner Gill is not a big time coach and got hired for reasons we all know. Time to let him go. Also I do not think Oklahoma State will struggle vs Texas next week. I think the winner of the OU vs OSU game at the end of the year will be the winner of the BIG-12. Gonna be an interesting year. Also read how Air Force would not want to join BIG-12 because they are scared of the other teams. It makes sense but I think Air Force can hang with alot of teams in the BIG-12.

4) Michigan got its first road test vs Northwestern. Northwestern is a team you can never over look. They can hang with anyone, except for Denard Robinson. Despite is 3 interception first half performance, he was able to get the job done! Michigan will once again have to prove it can win on the road when it faces in state rival Michigan State. Hoke needs to beat Michigan State and Ohio State and life will be well with the Michigan faithful!

5) Thought for the day. Who wins the SEC EAST? Florida shows it has talent but can not compete with the LSU or Bama's of the SEC. Georgia is some how in the mix after the 0-2 start. South Carolina showed it can be good when it wants to. In Urban Meyer's first year he would have won the SEC EAST if he won on the road vs South Carolina. I think Muschamp will have the Gators in the same position by seasons end. Should be interesting to see the Florida/ Georgia game in a couple weeks.

6) Georgia Tech and Clemson are winning and getting everyone excited for their game later down the road. We could see a rematch in the ACC title game if they keep playing well. Also Virginia Tech pulled out a close win after losing a bad one to Clemson. The ACC is a mess and with Pitt and Syracuse coming over it will turn into even more of a basketball conference. Hello new BIG EAST!

7) Speaking of BIG EAST. I hope they get rid of their automatic bid. Their conference is falling apart and was never good in football to start off. Another 8-4 will get a BCS bowl over a one loss Alabama, LSU, Stanford, Oregon, Wisconsin, etc.... STUPID! BIG EAST needs to lose the automatic bid or get Notre Dame to come along and be an anchor for the CRAP conference of college football!

8) FSU IS is opposite day. How do you go from being in the TOP 5 and losing to 3 games in a row. I understand Oklahoma and give a little respect for the Clemson loss...but WAKE FOREST. Change your motto to "ITS OUR TIME....NEXT YEAR". So is this what EJ Manuel was waiting for?

9) Nebraska and Ohio State turned out to be a great game. Just when you thought Nebraska was going to be the new punching bag of the BIG-12, they woke up and pulled out a late win! What a game! Ohio State found its QB of the future and will be able to build around Braxton when he is healthy again!

10) Last but not least....congrats to AGGIE fans. Texas A&M held on for the win vs Texas Tech. Utah State not only won but won big. They were down 12-0 at one point and I am sure everyone thought "great season is over"...then Utah State woke up and ran over Wyoming. Congrats to both teams!

I still feel the BCS is going to be a mess this year. We are now going to have more undefeated/one loss teams at the end of the season because teams are becoming so dominant in their conference. I wish a playoff would be able to present itself if their is more than 4 undefeated teams. What a mess.

Also I think it shows how desperate the BIG EAST is for teams if they are inviting Air Force and Boise State to the conference. What a mess. UGH!

In other news I am getting ready to move to Maryland. Should not be hard to get tickets to see the TERPS play since they are struggling so bad! Guess they should focus more on the game plan than what they will wear for the game!

Now onto some picks:

California 31 USC 21 (Barkely is good but USC has alot of work to do)

Michigan 38 Michigan State 31 (2 words Denard Robinson)

Baylor 45 Texas A&M 35 (GRIFFIN BABY)

LSU 42 Tennessee 10 (Even with more than 13 guys on the field UT loses)

Oklahoma State 38 Texas 24

Clemson 28 Maryland 20

Arizona State 52 Oregon 42 (let the shoot out begin) UPSET

Florida 35 Auburn 21 (Gators get the ship going)


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October 12, 2011  12:54 PM ET

Good blog. Agree with Turner Gill. He took the wrong job. Simple and plain.

As a Michigan fan I agree with you that Hoke needs to beat Michigan State and Ohio State. I'm not entirely convinced that they will. I'll settle for an 8 win season and a decent showing in the bowl game. Now, that they are in the road portion of their schedule we'll really get to see what the Wolverines are made of.


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