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The NFL season is halfway over. Can you explain how that happened so fast? Actually it probably wasn't all that fast for Steelers' fans, for Dolphins' fans, for Cardinals' fans. (I assume there are some Cardinal fans.) With the season half gone, we thought we could get the Nation to help explain the unexplainable. We seek guidance on these cosmic questions:

Can you explain how Marques Colston of New Orleans can be the rookie with the greatest impact this season even though he wasn't picked until the fourth from last pick of the last round last April? Now we know Colston played 1-AA in college for Hofstra on Long Island but there's a bit of history with Hofstra wideouts having a great pro career--the Jets former WR Wayne Chrebet. And Colston is 6-4 and about 230, which I'm sure you know, is HUGE for a wide receiver, which he now is. Here's a look at how wrong the scouting was on Colston. I mean Colston's Hofstra team practiced within a long punt of the Jets' practice facility. You'd think at least they would have been aware of this special talent. Please explain.

Can you explain why Bill Belichick did not throw the red flag to review Marvin Harrison's tumbling second touchdown catch on Sunday night? Someone on NBC said that he wanted to protect his timeouts. Sure, that makes sense. It would have been New England's second review and it really looked like it would be overturned. But, hey, let them have the 7 points, we have to keep those timeouts and that extra, never-to-be-used challenge. Please explain.

And can you explain why Texans head coach Gary Kubiak threw his red flag and then picked it up after his fullback Jameel Cook fumbled late in the fourth quarter? It might have been an incomplete pass and not a fumble and Texans keep the ball. But Kubiak picked up the flag and told the officials never mind. Great call, Gary. The play probably would not have been overturned in Houston's favor, but Kubiak made that certain. What difference would it have made? The Giants never gave the ball back, ran out the clock and were in such a good spot that they took three knees after the 2-minute warning, effectively ending the game after 58 minutes. And Kubiak? He marshaled those precious timeouts so well that they were all gone before the 2-minute warning. Someone from the Big Blue Team of Destiny should send Kubiak an iPod or something to thank him for some brutal clock management. Please explain.

Can you explain why the Cowboys thought that Terrell Owens and Bill Parcells could possibly get along for more than a microsecond? Could Jerry Jones have signed the Sleepin' Wide Receiver as a way to get Tuna out of town and fast? Please explain.

Can you explain how anybody could have picked the Dolphins to win the AFC East? Their quarterback was playing on one leg, trying to come back in about 9 months from a surgery that needs at least a year. In the NFL it's not enough to have a Genius Coach; you need an offensive line and a few other players. But the Genius Coach didn't think so, a lot of others agreed and now the Fish are 2-6 and a lot of people's picks are underwater. Please explain. (Bears fans should ignore this question.)

Can you explain how the Colts' Marvin Harrison is so overlooked in the NFL hierarchy of wideouts? His game-after-game connection with Peyton Manning is breathtaking and is one of the three best ever in the game. I'll put Steve Young to Jerry Rice in there and the best I've ever seen is John Unitas to Raymond Berry when the Colts belonged to Baltimore. Harrison now has the Colts' alltime TD record (passing the great Lenny Moore) and yet he is not given his props. Please explain.

Can you explain how one person (that would be me) could have been so wrong about his preseason picks for the Super Bowl--the  Cincinnati Bengals and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Well, if Chris Simms didn't get hurt, if the Bucs defense didn't grow old, if the Bengals players managed to stay out of jail a little more, if Chad Johnson didn't go all pouty on us, maybe those picks might not have been quite so horrendous. Most of my other playoff teams are doing quite nicely thank you, but those two beauts? Face it, having those two stinkers as my Super Bowl teams kind of make the rest of the picks beside the point. No further explanation needed.



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