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     Until last season, every Superbowl loser of the new century has failed to make the playoffs the year after they lost. Seattle has bucked that trend by not only making the playoffs, but beating the 'Boys and giving da bears a run for their money. The previous decade was almost entirely the opposite. The only big game losers in the '90s not to return to contention the following year were the Falcons and the Bills.

     Philly, coming off a season in which Superbowl 39 barely eluded them seemed with all certainty to return for another chance at glory. However, some flashy reciever apparently had other plans. I'm not saying that it was entirely T.O.'s fault that they fell short of the playoffs, but the unrest and turmoil that it gave the team obviously wasn't helping them win games.

    In Superbowl 38, the panthers were the victims of the pat's dynasty. Losing in the final seconds of that game to (who else) an Adam Viniteri kick sent them into the wrong direction the next year. This wasn't their only problem, but they lost some key figures to free agency that offseason. So, trying to turn the loss around and get a ring, they ultamitely fall short of glory another year. There campaign in the '05 season, spurred almost single handedly by Steve Smith, looked hopeful, but ended with humiliation in Seattle.

    Superbowl 37 featured the Bucs and the Raiders. in a horrifying rout, the bucs creamed the Raiders. the Raiders didn't return to the playoffs the next year, likley because of the age of their stars. Rich Gannon and Jerry Rice both had played for well over a decade by that point, so when those two moved on, the Raiders never seemed to regain their cool (though hopefully for them JaMarcus Russell will help them with that).

   Superbowl 36 featured the Rams and the then relatively unknown patriots led by the very unknown Tom Brady. the game was won by a field goal margin (of course). The Rams have been consitantly mediocre ever since. Kurt Warner's departure didn't help, yet they always seemed to have the right tools anyway. things just fell apart at the worst possible times and they haven't been the same dominating team ever since.

    The Ravens absolutley KILLED the giants for their ring in Superbowl 35. the qb at the time for N.Y. was quickley deemed not fit to be the team's leader shortly after that. Whenever a time makes a transaction with their qb, it normally takes some getting used to. and though they didn't get Eli Manning (from the Chargers) for another few seasons, the confidence had been lost.

    In the first Superbowl of the new Millenium, the Rams beat the Titans. coming over from Houston, the Titans did an amazing thing by making it to the Superbowl. However, once there, they fell just short of greatness. It wasn't until the following season that they seemed to feel the effects of their move. So, as soon as the final gun went off on that fateful day in 2000, a curse was born.

   It wasn't until six years later until the "Curse of the Superbowl Loser" finally died. as one last thought, the curse of the winner possibly was born. the Steelers fell short of their repeat, and with all the colt's lost this offseason, the curse of the winner maybe, just maybe, has a chance to live on.


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