It's 888 Miles to Chicago...

While reading Arthur's post, I started to formulate answers to all his questions...and realized that a simple comment might be a bit much.  So I thought I'd answer with a full on post....I'll try as best I can to give some answers...

Every year there is one player that comes out of no where in the draft, and everyone goes, "how'd we miss on this guy?"  Remember, Terrell Davis, possible HOFer, was a 6th round pick.  The strange thing about Colston is that he's so good so fast.  Obviously, the NFL scouts dropped the ball on him, and bravo to the Saints brass for finding this's really surprising that I'm complimenting the Saints front office, as they have historically been awful...what I can't wait for is all the copycat picks.  It always happens...someone unearths a player like Colston, and then everyone tries to find the "next" one...and what it really means is that a bunch of teams over reach and screw their whole drafts to get the next "sleeper" pick.  Here's a small hint, if you take a player 3 rounds earlier than anyone else had the guy rated, it's not a sleeper, it's a stupid pick.

Man, the Dolphins must be in least in my mind they are.  The question is why did so many people miss on them?  Or the Cards for that matter?  The answer is quite simple, and we see it every year...the off-season comes, and teams make moves like getting Culpepper or Edge...and people get so excited about "what could be" they forget to look at whether the move fits the team or if it even addressed any of the real problems on a team  James was a great sign, but everyone forgot that the real problem is that the Cards can't block.  And Culpepper looked great on paper, but oh yeah, the Dolphins can't block either...and does anyone remember that Daunte was playing TERRIBLE before he was injured?  He hasn't had a good season since Moss left for Oakland...coincidence?

This leads to another point, the off-season is about flash...but everyone forgets that flash doesn't win in the NFL, the lines do.  If you can't block you're not going to win.  If you can't pressure the QB and stuff the run with your front 4, you're not going to win.  That's why teams that make the "under the radar moves" of fixing their O-line or getting D-line depth are the "surprises" every year.

As for TO and Parcells...see the above statement about the off-season being about flash.  Jerry Jones loves the flash of the off season, as does Daniel Snyder...but if you look at Jerry's track record since Jimmie Johnson left's not good.  Basically, once the core that Helmet Hair built up left, the ‘Boys have been awful.  Jerry, leave your ego at the door, and turn over full control of the football operations to a smart football guy, and leave him alone, and you'll get a wining team.  Until then, the ‘Boys will always be mediocre.

As for the Replay questions...I have no clue.  I just don't.  There are 2 things that baffle me consistently with coaches in the they handle the challenge, and how they manage timeouts.  If I was a head coach, I would designate someone to be the official replay guy...his job would be to watch the TV replay, and the action on the field and tell me if I should challenge the play.  That would be his whole job.  Why no one has done this is baffling.  As for time outs...why is there ever a time that people don't use all their time outs?  You don't get bonus points if you keep them.  You can't trade them for airline miles...I don't get this.  Sorry, I don't have an answer on this one.

There are 2 phenomenal WRs that fly under the radar....Harrison and Torry Holt.  They play better than and more consistent than any other WR in the league...better than TO, Moss, Cinco, Steve Smith...and yet we don't hear about know why?  Cause they both let their game do the talking.  Neither of these guys run their mouths at all, they just go out there and play great.  But in this world where the WR has to be a prim Donna...well, they get forgotten about, because we have to pay attention to these jerks with big mouths.  I would take Harrison or Holt over any of those other boneheads, any day of the week and twice on Sunday.  But, Arthur...Young-Rice?  Montana-Rice was 10 times as sweet.

Finally, your picks...can't help you there.  Just remember, the best way to find a team that is built for the long haul...O-Line and D-Line...start there, and the rest will work itself out.

Hope that answers some of your questions...


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