Well look at this cluster.....mess....we have atop the rankings. Right now, there's 8 teams undefeated and sitting atop the polls - 2 SEC, 2 Big 12, 1 ACC, 1 MWC, 1 B1G, and 1 Pac-12. Both the SEC schools and Big 12 schools will play each other, setting up a potential nightmare scenario for the BCS.


Realistically, either Oklahoma St or Oklahoma, Alabama or LSU, Stanford, Boise, and Wisconsin SHOULD all go undefeated. If this happens, which isn't too far fetched, the BCS would most certainly face the most scrutiny it ever has and likely wouldn't survive following this one. They would most like select the SEC school with Oklahoma, assuming they're undefeated, followed by UW, Stanford, then BSU. In this case, you not only have the non-BCS school getting left out, but 2 undefeated BCS schools not getting a shot at the BCS national title. Imagine the outrage from the fans following this. Unfortunately, it's going to take this situation or something similar for the BCS to finally be scrapped.


While I realize how farfetched this idea may seem and how far ahead I'm looking, it's certainly an intriguing thought and one that anyone who hates the BCS and wants a playoff system is looking forward to.


But instead of looking numerous weeks ahead, let's just look a couple days. After my 7-1 prediction result last week (I did it on purpose, Grue), I'm 61-14 on the year. But I can't brag too much because I haven't had to pick many big games all year.


The Byes


Minnesota - Well, what's to say about Minnesota at this point. It was clear this team was going to be bad, but no one could have suspected it would be this bad. I do have faith in Jerry Kill, but this team has a LONG way to go to be relevant in the B1G again.


Nebraska - Honestly, this couldn't have come at a better time than now. They had a very rude awakening to the B1G and needed a miracle escape to get their first win in conference. Maybe Nebraska underrated the B1G and got caught off guard, or maybe they just aren't as good as we thought. Either way, they have a lot of self discovery to do this year before coming back.


The Uninteresting


Indiana @ Wisconsin - Consider me a bit sour following last year's epic beat down. Part of me realizes that IU was pretty bad last year, but another part of me thinks that Wisconsin ran up the score. I realize the 3rd stringers were in, but throwing the ball late in the fourth up 70-13?


Unfortunately for IU, they aren't good enough to do anything about it this year. The defense looks worse and worse each week and they are only facing tougher competition. They gave up 3 passing touchdowns and 308 rushing yards. And IU has no offense to help them, which is frustrating. They have arguably the most talented WR in the conference in Belcher, but won't lean on him. He has just 23 catches for 265 yards and 1 TD. This is the type of team that needs to rely on Belcher to make plays, but they instead don't give him the ball.


As for Wisconsin, if anyone didn't need a bye week, it'd be Wisconsin. They were absolutely on a roll and tearing through opponents. Fortunately for them, they get IU this week to warm back up. I fully expect Russel Wilson to further his Heisman campaign bid and have another huge game with Ball and White.


This could be worse than last year. I'll set it at 52-13 for now.


The Interesting


Purdue @ Penn State - Well, through all my weeks of hating on Penn State, they've not only proven me wrong, but they've won every game minus a showdown against #2 Alabama. Their defense is very solid and Matt McGloin finally seems to be separating himself in the QB race. This is only good news for PSU as at least you have 1 halfway decent QB to adjust to instead of 2. The defense gives up 10.5 points a game and if you take away the one game against Bama, it's down to 7.2. Maybe they're more for real than I thought.


Purdue is about as bipolar a team in the B1G. They look bad for some games, then come out and put 45 on Minnesota. Personally, I think that's a message to how bad Minnesota is and not how good Purdue might be. Surprisingly, Purdue hasn't turned the reins over to Marve. Instead, he's hardly seen the field since returning.


In the end, Purdue is still bad and PSU is better than I have perceived them to be. PSU wins 24-6.


Northwestern @ Iowa - Consider it official. Iowa is far worse than I expected and any and all are welcome to call me crazy. Go ahead. I'm letting you. Finished?


Iowa hasn't been the team not only myself by many others thought they might be. Marcus Coker has done his part and is close to on pace for a 1000 yard season. And honestly, it hasn't been the offense that's been the problem in most cases. The defense, which gives up over 20 points a game, has continually let them down. If Iowa wants to make it to a bowl game, the defense has to step up.


Northwestern has been about as good as I expected. Persa put up 300+ yards, but because he couldn't get the touchdowns, Northwestern couldn't hang with Michigan. The defense is starting to show how bad most thought they would be. As I said in the preview blog, this team will go only as far as Persa will take them. Against a Iowa defense that hasn't looked stellar, we could be in for a shootout


While lots of points will be scored, the game shouldn't be in much doubt. Iowa wins 34-21.


Games of the week


Ohio State @ Illinois - For the better part of 3 quarters, Ohio State was essentially shocking the world. After their performance against Michigan State, no one expected this. But then the team that played MSU came back and OSU had a historic collapse. However, Braxton Miller is expected to come back and that means only good things for OSU. Along with the rest of the returnees expected to join the team this week, they could pull off the upset.


As for Illinois, they are similar to PSU in regards to the fact that I've hated on them all year. But after watching them against IU, I think they are for real. They looked a little shaky to start, but write that off as "first road game" jitters. However, they'll be on upset alert again this week with OSU coming back at full strength.


This game is going to be close. I guess Illinois has one more thing to prove. Illinois wins 27-26.


Michigan @ Michigan State - This game is going to have lots of hype, but I'm honestly not sure how close it's going to be. MSU has been wildly underwhelming and haven't looked impressive to me. The record of the teams they beat is 7-15. The one good team they played, Notre Dame, embarrassed them. The defense hasn't met an offense like the one they'll meet Saturday.


Michigan is about to have it's biggest game of the year and a "prove it" game. They have played a better schedule than MSU and won every game, including beating ND. That lends me to think that this game won't be close. However, it is a rivalry game and they are always close. Expect Denard Robinson to have a huge game.


Michigan wins pretty easily, 27-10.


Next Best 3


1. Oklahoma St. @ Texas - Texas is still reeling from the absolute whooping they received from OU and face an equally explosive offense. I think Texas was overrated and this game will further prove it. OK State wins 42-17.


2. Arizona St. @ Oregon - LaMichael James not being in the game will certainly hurt the Ducks (and if you haven't seen the injury, it's really hard to watch). That being said, Oregon is one of the hardest places to play and the Ducks have enough to replace James for this game. Oregon 31-21.


3. Baylor @ Texas A&M - RB3 is playing like a man possessed this year and sports one of the craziest stat lines seen. 114-142 for 1520 yards and 19 TDs to 1 INT; 60 rushes, 280 yards with 2 TDs. He's likely the most talented player in the country, but won't win the Heisman. That being said, they get a statement win this week, 35-32.
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October 13, 2011  11:55 AM ET

And I'm pretty sure I called you crazy over the Iowa prediction back in preseason.

Go big or go home

October 13, 2011  11:56 AM ET

There was like 12 mins left in the 4th when they threw the ball, I'm pretty sure. And I'm pretty sure I called you crazy over the Iowa prediction back in preseason.


October 13, 2011  12:06 PM ET

I think the SEC and Big 10 team would make the championship if all go undefeated: seeing as the Big 12 no longer has a championship game to boost their BCS score

October 13, 2011  12:08 PM ET

I think the SEC and Big 10 team would make the championship if all go undefeated: seeing as the Big 12 no longer has a championship game to boost their BCS score

Hard to see OU getting passed over, but never say never

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Comment #7 has been removed
October 13, 2011  05:20 PM ET

O-H-I-O...GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!!

October 13, 2011  05:31 PM ET

Your PSU assessment is extremely rational.

We're DOOMED!!!!


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October 13, 2011  09:20 PM ET

I think the SEC and Big 10 team would make the championship if all go undefeated: seeing as the Big 12 no longer has a championship game to boost their BCS score

Excellent point. Not to mention the fact that Texas is about to go on a losing streak that will lower the BCS rankings of the top Big 12 schools.

An SEC - Wisconsin championship would be great. Not so much if it's Michigan. And yes, I'd be peeved if an undefeated Stanford were left out but I have to be honest. Wisconsin would be the better matchup.

October 14, 2011  10:36 AM ET

Great blog.

If Oklahoma runs the table they won't need a championship game to get in.

If Okla St and Oklahoma are undefeated when they meet at season's end that will serve well enough as a defacto championship game.

Having said that it is possible(maybe even likely) that an undefeated Wisconsin or Stanford could come in ahead of Okla St. if they emerge the undefeated winner of the Big 12, but not ahead of an undefeated Oklahoma. It won't happen.

October 14, 2011  03:18 PM ET

You forgot one undefeated team in your list -- Houston out of Conference USA.

October 14, 2011  03:21 PM ET

Actually, you must have only been talking about the top of the polls... because the official tally of undefeated teams at this point of the season is 13:

ACC - 2 (Clemson, Georgia Tech)
Big XII - 3 (Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kansas State)
Big Ten - 3 (Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois)
C-USA - 1 (Houston)
MWC - 1 (Boise State)
Pac-12 - 1 (Stanford)
SEC - 2 (Alabama, LSU)

October 15, 2011  05:52 AM ET

Actually, you must have only been talking about the top of the polls... because the official tally of undefeated teams at this point of the season is 13:ACC - 2 (Clemson, Georgia Tech)Big XII - 3 (Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kansas State)Big Ten - 3 (Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois)C-USA - 1 (Houston)MWC - 1 (Boise State)Pac-12 - 1 (Stanford)SEC - 2 (Alabama, LSU)

Yeah it was just top of the list teams.


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