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More and more we see it on the pages of internet sports sites.... "Athlete Arrested in _____ case", Athlete linked in Dog Fight ring", "Athlete charged for DUI." 

 It's getting a bit rediculous!  I don't see how this keeps happening?  Kudos to Roger Godell and his NFL low tollerance plan, but I think we need to go a step further.  It's time these spoiled athletes (not just NFL) learned that Money will not make your stupid decisions go away!  I can't believe that any athlete making more than league minimum (around $350K depending on the league which is many times what all of us make.. maybe most of us, myself included!) doesn't have someone on the payroll to advise them on life choices, such as.... if you're going to get hammered tonight, might want to hire a car service... or it's best you don't make too big a scene at the strip club.... just whisper in a girl's ear who you are and let one thing lead to another. 

It's time for Ball Clubs to step up for their investments.  You can tell everyone that you're concerned about what's going on off the field with your players, but the truth still lies in on-field performance leads them to their big bucks and what happens off the field stays there.  In today's society where the media is everywhere (camera in the bathroom catching Lindsey Lohan doing coke and selling it to the internet) it's time that for these organizations to educate their athletes on not only dealing with the press, but going one step further and teaching them how to stay out of the rap sheet by avoiding conflicts of interest off the field.  NFL, set up mandatory meetings introducing rookies and "character questioned" athletes to professional conduct off the field.  NBA, so many teenagers in the league... you need someone to step up and guide all the young talent.  Might as well be whomever is paying their vast salaries.  MLB, more millionaires in the league than not... increase fines, and set up development programs for those signed to these large contracts as they mature in the minors to introduce them to the rigors of the profession and how to wisely and discretely act in the offseason! (hello delmon young).

 Sure they're still going to party, and have good times, but all of us do it from time to time.  The only difference is we don't have the luxury of doing it to the same extent and then paying to have it cleaned up.  If a non-athlete breaks the law... they go to jail.... end of story.  These babies throw money at it, and in most cases it all goes away.

I'm sorry for the rant, but it's getting rediculous!  I'm sure those of you who work 9-5's are feeling the same way...



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