It's All Mine!

     Today is the big game. Seahawks at Packers. And I can't concentrate. I've started my day at work knowing that I will get off in time to not only see the game, but also to assist in the preparation of food. The gathering will be at my house, and three of the guys will be there before me.

     One is my boss, a Colts fan, who gets weekends off (he's the manager, while I am the lowly assistant), one is a Steelers fan who is, until the new season, rooting for the Hawks (I think he feels sorry us, considering what his team has done to mine lately), and the other is--gulp!--a hard-core, life-long Packers fan. We are all friends of many years, and we form our own little disjointed cabal of NFL buffoonery.

     So it is that I begin this day. Anticipation of the gridiron collision and the modest buffet that will be set out. This afternoon, we will have my boss's home made corn dogs. The batter is a perfect mixture of flour, corn meal, and secret ingredients that expands into a light but flavorful coating over an all-beef hot dog. Hungry yet? My Steeler friend is going to make his locally famous fish tacos. These are as basic as they are delicious. Start with a corn tortilla, add the fish meat (which was just caught in the Yellowstone river over the past two days), and fry it in a pan over high heat for a short blast. Then the diner adds any ingredient that he sees fit from the spread on the table: Two kinds of grated cheese, diced tomatoes, onions and lettuce, with the standard salsa, sour cream, and hot sauce. My favorite sauce is Tapatio's. The fish meat may or may not be breaded, depending on his mood. Myself and my Packer friend will munch on chips and salsa while the other two are cooking. Now THAT is Anticipation!

     As for the game: The Pack is the logical choice to win, but today I am not logical. Watching Sportscenter this morning, the Swami picked the Hawks to win, 26-23. I wish he hadn't. But later in the broadcast, Hoge and Jaws broke down the match-ups and both picked the Pack. Good. That ought to offset the Swam. I pick Seattle, because 1); I am a fan, and 2); They have a legitimate shot at a win today. For now, I will forego the X's and O's. I expect to be high-fiving all but one of my friends throughout the game. 

     After the Hawks-Packers game (may the best team win), we will all settle down with full bellies and root for the Jags. Or against the Pats; same-same.

     Now for tomorrow, I will again get off work early to help my boss root for the Colts. He is convinced that my house is in itself a good luck beacon for Peyton and company. And I think he is right. For the last five years, whenever he has watched at my place, they have won, with the exception of one or two games. We're not sure what we will be preparing, but that may be cause for another blog tomorrow. Unless I'm too depressed to write.




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