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There are numerous positions that the chiefs need to uprade next year but i'll give you my top five and why.

5. Kicker

      Obviously John Carney isn't the long term answer for this team. Dave Rayner became more unreliable the longer he was on the team so i don't blame them for getting rid of him. However i did like his leg on the kick offs, but we weren't kicking off enough for that to be a reason to keep him. I think we might as well give Justin Medlock another chance. Apparently he had potential and it's not like we're going anywhere next year any way so we might as well try and develope him. If not we should get a free agent who has allready proved himself.

4. Quarterback

      Yeah i've seen just about enough of damen huard as i can handle for one lifetime. I'm not sure if Broydie Croyle has what it takes either but i also think it'd be unfair to judge him with what he had around him this year. I like his rocket arm and that he takes risks, but sometimes his decision making is a little questionable. I don't know if someone is telling him to go deep to jeff webb and sammie parker but if they are they need to stop. Neither of them have great hands and to tell you the truth i'm starting to question parker "great speed" I really haven't seen him be a deep threat his whole career. But whether we get a qb through free agency or the draft, i think we need to get a mobile one.

3. Cornerback

      I don't think Ty Law and Patrick Surtain are as bad as people say they are. (I still have Eric Warfield and Dexter Mccleon fresh in my mind though) but we do need to get a cornerback in the third or fourth round though. Brackenridge and Patterson are excellent special teamers and might even play the nickle next year but i don't know if they can be shut down corners in this league. I don't think we should get a free agent for this position.

2. Wide Reciever

      I'm not sure if Eddie Kenninson has a whole lot left in the tank. Parker sucks, andWebb hasn't shown me anything. Bowe needs to have a big play threat on the other side for him to reach his overall potential. If Jackson from cal drops enough that we could pick him with our second pick we should do that, but i don't see that happening. And i don't think we should get a speed wide reciever past the third round because then we'll probably just get another sammy parker. If we can get a good free agent or aquire one via trade (chad johnson?) we should do that.

1. Offensive Tackle

      Well, I can't really say anything that hasn't allready been said before. We pretty much need to get rid of every tackle on our roster. and just about every lineman alltogether. Terry is horrible, Svitek is bad, Turly is always overmatched, and Mcintire didn't do close to good either. We should probably draft a tackle in the first and possibly second round. Either that or a tackle in the first and guard in the second. Overall we should probably draft 4-5 lineman this year. But I'm not sure i trust our scouting people to draft good anyway.


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