It's 888 Miles to Chicago...

My wife brought up something to me, and I want to throw it out there for all of daughter has been taking an interest in sports...she likes watching football with me, and love watching the White Sox World Series video as well...and I've been teaching her the ins and outs of the games...showing her how a baseball mitt works, what the batter does, the difference between a 4-3 and 3-4...and also that our teams are the White Sox and Bears.  My wife said, "What if she doesn't like them?"  Doesn't like them, what do you mean?  Isn't the whole point of teaching these things to your child when they're young, so that they won't question it?  When I was 2, I was introduced to 2 things, baseball and the White Sox...I've loved both ever since.  What's wrong with that?  I love the fact that I've known no other team in my life, like I've known the White Sox.  It's something my dad, my brother and I share as a very common bond.  What's wrong with that?  Will I disown my daughter if she grows out of her fasinaction with sports?  No, I'll love her no matter what.  But that's the thing...right now, it's a really cool bond, and I love every moment of it...and so what if I'm doing a little brain washing...she likes least that's my theory.


Okay, onto this past weekend of football...

It's rare when big games live up to the hype, and we got to witness 3 such games.  Michigan-OSU, Denver-San Diego and Indy-Dallas were all the games we expected them to be.  Just great down to the wire games like these, where I really don't care who wins, that's all I ever ask for...give me a game that keeps me on the edge of my seat.  Make me cheer and wince, as though I've been a fan of these teams all my life...that's what I want when there are big games...and that's what I got this weekend...thank you football gods.

I really love the idea behind the Heisman commercial that keeps getting played.  For the uninformed, or blind, it's the commercial with the trophy in the back of a pickup truck, being chased by the "real life" incarnations of the different college team names.  Here's the YouTube locations of Part 1 and Part 2.  I like these commercials, but they seem to include a few mascots that have no business being in the shot...why is the Trojan prominently featured when there hasn't been a Trojan in the Heisman race all year...and a Buffalo is also in every, I'm assuming Colorado, but do they even have any good players?  And the Sun Devil in the first one, cool effect, but let's get real here, they got nothing.  I guess in reality, it would be a really boring commercial if it was more realistic...just a big Buckeye riding in the pickup, cuddling with the trophy.  Sorry everyone, Troy Smith has this thing bought and paid for with his big game performance against the Wolverines.

This Sunday really illustrated how stupid the football coverage is.  I know not to expect to see the Bears on TV out here, unless they are playing the Hawks or they are on primetime...I've finally come to grips with it.  But this weekend the coverage was just asinine.  At 10am...for those not on the West Coast, it's one of the coolest things, you can roll out of bed and football is on...I flipped on the TV to see what games I would get to revel in....CBS was showing New England-Green Bay...yuck...and Fox?  They were showing ConAir!  Awesome, instead of a football game, they are playing a terrible action movie...fantastic!  What I don't get about that's a guys movie, what guy is going to be watching that instead of football?  At least if you're going to screw up your programming, play a chick flick to bring in the ladies...are they hoping that I was going to flip to Fox to see football, but when I saw Malkovich mailing it in, I would just say, "Hey ConAir, I don't need football today!"

The later game was of course, the Hawks game...which I expected.  But I was also interested in seeing the Colts-Boys game on CBS...but what did CBS play instead?  Infomercials!!  What a joke.  So on a great weekend of football, I get to watch a grand total of 2 games...the 2 least interesting at that.  I got to watch the Pats paste the Pack, and Favre get injured...the start of the Aaron Rodgers was all we dreaded it would be.  Then I got to watch the Hawks play terrible, and I can't stress the terrible enough, defense...and Seneca just kick me in the nuts by saying I really liked what I saw, by just throwing picks and fumbling at key moments.  The NFL has the best sports product on TV, and they have the best setup, where everyone is tuning in every Sunday to watch their wears...but they are pissing off their fan base with stupid programming choices like this.  The Direct TV package is being taken on by Congress now, so hopefully, we'll at least get the privilege of paying money to our cable companies to see any game we want.  But seriously, NFL, do something about the Network broadcasts of your games, this is ridiculous.

I didn't see the game, so I can't say too much, but from what I did see of the Colts-Boys game, Manning played awful.  Two picks, and a fumble...did someone tell him it was a playoff game before kickoff?  Sorry, I think the guy puts up a amazing stats, but he also has this tendency to just completely fall apart at strange times.  And yes, I know my team is QB'd by Sexy Rexy...who regularly looks like he has no clue...but I'm not touting him as the "best QB of all time" or the "best player in the NFL".  I just don't see either of those tags being applied to Peyton.

Speaking of Rexy and the Bears...we can now say he's a record setting QB...fewest yards in a half!!!  7 god damn yards, that's all we got?  Oh, but it took him 5 completions to get there, so that's good.  He did come back and play decently in the 2nd half, but that first half brings up 2 big questions for me....

Thomas Jones had 8 carries for 55 yards in the half...why in god's name weren't we running the ball more?  We have a great D, let's keep them off the field, and just chew up the yardage with Jones and Benson...why can't we do that?  Will it hurt poor Rexy's feelings?  Well tough crap, we're trying to win football games, not keep an erratic QB happy.  Run the football, and stop the's a proven winning combination.

The Bears keep winning, and I'm happy about that...but right now, I don't feel over confident about how they are playing.  The D is great, always is.  They find ways to get things done...and in Urlacher we have a player that is at the top of his game, and can will his team to victory.  But the Offense right now seems to be doing more harm than good.  There were too many times that I saw drives end with "incomplete, incomplete, incomplete"...let's run the damn ball.  I'm fine going back to a more conservative game, run, run, run, run, play action pass, run, run...keep the Defense fresh, and eat the clock.  There is no shame in doing's a smart game plan.  We don't need the flash of Rex bombing away 10 times a game.

Okay, I'll stop...maybe I should just be grateful that they are 9-1 and look to have Home field advantage clearly in sight...I just want more than a playoff appearance from this team...I want to see them in Miami.

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