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Josh Q. Public:  Don't you know I'm still standing better than I ever did
Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid.  -Elton John

Public Service Announcement:  OK, here we go!  Like my main man Mark Twain always says: "The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated."  The rumors of Ken Griffey Jr's death has been greatly exaggerated.  Don't call it a comeback!  I been here for years. Rockin' my peers and puttin' suckas in fear.  Ken Griffey Jr's been here for years.  Ken Griffey Jr's been rockin' his peers.  Puttin' suckers in fear.  What's the frequency Kenneth?  I'll tell you what the frequency is.  Ken Griffey Jr. just hit his 569th career homer.  That's what the frequency is.  He just moved into a tie for ninth place with Rafael Palmeiro.  That's what the frequency is.  Just four back behind Harmon Killebrew. Fourteen back behind Mark McGwire. That's what the frequency is. Griffey has been on a tear since the Red Legs moved him back into his accustomed third spot in the order.   Since the Red Legs moved him back into his accustomed third spot in the order, Griffey has hit safely in seven of eight games.  Hit four bombs.  I am the rock hard trooper.  To the bone, the bone, the bone.  Full grown.  Consider me stone.  I'm louder than a bomb.  He was louder than a bomb when he was selected with the first overall pick by the Seattle Mariners.  Louder than bomb tearing it up his rookie year.  Rookie of the Yearing it up.  Then it happened.  Then the first of many.  Griff slipped in the shower and broke a bone in his right hand.  He got knocked down.  But he got up again.  You're never going to keep him down.  Throughout the nineties he was a beast.  The high priest.  The best from West to East.  Junior was arguably the best player of the decade.  Cashing that checkade.  A one man wreckade.  He produced runs.  He hit for average.  He hit over .300 in seven years of the ‘90s.  He hit for power.  It's gettin' it's gettin' it's gettin' kinda hectic.  He's got the power.  He smashed 422 bombs during the decade.  He was the best center fielder of the decade.  Gold Gloves from 1990 to 1999.  Great range.  Sick range.  Home, home on the range. Where the deer and the antelope play. Diving plays.  Spectacular plays.  Say Hey Kid plays.  Wheaties boxes.  Knock off your sockses.  Bagels and loxes.  He was the man. He won games with his legs.  Saving baseball in Seattle with his legs. You remember.  You remember Game Five versus the Bombers.  Series even at two apiece.  Bottom of the 11th against the Bombers.  Junior on first.  Edgar with the hit.  Hit it just a little bit.  Hit it lickety split.  There goes Griff.  He...could...go...all...the...way.  He does!  He does!  He scores from first base!  Mariners win!  Mariners win!  Then he moved to Cincinnati.  Then the injury bug hit.  The injury bug hit hard.  From 2001 through 2004, Junior was plagued by an endless string of injuries.  Season-ending injuries.  The injuries lowered his bat speed, lessened his power and curbed his home run production.  He slugged only .426 before going down in 2002.  His lowest output in seven years.  He's never been the same.  A candle without a flame.  The glory gone out of his game.  But not so fast.  He's back.  Back again.  Griffey's back.  Tell a friend.  Yup, Griffey's back.  Tell a friend.  Tell ‘em the Public sent ya.

Public Acknowledgements:  LL Cool J, REM, Associated Press, The Cincinnati Enquirer, Wikipedia, Public Enemy, Rex Trailer, Snap and Eminem.

Peace out homies.  Six Two and Even!


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