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Being a fan of these Cowboys since almost the beginning, I have seen alot, although most I cannot remember unless I see a film of it from years past. This year appeared to be something special, and gave that impression for several weeks. To lose to an inferior, yet laden with talent and desire, team seemed to be far fetched. Yet, it happened. Congrats to the Giants and their fans. They played hearts out, and being shorthanded at that.

I have my thoughts on things that should have happened, and things that should not have happened insofar as what this team did or did not do. First of all, Romo says it's a lot about "having fun". That's true, but this is also a business as well. Reading articles and opinions on how things were being played out during the past couple of weeks, i.e the Mexico trip and other "distractions" that may or may not have been as such, I had reserved judging on such til I saw for myself the results of it. Is Phillips' way the right way? If these players had played for JJ back in the 90's, would they be more disciplined and more focused on what was at stake than they appeared to be today? Better yet, if JJ had been the coach this evening, would they have won? That's a question with no answer.

Now, judging from what has transpired the past few weeks, this system in place right now, has me wondering. The defense isnt as good as they say, although the Giants had a lot to prove to people. They wanted this more than the 'Boys. Be that as it may, the defense, although keeping the Giants on a few 3 and outs, havent been super bowl material throughout the year. They play too inconsistent. The offense seemed to run out of gas several yards away from the finish line, and been running on fumes lately. Heck, it hasn't been just the Giants, but the Eagles, Panthers, and the Lions before that.  I saw all the critics opinions about distractions, and losing momentum, and such as that, and I just blew that off as a bunch of Cowboy haters. But, what if they were right? This game tonight seemed to have proven their point.

I suppose I should be very happy with a 13-3 season, records broken one after another, and the 'Boys back in the winning ways again. And, I am. Beats the snot out of consecutive 5-11's for sure. I can only hope that someone will realize there is more than one way to skin a cat, and these unnecessary distractions and vacations should be done away with, and left for March or later. Focus on the job at hand and do your job. The Giants did......I saw nothing where Strahan went to some resort to frolic and relax. He and his team mates had a job to do first, and they took care of business.

The result of taking care of business is..well, you know. Another game to play.  Althought this game should have been handily won, it wasn't.  The players have no one to blame but themselves. They can't blame me, cause I was trying my best to coach em from my living room, to no avail. They wouldn't listen. *laffin*

So, wait til next year? You bet. And I will gather up my popcorn and sit and watch these grown men play a kids game, just as I have for , ohhhh....40 years, or so. In the meantime, I will follow on with the playoffs and enjoy those as I can as well. I suppose I should now find a team to root for....it will be either the Giants or Packers, thats for sure. Should I go with my division rival or with old man Favre? Difficult choice, and I won't reveal it here tho.......


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