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Well, I'll be able to sleep a little better tonight knowing that the Football Gods have spoken and have not yet fully relinquished Americas Game to these hucksters who answer only to corporate shareholders, network CEOs and luxury skybox owners who know jack about football.  Thanks to Jessica Simpson’s “ill na na”, there's one done and one to go. Hopefully she'll make a booty call to "Tom Terrific’s" hotel suite this Saturday night.

Goddell is probably busting a blood vessel right now. His corporate buddies are pretty P.O.'d that he couldn't deliver the Cowboys to the Super Bowl for the Brady/Romo "Golden Boy" match up as he promised them before the season began. As I watched Romo looking slow and un-sharp out there, I couldn’t help but think about how Mighty Mike Vick would have easily been able to scramble for first downs and escape those G Men defenders that were running down Romo all day.  

Earlier this evening, I was accused of being a conspiracy theorist and was asked: “can you honestly think there would be a better 2 week hype for the Super Bowl than Farve versus Brady? Farve tore up the record books and can go out with a swan's song upset of the Patriots, thus ripping the record books away from the Patriots and Brady, and make his final claim on this record book setting season with a career ending win. Goddell doesn’t care about the "Golden Boys" or a "Golden Child". Seriously, I'm betting that Roger's ONLY concern is that no more HIGH profile, or low profile for that matter, players end up on the police blotters due to drug busts, dog fighting, strip club shoot outs, or another (no disrespect meant AT ALL) dead player from some act of violence.”

I responded to his somewhat offensive statement like so: You were right in leaving out SPYGATE as one of the things that seemed to matter to Goddell. I mean it was only a scandal that occurred ON the field not off, and actually affected the outcome of actual FOOTBALL GAMES, like numerous Super Bowls and God knows how many other games over God knows how many seasons. I mean it was only the integrity of the game itself that was at stake.

Pacman making it rain at a Vegas strip club and Vick financing and betting on Pit bull fights was much more detrimental to the integrity of the game than a head coach cheating on games by illegally video and audio taping the other team’s plays. (Inject extreme sarcasm here).

But on second thought, I do think the Commish was concerned about SPYGATE, especially judging from the way he rushed to destroy the evidence so that no one would ever actually know what they actually did. And judging from the way the Pats got so many calls their way to ensure their undefeated season (to deflect attention away from the biggest scandal since the Black Sox), I think the Commish was very concerned AND involved with the outcomes of every New England game this entire season.

As for Farve, he's the man but he wasn’t even on the Commish’s radar screen when these deals were cut earlier in the season. His tearing up of the record books means little to the Commish in my opinion. Can he increase the league's profit margin through corporate sponsorships? That's Roger’s real concern here. As a matter a fact, Brett's a little TOO real for the Commish and his benefactors in my opinion. You can bet he'll be on pins and needles hoping Farve doesn't give another interview talking about his bout with drugs and alcohol and how he overcame addiction to them. That might turn off the 36 to 54 year old, Middle America consumer demographic that is so important to the league's sponsors who need to sell loads of Viagra and Levitra to “lift” their bottom line.

In any event, the G Men will turn the cheese heads into Swiss cheese, and I intend to say 10 Hail Mary’s before the AFC Championship Game in hopes that a "Lightning Bolt" will come down from the heavens and strike down the Cheatriots next Sunday. LT, it is now up to you my brother. Summon the football Gods from above and ask that they send down bolts of lighting to destroy this unholy alliance between the Commish, the TV networks and greedy Corporate Sponsors.


True football fans are counting on you so please don't let us down. Let’s do this for Mike.


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