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I would have written in week 7 but I was in the process of moving from Florida to Maryland. So I hope I get a hall pass from that week. Besides, nothing really happened besides Clemson having a scare from Maryland.

1) Bama and LSU both took care of business in week 8 so they can now finally get ready for their "national" title game. Both teams will be healthy and ready to create a blood bath down in Alabama. Winner of this game has a 99% chance of booking their tickets to the national title game in New Orleans. Both teams will be healthy and ready to rock and roll in 2 weeks.

2) Oklahoma State and Clemson both showed how they have an offense that can just move. I have been more impressed with Clemson and their offense. Especially how their main focus on offense is a true freshmen. Sammy Watkins is amazing. He can do it all. He reminds me alot of Julio Jones. Clemson also showed vs UNC that they have a defense to match their offense.  Oklahoma State and Clemson are still keeping it interesting but I expect both to lose a game that they should win before the season is over.

3) As for other top teams, things were not as easy going. Did you see Wisconsins coach crying at the end of the game? I would be crying to if I saw my national title hopes smashed because of a fluke hail mary and bad clock management. What was wisconsin's coach thinking when he used his timeouts on Michigan States finaly drive? Let them use their timeouts and let them make the mistakes. DO NOT give them more time to rally. I thought Michigan State did a great job coming back from 14-0 when it looked like they would get run out of their own house.

4) Boise State learned first hand how hard Air Force can be. Boise State was playing most of their starters to the end of the game thanks to a fiesty Air force team coming ready to play. Boise State will probably get passed over by a one loss team for the title game. I would love to see Boise vs Bama. That would be the best David vs Goliath match up! Kellen Moore is a great qb and he knows how to get things done. Give him a chance. For that chance to happen we need Clemson, Stanford, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State to lose. OU needs to just lose again since the BCS loves them.

5) Stanford took care of Washington. It was close at first but once Stanford's Luck got going, it was over. Luck is great and ready for the nfl. The best chance for him to prove he is NFL ready, is for him to play in the title game vs BAMA/LSU's defense.  If Luck rips them apart them WHOA NELLY, expect every NFL team to trade all their picks to get him at #1. Once Luck is gone, Stanford will fall right off the map. Stanford has USC and OREGON still and if they get by them, then they will be in the national title scene. If Stanford goes undefeated but gets left out of the tiel game, I bet the PAC-12 will then be in favor of a PLUS-1 module.

If the BCS has more than 2 undefeated teams, then I think they should have a final four set up. It would be great. the NCAA would get 2 things: happy fans and TONS OF MONEY! They care more about the second one, so lets have it happen.

6) Kansas State has been a good story but the luck will run out next week. Oklahoma will beat them down without mercy and use that game to propel them back into the national title picture, then later in the season OU will beat Oklahoma State to give them a top spot in the title hunt. The BCS makes me sick, since this is what will happen. Heck no. Oklahoma beat Texas Tech super bad in 2008 to get back into the title game over Texas. They will do it again this year!

7) Did anyone notice how after going 0-2, Georgia is now 5-2. Richt has quietly saved his job...for now. To secure it, Georgia MUST beat Florida. It is a must win game. Georgia will beat Florida if Brantley is not back but if Brantley is there, then Florida wins a close one. the SEC EAST is a mess now that South Carolina lost its QB and RB for the season! What a mess. Speaking of QUIET seasons, Penn State is 7-1 and its only loss is to Alabama. Penn State should rack up a few more losses since they have Wisconsin, Nebraksa, Ohio State, and Illinois left.

8) Anyone see the BIG EAST MESS? The top teams of Rutgers and West Virginia lost bad to bottom BIG EAST teams. What a joke. The BIG EAST will send a 7-5 or 8-4 team to the BCS. The BIG EAST is so desperate for BCS bids that they are inviting BOISE to the conference. What a joke. Enjoy traveling 3000 miles for away games. Way to think of the student athlete you idiots.

The NCAA needs to put me in charge of everything for a few seasons. I will give the fans and NCAA what they want. A true Champion and lots of money.  The changes need to happen now so we can start tweaking it. I hope the BCS falls off the side of a cliff when the contract is up but I hope they set up a playoff which will allow Tops teams all to have a chance. (We will still have crying fans with a playoff but the standards will be clearly set for them to make the playoffs and we can ignore the whining)

9) Thoughts on the 22 team conference between the MWC and C-USA? It sounds good but it will not help them get a table at the BCS. The BCS will not let the champ of all that go to a BCS bowl in the long run. Its a nice thought but not really. You are telling me that UCF or UAB (which will go 8-4) will have fans travel to the Fiesta Bowl and sell tickets? Not happening. It will be interesting to see how it turns out. Stewart Mandel of is going for name suggestions of the conference, I think they should use the BIG EAST logo but change it to say "BIG MESS"

10) The Turner Gill experiment is over. After starting 0-2, his team has lost every game and it has not been close. Both Oklahoma schools made a joke of their whole team and Georgia Tech made the option look like a good offense again! I have said it before and I will say it again, FIRE TURNER GILL, He is not a good head coach. He might have had success at Buffalo but that was a fluke. He needs to be an Asst. coach or go back to the MAC. Please Hire coaches because of qualifications, not MEDIA Pressure!

I did not write for awhile but had good reason. I hope to hear some thoughts from the readers. Especially after the picks. It has been a great season and the upsets are only just beginning. Get ready for true madness when we have 5 teams undefeated in the BCS.

Now onto some picks:

Baylor 50 Oklahoma State 42 (offenses gone wild) UPSET

Michigan State 31 Nebraska 24 (Pelini finally loses it)

Oklahoma 56 Kansas State 24 (OU rolls this one easy)

Florida 24 Georgia 21

WVU 41 Rutgers 17 (BIG joke EAST 2nd place game)

Clemson 42 Georgia Tech 35

USC 41 Stanford 31 (Luck runs out) UPSET

Wisconsin 49 Ohio State 17 (NO MERCY)

Any other big games worth talking about? I am sure I might have missed one or two but oh well. Gonna be another great week! Who do you got? love to hear from you!

October 27, 2011  10:09 AM ET

Tennessee will beat South Carolina.....and shake the SEC EAST up big time!

October 27, 2011  12:50 PM ET

Although I root for USC I don't see them beating Stanford, mainly because Stanford's defense is stronger than USC's. Expect Luck to put up more points against the USC defense than Barkley puts up against Stanford's defense.

October 28, 2011  12:54 PM ET

I am pulling now for Stanford and ANDREW LUCK to go up against LSU/Alabama Winner in the title game
"BEST" qb ever vs "BEST" defense ever!


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