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                  It was a day to remember, all the people said was that the Chargers had no chance to win but again they proved everyone wrong. It was amazing to see the Bolts come together as a team and come up with a win. I am a believer and know that they have a big game next week and the same thing will be said that the Chargers have no chance to win but if they all play as they did yesterday it can be done. What did the people say? No way, well the Bolts responed to that by kicking some a**.The Colts even hurt some of our star players and they sat on the side line to watch as the back ups came in to complete the job. I have to this the whole team stepped up and played 60 minutes. GO CHARGERS!

                I have to say that after the game I went to the rally and it was a sight to see! There was 10,000 or more people there with flags, horns, towels, banners and lots of heart for the boys!!! The energy level ws high and the screams were loud but it was so amazing to be there to see as those busses came in with a team that beat all odds this weekend and won.:) I saw some of the faces of the players as the busses came and they had smiles on their faces as they looked around to see so many fans there to greet the heroes of SD back home. It was so crazy that the police could not contain the crowd completely. It was a grand night for all the fans and for the players who not only showed up to the game but shined as a team!

                Now although it was great it is time to look at the near future and start to look at the next game. To win against the team that is the best in NFL this year will take all the time the Chargers have and find a way to come up with a win which no one team this year has been able to do so far. It is a great feat for the Chargers to do because NE is 17-0 and is trying with all their heart to go 19-0 but I know they can over come all odds against them and come home with the satisfaction of being the only team to beat the Pats this season.But what will it take? What do they need to change? How can they overcome? Well something has to be changed. Oh but one thing that has already changed is they have so much more heart than they did in the beginning of the season and now have also come to not about just one player but the team as a whole even the back ups shined. It will be tough but not impossible.

               It's all about the stars that they all are together. One game away from the SB maybe it is our time!

                                          "A LITTLE PRAYER OF LUCK TO THE STARS OF SAN DIEGO"


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