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I've been on a Kris Kristofferson kick for over a week now, and since I'm bored, I figured I might as well feature him in a blog.

Kris is probably best known for his time with the Highwaymen, but most people think of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson before they think of Kris, mostly because Kris was a more accomplished songwriter than he was a singer.


On this blog, I will post songs Kris had success with, and songs that others had success with sang by him.

In my opinion, Kris is the second greatest songwriter of all time, only behind Luke the Drifter himself, Hank Williams Sr.

First, here's some little known facts about Kris.  He was a very accomplished rugby player in college, where he also played football and ran track, and was featured in a Sports Illustrated magazine in 1957.  Also during college, Kris was a Rhode's Scholar, so he attended Oxford University, where he studied English and started writing songs.


Feedback would be apprecited.


Let's get the music started.


First up,

Loving Her Was Easier

IMO, this is Kris Kristofferson's best work.  It wasn't a huge hit for him or anybody that covered it, but this is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.  Very poetic, great harmonies.  It seems so simple, but it eases any tension I'm feeling whenever I hear this song.



Sunday Morning Coming Down

Huge hit for Johnny Cash, and a big hit for Willie Nelson.  It's a song we can all relate to.  Recovering from Saturday night on a Sunday morning, andthe lonesome feeling of being alone on a Sunday.  Very poetic.



Me and Bobby McGee

I think everybody knows this song, one of Janis Joplin's signature songs, and the original raio version was a big hit for Roger Miller as well.  Kris was dating Janis Joplin for a time back in the day.  This is the demo version of th song after Kris finished writing it.  Hope you enjoy.



Help me Make it Through the Night

Just a song about an affair that he needs to get through the night.  Tired of tess, he just needs a friend. Big hit for Sammi Smith. 



Why me Lord

The biggest hit of his career as an artist.  It's a song about wondering what he did to deserve all of the pleasures he has in life, and how he was going down the wrong road and found his way back.



For the Good Times

This is the best video I could find of Kris singing the song.  This was a huge hit for Ray Price, and was also covered by Elvis Pressley.  The song is about love that's gone bad, but getting down to business one last time in honor of the good times they had.


And closing it out,

The Taker

The best known version of this song was Waylon Jennings' version.  This is a song criticizing a man who beat him to a woman he was interested in.


Thanks for listening.  Hope you enjoy


October 26, 2011  07:51 PM ET

Good choice, crossed genres and wrote for and performed with some of the greatest. Not a bad actor either. Check out the Sailor Who Came Home from the Sea.

October 26, 2011  08:10 PM ET

great job. always enjoy your blogs.

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October 26, 2011  08:14 PM ET

Thanks for listening UPB, DKMF and Cat. Glad you enjoyed it.

October 27, 2011  07:53 AM ET

always loved the story about how he convinced Johnny Cash to record Sunday Morning Coming Down, seems he was working at the time on an oil rig, he "borrowed the helicopter"
and literally landed in Cash's back yard to play it for him. God love him, like Leonard Cohen or
Dylan, never could sing a lick but his songs just had a knack for residing in your heart once you
heard them. great choice of songs


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