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Is this the year? Is this the year your team makes that great signing? Who are these free agents to be? Which one will your team go after?

Alan Faneca, OG
Faneca is a great blocker in both aspects of the game, in the running game and passing game. He has been the foundation of Pittsburgh's successful offensive line for years. He is a great player to build a great line around.
Possible Destinations: Jets, Chargers, Cowboys, Vikings, Seahawks, Chiefs

Randy Moss, WR
Moss set the single season record for touchdown receptions. What team wouldn't want him after what he's done this season. Personally, I think he will stay a Patriots because of how happy he seems there and all of the success he's had.
Possible Destinations: Patriots, Bills, Jets, Titans, Chiefs, Vikings, 49ers

Michael Turner, RB
Michael Turner is most likely the best running back that could become a free agent after this season. He has shown great skill behind LaDainian Tomlinson. The question is, can he succeed as an everyday back?
Possible Destinations: Texans, Bengals, Falcons, Cowboys (if they don't resign Barber or Jones)

Derek Anderson, QB
What a surprise Anderson has been this year. Now, after one good season, he could be entering the free agent market and become a very rich man. Was this season a fluke? Even with the possibility, teams will be willing to sign him.
Possible Destinations: Browns, Jets, Chiefs, Vikings, Falcons

Albert Haynesworth. DT
Haynesworth, when healthy, is a game changer. He dominates the line and has been a big part of the Titan's defensive success. He may cost too much for the Titans. Where will he go?
Possible Destinations: Titans, Dolphins, Bengals, Browns, Chiefs, Seahawks

Jared Allen, DE
Allen is only 25 years old, yet he has proven himself as one of the best defensive ends in the league. He was a rare bright spot on the disaster that was the Kansas City Chiefs this year.
Possible Destinations: Chiefs, Dolphins, Eagles, Redskins, Falcons, Cardinals, Rams

Lance Briggs, OLB
Briggs has had some issues of the field this season. but none too serious to keep teams away from him. He is very fast for a man his size and he has good potential. He will most likely be leaving the Bears.
Possible Destinations: Bears, Cardinals, Rams, Vikings, Eagles, Ravens

Asante Samuel, CB
It is unlikely that he will go back to the Patriots after this season and he will get big bucks from another team. Many, many teams would go after a top tier cornerback like Samuel is.
Possible Destinations: Patriots, Dolphins, Browns, Redskins, Lions, Saints, Cardinals

Marion Barber, RB
I'd be surprised to see the Cowboys let Barber go with all the success he has had. Barber would be a good signing by many teams, but I think Barber should go to a team with a two running back tandem which is what Barber has been in since college.
Possible Destinations: Cowboys, Texans, Bengals, Falcons

Terrell Suggs, OLB
Suggs has beena  big part of the Ravens defense and they better pray that he stays. He is somewhat versatile and he can play defensive end and outside linebacker. He is only 25 and already a great pass rusher.
Possible Destinations: Bears, Cardinals, Rams, Vikings, Eagles, Ravens

Jamal Lewis, RB
Jamal Lewis has had a recovery from his dismal season last year and succeeded with the Browns organization. I wouldn't be surprised if the Browns manage to keep him, but if not, other teams will take him.
Possible Destinations: Texans, Bengals, Falcons, Cowboys (if they don't resign Barber or Jones)

Marcus Trufant, CB
Trufant has emerged as a premier cornerback in the league and one of the top defensive players that could enter free agency. He had one of his best seasons ever this year and will most likely be bringing in good money.
Possible Destinations:
Patriots, Dolphins, Browns, Redskins, Lions, Saints, Cardinals

I got the possible destinations from here, unfortunately I could only find draft needs. 


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