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I'm new at this, so feel free to make suggestions, and constructive criticism is always welcome.

With the B1G and the Pac 12 hving blogs like this, there seems to be an absense of an SEC weekly blog.  I decided to take onthe responsibility starting this week, and hopefully will continue at last until the end of the season.

When talking SEC these days, the most common topic is conference expansion. We've already added Texas A&M, that leaves us with 13.  Persoally, I don't like the idea of a conference with an odd number of teams, and I'm fairly confident that at least one more team will be added when all things are said and done.

Right now the most likely 14th member will be Missouri.  Having already turned down West Virginia, Oklahoma and Texas likely sticking with the Big 12 and the ACC hiing up the price to 20 million to leave the conference, it seems like Missouri is the best option.

They make sense geographically, Missouri borders Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky, all SEC states.  Not to mention it puts the SEC and it's network deals in an entirely new market, including the major metro of St Louis. 

And just speaking football, Mizzou has a decent program.  Sure, it's not an elite program, but they have years where they are BCS bowl quality, and in most years are a lock for at least an 8-4 record.

Your thoughts on expansion?

Is Mizzou a good fit?

If not, what other schools would you suggest?


No to the games.


The Bye Weeks

LSU and Alabama.  I guess it might be a bad week to start with the two best teams in the conference not playing.


Battle of the Losers

Mississippi State @ Kentucky-

Both teams have yet to win a game in the SEC.  One team, Kentucky was expected to have a poor season, wile the other, Mississippi State was expected to have a solid season.  They started ranked in the top 20, and were my dark horse pick for the SC West to start the season.  At any rate, while this game is at Kentucky, I feel that Miss St is the better football team, and I think they ride the legs of Vick Ballard to their first conference win of the season.  Mississippi St 24-10


The One Sided Affairs

Arkansas @ Vanderbilt-

This Vanderbilt team is a scappy bunch.  They do have  lot of experience, and I think they are bound for a bowl game this season.  But the fact is, Arkansas' offense is a finely tuned machine.  Yeah, they had a bit of an ugly game last week against Ole Miss, but it was coming off the bye week, and it looked like they didn't have beating Ole Miss on their minds.  At any rate, Tyler Wilson is a very good QB, he has four talented WRs to throw to, and Johnson and Wingo have the ability to surprise you at RB.  Arkansas wins big, 42-21


South Carolina @ Tennessee

Yeah, I heard about Marcus Lattimore being gone for the season, but Tennessee really brings nothing to the table.  Tyler Bray might miss this game, and after him the cices at QB are Matt Simms, who hasn't exactly sparkled in his time at QB or a true freshman, Justin Woorley.  And this is a Tennessee offense that has struggled with all their pieces in tact.  I can't see them scoring more than 14 points on offense.  Even without Lattimore, Connor Shaw has shown to be a better passer than Garcia, and he has one of the best WRs in the country, Alshon Jeffrey to throw too, along with a could of nice recievers to compliment him.  Losing Lattimore will hurt SC later on this year, but this Saturday, I don't think SC misses a beat.  South Carolina wins 35-7


Ole Miss @ Auburn

Auburn is an overrated team.  They shouldn't be ranked in the top 25.  Their defense doesn't scare anybody, and their offense has becamevery one dimensional.  They are 106th in passing offense.  With that said, Ole Miss is arguably the worst team in the SEC.  They have yet to win a conference game, and have the worst overall record in the conference.  They have no offense to speak of, and their defense is mediocre at best.  Michael Dyer runs wild. Auburn wins 38-7


Game of the Week


Georgia vs Florida in Jacksonville

The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.  Florida has dominated the rivalry over the last 20 years, and no matter how bad Florida is and how good Georgia is, or the other way around, this game is never a gimmie.  However, with Brantley out for a while, Florida's offense has looked lost on the field.  They are coming off three straight losses, where the highest point total they could come it was 11.  Granted, two of the three loses were to LSU and Alabama, they were crushing defeats.  With that said, UGA isn't a juggernaut either.  They've failed to build on leads against Miss St, Ole Miss, Tennessee and Vanderbilt.  It seems like the offense disappears in the second half.  As a UGA fan, this concerns me.  as for predicting the game, I don't think it will be a high scoring affair.  Neither team ha shown much on offense, and I think it ill be a close game.  In the end, Aaron Murray will be the best QB on the field, and I think UGA has a better running game. UGA wins a close one, 24-21


The Next Best 3


Oklahoma @ Kansas State

After last week's heartbreaker to Texas Tech, it looks like Oklahoma's chances at a BCS title are gone.  This is still a very important game for them.  This is a must win game.  If they lose this game, and get two loses in the Big 12, the odds of them coming back from that and winning the Big 12 are slim.  Landry Jones is a great QB, and Oklahoma is a great team.  Solid on both sides of the ball.  I think they hold a fairly large talent advantage over Kansas State, who has already passed anyone's expectations.  I think Oklahoma comes out with a statement win. Oklahoma wins 42-17


Michigan State @ Nebraska

Michigan State is coming off an upset win against Wisconsin, and if they win this game, it puts them on the inside track for an appearence in the first ever B1G title game.  Nebraska brings one of the best rushing attacks in the nation, and they have the home field advantage, and this is a must win game for them and their hopes ofa shot at the B1G title.  I think Nebraska's two headed monster of Rex Burkhead and Taylor Martinez running the ball will be the difference maker in which should be a gem of a game.  Nebraska wins 35-28


Stanford @ USC

I know, Stanford hasn't played the toughest of schedules, and people are criticizing them for it, but they have dominated every game they have played this season.  Washigton, a good team that was supposed to be Stanford's first test of the season had 55 points dropped on them by Luck & Co. In my opinion, Stanford is a much more talented team, and the only loss I could see on their schedule is Oregon.  Andrew Luck has a big game and Stepfan Taylor quietly sneaks in another 100 yards on the ground.  Stanford wins big, 45- 17

October 28, 2011  03:17 AM ET

Nice job! I hope you keep this up. We don't hear a lot from the SEC out west here.

Oh yeah, Stanford dropped 65 on Washington last week, not 55. No question, I think the Stanford - USC game is the game of the week this time. But I'm intrigued by Georgia - Florida. I'll definitely check it out.

October 28, 2011  07:39 AM ET

Good job UH! Agree with most of your picks but one.

BTW- Bruce's SEC NB3 started all of the NB3 blogs.

October 28, 2011  02:51 PM ET

Good blog. I like the Missouri addition. The only problem I have with Missouri joining is that according to reports (ESPN anyway) they will be playing in the East.

I know Bama doesn't want to be separated from Auburn but it really makes sense to move Auburn to the East and work out whatever issues they have with Bama in scheduling.

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October 29, 2011  01:11 PM ET

I don't think Mizzou is necessarily a "good' fit, but it is probably the "best available" fit for the SEC.

Thanks for adding to the NB3 lore.


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