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Which would you prefer? The "Brady vs. Favre" scenario or the "Manning vs. Rivers" scenario. Brady and Favre are two of the greatest quarterbacks ever and furture Hall of Famers. Manning and Rivers are both young and talented quarterbacks with potential and bright futures ahead of them. Both of these would be intriguing games. Of course, being a Patriots fan, I'm pulling for anything with Brady.

Brady and Favre matched up in the Superbowl would bring in huge ratings. It would be a classic game that many would want to watch. This could become "Good vs. Evil" which many called the Patriots and Colts game earlier in the season. "Evil" prevailed there, but could they conquer "Good" again?

Not only would it be a game of great quarterbacks, but also two great teams. If this game comes around I expect it to be even. The Patriots have a great cornerback and a talented, experienced safety to go along with their extraordinary offense. Green Bay has two unbelievable cornerbacks and a high powered offense with less passing, but a better running game led by Ryan Grant, the surprise of the season.

Eli and Rivers are inconsistent at times, but they have had plenty of solid performances. They were exchanged because Eli didn't want to play in San Diego, therefore they traded him to New York. They have some history. Personally, I find this match up less interesting than the former, but some would beg to differ.

This could be the future of the Superbowl. Could these two become the next Brady and Older Manning? Will they live up to expectations or fail to do so? Will Eli be capable of filling his big brother's shoes or will Rivers finally lead a very talented team into the Big Game?

I don't see this game being as close as the Packers versus Patriots game. I think the Chargers would win this one because of their superior talent. The Giants take pride in their running game and pass rush. San Diego has both of those along with more skill at other positions.

Is there a third and better scenario? Possibly. Brady against the Younger Manning would be pretty interesting from my point of view. This game has been played before, but this is a completely different atmosphere. There is a different feeling in the Superbowl that some thrive under while others crumble. Could the Younger Manning be more successful than Older Manning against Brady in massively important games? Can Eli stop the magnificent run of the now 17-0 Patriots? This could be a great game. Unfortunately, if the Patriots lose, I think looking at FanNation the next day would kill me.

Patriots versus Chargers: I don't think anyone was expecting these two teams to clash in the AFC Championship Game. I'm glad we don;t have to face the Colts. The Colts pose a much bigger threat and the Tom Brady-Peyton Manning rivalry is getting old. I'm not saying the Chargers don't pose a threat, because they do, just not as much as Indy. Now is the time for San Diego to avenge their loss, now is the time for the Patriots to move on to 18-0. Which will happen?

In my mind, you have to take the favorites. The Patriots demoralized the Chargers in week two, but the Chargers and Norv Turner have changed since then. They have improved, especially their receivers. They are a much better team now. However, I don't think they have improved enough to take down the juggernauts called the Patriots.

Both teams are great and they will put up a fight, but like last year, this game won't be decided right off the bat. I don't think it will be as close as last year, but I don't see the Patriots pulling away until the middle of the third quarter. Antonio Cromartie can shut down Moss with a little help of a safety behind him, but their cornerbacks aren't enough to match with Moss, Welker, and Stallworth. Their pass rush is good, but Welker can run short routes all day and get open quickly. This should be a high scoring game with the Patriots prevailing yet again.

Packers versus Giants: Before the Giants starter their roll everyone was expecting a Packers against Cowboys game. That didn't happen either. Both of these teams are on fire, especially Ryan Grant. Both quarterbacks have been playing well and both defenses have been potent (Packer's pass defense, Gants pass rush).

Charles Woodson and Al Harris have been spectacular and so have Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora. This game may come down to offenses. Brett Favre's improvisation skills should buy him a little time. Remember that underhand flip last week? That was awesome! Brandon Jacobs should have pretty good room to run as well and Ryan Grant hasn't disappointed yet.

I would be surprised if this game isn't close at halftime and then the Packers pull away. Both runningbacks should have good games and Favre's performance will be better than Eli's because of Woodson and Harris. Packers win and we see the Brady-Favre Superbowl.


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