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Josh Q. Public:  So come on get your rocks off, I'm gonna knock your socks off, you'll see.  Oh yeah!  -Steve Miller Band 

Public Service Announcement:  OK, here we go!  New Sox.  Two Sox.  Whose Sox?  Sue's Sox.  Who sews whose Sox?  Sue sews Sue's Sox.  Who sees who sews whose new Sox, sir?  You see Sue sew Sue's new Sox, sir.  You see the Sox leading the AL Beast, sir.  Having themselves a big fat feast, sir.  The never say die Sox.  The punch you in the eye Sox.  The bye-bye Miss American Pie Sox.  Waving bye-bye to the Yankees.  Waving bye-bye to the Blue Jays.  Waving bye-bye to the Orioles.  Waved bye-bye to the Orioles yesterday.  Waved bye-bye in the bottom of the ninth yesterday.  Waved bye-bye down five nothing in the bottom of the ninth.  The Orioles had a three-hit shut out going into the bottom of the ninth.  The Red Sox scored six runs in the bottom of the ninth.  This was only the second time in Red Sox history in which the team was blanked through the first eight innings, trailed by five or more runs in the ninth inning, and still won the game.  Still overcame.  What's my name!  In fact, no major league team has won a game in regulation after coming to bat in the ninth scoreless and trailing by at least five runs since April 29, 1979.  On April 29, 1979, the Cubs scored six in the top of the ninth, capped by a three-run bomb by Bobby Murcer, to take a 6-5 victory over Atlanta.  So here we are.  Here we are in first.  He we are on top.  I know you like it.  You like it on top.  Tell me momma, are you gonna stop?  The Sox ain't stopping.  Ain't no stoppin' us now.  We're on the move.  Ain't no stoppin' us now.  We've got the groove.  Movin' and groovin' baby, movin' and groovin'.  Only thirty-six games into the season and the Sox lead the AL Beast by eight games.  Eight games over Baltimore.  Eight games over the Yankees.  Did you hear that Ted Sarandis?  Eight.  Only one other time in Sox history were they in first place by such a large margin.  By such a large margin so few games into a season.  In 1995, the year of its last division title, Boston led by an identical margin through thirty-four games.  It's a sign of the times, and I know that I won't have to wait much longer.  It's a sign of the times that your love for me is getting so much stronger.  The Red Sox are getting stronger.  We won't have to wait much longer.  Roll Sox roll!

Public Acknowledgements:  Theodor Geisel, Don McLean, The Associated Press, Seymour Seywoff, Robert Palmer, McFadden & Whitehead and Petula Clark.

Peace out homies.  Six Two and Even!


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