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This past Monday January 14th, 2008, Rachelle Washington, 35 of Ft Lauderdale FL walked into a courthouse, wrote some words on a piece of paper, signed it and handed it to a clerk. The clerk took the paper to a judge or magistrate for a signature. The judge read the statement, signed the paper and the clerk faxed it to either the Massachusetts State Police, Foxboro Police or the Norfolk County Sheriff Department. One of those law enforcement agencies then hand delivered a Temporary Restraining Order to Randy Moss. To see exactly what it took to get this order, go to

There is no description of what happened, nothing other than "he assaulted me and I fear retaliation for seeking medical treatment". That was Ms. Washington's statement to the judge.

That's all it took. One piece of paper that stated Randy Moss physically assaulted Rachelle on January 6th 2008 at her home.

January 6th 2008. More than a week before she asked for a Temporary Restraining Order. A TRO is issued to anyone who wants one. ANYONE. All you have to say is that you were assaulted and you are in fear of another assault. The judge issues the TRO because its better to be safe than sorry (although, again, I can tell you first hand, a piece of paper is useless if someone truly wants to hurt you).

When the judge signs the paper, he/she also immediately sets a hearing date to hear from both sides. The one seeking a permanent order MUST prove to the judge that his/her life is in imminent peril or danger from the person they seek the order against. In my case, it was easy, I had police reports for previous DV calls to the house, I had photo's taken at the emergency room. I had people who witnessed the verbal and physical abuse. While I'm sorry to say I put up with it for 8 years, the last straw was my ex pushing me down the cellar stairs in front of my then 4 yr old daughter. I called the police from my basement phone. I sought medical treatment immediately. I obtained an immediate temporary order and the police forcefully removed him from the home. I filed for divorce immediately. My ex was found guilty of domestic violence and not only lost his punching bag, but also lost custody of his children, lost his home, all of the things we worked so hard to acquire. He has no visitation rights unless its supervised by a officer of the court, can never go hunting again because he cannot possess a firearm, and cannot under any circumstances come within 500 feet of me, my homes, his children.

As you can see, in no way will I condone violence against women. I don't condone violence against anyone, but being a victim and a survivor of domestic violence, I'm in a fairly decent position to talk rationally about this. I'm not here to defend Randy Moss. Regardless of his contributions to the New England Patriots, if these charges prove true, ditch his punk arse immediately. Super Bowl be damned. Perfect Record ? Don't care. There is never an excuse for a man to hit a woman. Never.

Something though about all of this just doesn't ring true for me. The incident allegedly occurred on Sunday January 6th. Randy was in Foxboro on January 7th. How was she prevented from seeking medical treatment from someone 1500 miles away? It is alleged that Ms. Washington's representative called Randy on Friday and cussed him out and told Randy "he better do this, he better do that" and if not, they were going to the press. Allegedly, the representative was seeking $500,000 to make this whole thing disappear. In my world, this is extortion.This reeks of dead smelly fish. Moss, went to his coach. Belichick told Moss to just focus on football and see what happens What happened was, Ms. Washington, bright and early on Monday morning, with an attorney, walked into that courthouse.

Why did she wait for Monday morning? If she was truly in fear, she could have called her local police and they have the authority to issue a TRO during hours that the court is closed. Why did she wait not just a full week, but waited through the weekend for the courthouse to be open?

I think I know.

If she had called the police to issue a temporary order, she would have to give a statement to the police. This is a very different statement than just writing some words for a judge. In all likelihood, the police would press charges. She wouldn't have a choice. IF and this is a big IF - they believed her. She knew they wouldn't. Maybe she hoped as the weekend went on and Moss considered his options, that he would pay the money to make this go away. That didn't happen either. So, on Monday morning, she walked into that courthouse, spoke to a clerk, signed a paper and became the biggest off field story for the Patriots since Lisa Olson.

On January 28th, Moss and Ms. Washington will appear in a courtroom - closed to the public - and will present their version of what did or didn't happen. The judge then will make a decision based on those facts.

Ms. Washington lives in a private gated community in Ft Lauderdale. She is a cosmetologist. Her neighbors said she was perfectly fine last week. Never saw a bruise or a mark on her and she was her usual friendly self. Something smells.

Regardless of Moss' past incidents, by all accounts he has been a model citizen since coming to the Patriots. Yes, he faked mooning the GB fans. I never said he was the brightest watt in the bulb. Yes, he and the mother of his children were both arrested for assaulting each other. The charges were dropped though so thats irrelevant. He lost his scholarship to ND because he beat the tar out of kid in High School for carving racial slurs and pictures on the desk of his white girlfriend. How many high school boys wouldn't have done the same thing?

Myra Kraft is well known for her disgust of men who abuse women. One needs to look no further than Christian Peter in 1996. Or the R.O.S.E foundation that she and her husband started after buying the Patriots. Or the fact that the team undergoes annual domestic violence prevention counseling. The Krafts do not condone misbehavior or violence against a woman or anyone else. Where's Dave Megget today ? Ben Coates?

The timing or lack there of for this whole thing, just smells bad. Really bad.

*UPDATE* Jan. 19, 2008

The Boston Herald reports that after some investigating, they have found that Ms. Washington has a history of financial problems and has been served with eviction notices in the past. The latest as recently as last month. Apparently she has issues paying rent anywhere she lives.

The timing is smelling worse and worse.


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