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The 2nd round is over (several days and I can only plea the usual, busy) and to say that I was shocked at the outcome would be a serious understatement.  I do wonder if Sporano was more intent on the Dolphins job than he was on the Play-off game???  The again Jason Campbell could be accussed of the same thing I suppose, since he interviewed with both the Ravens and the Falcons.  I will admit that as he has on occassion, Eli Manning looked like a NFL Quarterback.  But he only does that on occassion.  I wonder why I took Terrell Owens meltdown in the post-game Meet the Press affair at less than face value.  Maybe because I still remember (unlike some of the talking heads) how he acted at the post game press conference after the Eagle Super Bowl loss, and the remarks he was making mere months later about his team and team mates.  Not to be confused with his trashing of the San Francisco 49ers and their quarterback.  I wonder how long it will be this time???  After all he only has one year to go on this contract, assuming he can get past the fact that while he is a premier receiver in the NFL, he has a history of attacking the people who have done nothing but make him look better when he did not get his way.

San Diego defeating the Colts at home, with a relatively healthy team is a bit of a surprise.  I did think that would be in the game, but certainly did not expect them to win it.  It would appear that the Chargers seem to have found a way to make Payton Manning uncomfortable.  Something that other teams have not been terribly sucessful at doing.  Well the Patriots had a good run against him, but I am sure that they are much happier with the Chargers coming to town than they would have been with the Colts.  Now the question on the Colts side of things is will Tony Dungy return or not???  Good Question by the way since he almost retired at the end of last season.  The Colts will have a long hard search to find a coach with half the talent of Dungy if he does decide to retire.

I fully expected the Packers to defeat my Seahawks team in Green Bay.  Like I said before I am not delusional in spite of the fact that I am a fan.  What I did not expect was the total meltdown after the first five minutes that the "Hawks" accomplished.  It started snowing, and they stopped playing.  (Note that 42 - 20 score was not even indicative of how badly the Seahawks played after the 14 point gift they received at the beginning of the game.)  I thought that the Seahawks would at least make a game of it.  I was wrong all across the board on that one.

The fact that the Jaguars played the Patriots tough through most of the game was also not a surprise.  I would have been surprised if they had won, but notably that 13.5 point spread was a bit over the top.  Just a couple pieces of the puzzle away from being a premier team are the Jaguars. 

The Dolphins did as predicted hire Sporano as their new head coach,  golly gee, I wonder when the verbal promises were made, although the contract was signed at 0930 on Wednesday morning in a perfectly legal manner, after he interview with both Baltimore and Atlanta and after Parcells interviewed several other candidates who had about as much chance as Jesse Jackson does of becoming the head of the Klu Klux Klan.  In the Dolphins case, it would appear that the hierarchy is in place, and now that we have the Chiefs, who are going to be the Indians.  Will Parcells take his usual time rebuilding (on the average two seasons) or will he go shopping to make the play-off's this year (2008 season).  He does need a lot of pieces, but the goal of this year is not impossible.  We will see what happens.

The Falcons and Ravens are still looking for their new head coaches.  A caveat here and that is good luck to whoever gets either job.  I still think that the Falcons should stick with what they have in the way of a head coach.  Emmitt Thomas is qualified, and it would keep the players from having to learn still another offense in three years.  The other side of that is he would not walk away when to going got tough which it would.  The areas at which the Falcons suffer the most is the offensive line and at quarterback.  The line I believe could be fixed with  some extra coaching.  They have no one on hand that can fill the QB position with any consistency.  In the Ravens case, note to all Baltimore fans, you need someone to come in and blow up the entire organization.  Offense which has been dormant for the past nine years, and the defense which is long in the tooth to say the least.  Whoever takes this job will not even be thanked if he manages to get that part done.  Nor will he be asked to continue much past a second season.  No one likes the new broom.  Trust me when I say that the Raven Fans will be nostalgic for Brian Billick next year, and in two years he will be the best thing in Colt's history.  How fickle since there have been near universal calls for his head 6 of the 9 years that he was there. 

One final note, I do expect a Green Bay - New England Super Bowl but as usual I could be wrong.  I would be totally surprised if it did not happen, since I still have no faith in the Giants and do not believe that San Diego will fare any better than they did at the start of the season in New England. 

And now off to other things and amusements of another kind ... later :>))) John 


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