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You just had to know I would write on this one.

Kyle took a contender for the Truck series out of the race and possible done a contender for the Championship.

Is this something Gibbs will or should put up with as a car owner?

NASCAR has already parked Kyle for the Cup race for this weekend at Texas.

Is this fair punishment or not?

Is this a maker war Chevy vs Toyota?

Or just plain stupidity?

Are you looking forward to the race this weekend now that Biffle and Harvick are also in a scrap?

November 5, 2011  12:10 PM ET

Just Kyle going above and beyond the call of stupid.

JGR runs a pretty decent organization, I'll be interested to hear his comments. I don't know what I'd do if I were Gibbs, he's given the kid so many chances I've gotta believe that at some point he's going to say enough!

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November 5, 2011  12:17 PM ET

Welcome back Kodiak ;-)

.. My question is : Why does Mars' Family, his sponsor put up with Kyle actions ...

Guess an Eye for an Eye : You took out Hornaday out of any chance for a Truck title ... now -48 points ... with 1 to go. ..

we NASCAR. take Kyle out of any chance of CHASE-CUP title ... was 7th at 2216, -57 back with 3 to go ... Kyle only +32 on Newman in 12th ...

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November 5, 2011  12:54 PM ET

So ESPN is pulling out the file video of his replacement, Michael McDowell

Texas 2008 Qualifying crash for the Pre-Race

November 5, 2011  01:36 PM ET

I am pretty sure the sponsors will be asking questions.
Kyle is now in 7th place 57 points out of 1st with 3 races to go.
With a flat out zero for one of 3 those races his Championship run is done for another year.
Sponsors. and possibley Gibbs will be saying what if .........

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November 5, 2011  02:00 PM ET

Sponsors upset? Yes. Number is minutes product and logo on camera? Soaring!

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November 5, 2011  03:04 PM ET

The best solution for JGR is to dump Kyle 2012 and take on Reuti......JGR has the best Toyos (usually)...Reuti might do better here.

November 5, 2011  03:05 PM ET

I know my comment #11 is just wishful thinking....... but I do know for sure that, if Reuti made the Chase, he would show more respect for that honour.

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November 5, 2011  03:35 PM ET

I guess the new wifey's "calming influence" is wearing off.

November 5, 2011  03:39 PM ET

Update:What action should NASCAR have taken regarding Kyle Busch?What they did258324%Parked for rest of season365734%Suspended indef. in Trucks9549%Suspended indef in all series250124%No action was necessary9069%

That's interesting. That kind of shows what fan base he has (or doesn't have). NASCAR would have probably liked to have suspended him for the rest of the season, but I'm sure they were thinking of the sponsors when they said only one race. I would love to see him punt Jr. next week and see what NASCARs responce to that would be.

November 5, 2011  03:39 PM ET

I guess the new wifey's "calming influence" is wearing off.

Maybe he caught her PMS.

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November 5, 2011  03:59 PM ET

It all just makes me want to s........



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