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This was the week of football all college football fans have been waiting for since the first rankings were issued. The SEC was once again the center of attention this past Saturday. Despite all eyes in Tuscaloosa, there were some great football games being played.


1) ESPN announced that a 4 pack of tickets was being sold for $23,000 right before the game. Despite all the hype, I feel bad for whoever bought those tickets. Despite all the great defense, we only got a few field goals. BAMA and LSU were so close all night and it came down to who ever made the least mistakes (LSU). Les Miles making less mistakes than his opponent? Never thought I would think that. Also, I feel bad for all of the kicking game at Bama. Obvious the country, the voters, and the computers liked what they saw because Bama is #3 in the BCS standings. How far should a team drop when they are #2 and they lose to the #1 team by a field goal in overtime? Should be interesting to see what happens.

2) Coming in at thought #2 is #2 Oklahoma State. When ever it looks like Oklahoma State is about to lose, they score 3 or 4 touchdowns in a couple of minutes and regain the lead. They showed that against a feisty Kansas State. A lot of Talk would be how does Oklahoma State's offense would match up against LSU defense. I love watching offense and Oklahoma State makes it fun. They just move the ball and get it done. Blackmon needs to learn not to fumble right before he scores Tds. The game vs Oklahoma is still huge but with injuries racking up in Norman, I do not know how much of the sooners will be left come game time at the end of the season. Bedlam will still be Bedlam

3) Stanford and Boise State both barely beat opponents that they should have clobbered. Stanford pulled away late vs a horrible Oregon State team. While securing the win, Stanford did rack up some injuries. Stanford will need everyone healthy to beat Oregon next week. Boise State only won 48-21 over UNLV. People would call that a blow out but when it is against UNLV it is a close game if you do not win by at least 50+ points. If you look at the box score, Boise had to score 20 points in the 4th quarter just to make the score look how it looks. Style points? Boise State needs a miracle to play for the title but a rematch in the Fiesta bowl with Oklahoma looks more reasonable every week as the season plays out.

4) Oregon did a good job of not looking ahead to next week's game vs Stanford. Oregon could have easily been upset by Washington but had it's defense steal the show and shutdown an explosive Washington offense. Thomas showed he is still QB #1 for Oregon and they will need every but of him next week at the "farm". I love watching the blur offense and hope they get 60 points vs Stanford next week.

5) Arkansas is still alive for the SEC west and makes its showdown with LSU that much more important. The BCS Gods pray for LSU to win out but Arkansas has plans of their own. Arkansas put away South Carolina late and is positioning itself for a 1st place finish in the SEC WEST if they win out! When Arkansas beat South Carolina, it put Georgia in the driver seat of the SEC EAST. Georgia was up 7-3 over New Mexico State when all of a sudden....BOOM...they score 42 points in the 2nd quarter alone. Richt is no longer on the hot seat as long as he beats Auburn and Kentucky. Georgia fans should feel glad to have him as a coach even if he is winning in a down year of the SEC EAST! Quick "Good job" to the Gators for beating Vandy. It is sad that is was so close against Vandy. Oh well! Next year!

6) NCAA records were close to being broken by a WR. Ryan Broyles went out with a torn ACL and will be done for the season. He was a great WR and I would have liked to see him set a bunch more records for OU and NCAA stats. Hope he has a great recovery and will be ready for the NFL.Speaking of records, Kase Keenum is just destroying the record books. I love Houston's QB, their offense, and their coach. Great Program. DO NOT GO TO THE BIG EAST. The big east is like the titanic... it is sinking but wants to bring programs down with it.

7) Speaking of the BIG EAST, Cincinnati took a commanding lead of 1st place. Glad to see someone wants to win that conference. West Virginia can not decide if it wants to be a contender or pretender. It is crazy to think that Pitt and Louisville are still in the hunt despite their mediocre records. I am still calling an average 8-4 team at best will get the automatic bid to a BCS bowl while an 11-1 Stanford or 10-2 Arkansas will get left out.

8) I called it. NORTHWESTERN upset NEBRASKA. Northwestern is usually good for one upset a year and I knew it would be this week. Congrats to them. Pelini and his team over looked Northwestern and the loss made the BIG-10 race wide open. I still do not know the names of the divisions but I do know it is a mess in both. Michigan could not take control by losing to Iowa. Michigan State barely beat Minnesota to take 1st place despite being lit up by Nebraska last week. Penn State is still winning but it is ugly....just like this scandal that hit the Penn State Nation! Just sit back and some how watch Ohio State still win the BIG-10 this year. Don't count out Wisconsin yet.

9) Did anyone see the Northern Illinois vs Toledo game. 63-60 score. Makes you think you watched a basketball game. They score as often as a basketball team. It was exciting to watch that game. I think that kind of score and scoring was how they wished the AUBURN vs OREGON national title game was suppose to be last season. Look for both coaches to be considered for bigger jobs in the future. The MAC is known for producing some great coaches (Urban Meyer...NOT TURNER GILL)

10) Speaking of smaller conferences, look at C-USA. Looks like the final game of the season between Tulsa and Houston will decide the winner of the division. Southern Miss is also rolling in that conference. It will be an exciting finish to see how it all plays out. I would imagine that Southern Miss needs to lock up their coach with a new contract because the BCS schools will come calling. I can see Houston, Southern Miss, and possibly SMU losing coaches to bigger jobs.

Speaking of coaching jobs, Will someone PLEASE CALL MIKE LEACH and get him a job. He will turn any program around. Arizona would be smart to get in contact with him. Weak PAC-12 South and an offense like his would make him competitive all season long.

ITS OFFICIAL. Missouri is joining the SEC. I do not like it one bit. They really do not bring anything to the table. If they did not have that one great year with Chase Daniels or an upset of Oklahoma, then they would not even be considered. Oh well. Guess we will have another mediocre team joining the conference. I wish we just left things at 12 in the SEC. I guess time will tell. Texas A&M and Missouri are both choking this year. NOT A GOOD MOVe....time will tell. It's going to being down the conference as a whole. AAHHH!

Still a lot of football left to play and it will be a sprint to the finish line for the 2nd spot in the title game if LSU wins out. Look forward to hearing from the readers with thoughts or comments.


Now onto some picks:

Georgia Tech 28 Virginia Tech 21 (Tech takes control of division)

Oklahoma State 70 Texas Tech 38 (DO NOT OVER LOOK TECH)

Nebraska 20 Penn State 10 (Pelini blows a vein muscle)

West Virginia 42 Cincinnati 28 (BIG EAST=BIG JOKE)

Boise State 49 TCU 28 (Broncos Roll)

Georgia 42 Auburn 38

Michigan 24 Illinois 17 (Zookers take a hit)

Washington 38 USC 24 (Barkley wont keep up)

Miami 31 FSU 21 (Golden wins BIG ONE)

Oregon 49 Stanford 45 UPSET? (Lucks runs out)

November 13, 2011  06:14 PM ET

6-4 on the picks....not bad!


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