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For anyone that has Gold Season Tix (Milwaukee), we seem to be Discriminated against by the Packer Organization!  How can this be?  Playoff tickets are by 2 totally seperate Lotteries, and Milwaukee holders WILL NEVER GET ANY FUTURE PLAYOFF TIX!  Please read!!!

Lottery #1 - This ONLY FOR GREEN BAY Season Tix Holders!  Each and every Green Bay season tix holder are 100% GUARANTEED playoff tickets, which they can get up to 4 to each game.  The "Lottery" for them are ONLY for their SEATING LOCATION!

Lottery #2 - This is completed AFTER Lottery #1 has been pulled!  Now this one places all the Milwaukee season tix holders that want a shot at playoff tickets into a Lottery for the Leftover tickets from Lottery #1!  Realistically, how many GB holders are going to pass up a 100% GUARANTEED SEATS?  NONE!  With them reselling them, they can make a minimum of $600 per pair of tickets, so who's going to pass up "free money?"  There are about 8% of the total tickets GB got that were placed on the ticket broker listing THIS SEASON!  And they say they are "fans."

Now to verify this, Milwaukee seasont ticket holders PLEASE RE-READ using the Official Green Bay Packers letter that was sent to you!  You will see THIS IS A FACT!  Each and every Milwaukee Season Ticket holder is AFFECTED by this and you need to call that Packers and say this IS NOT RIGHT!

I understand that it's too late for this season, but things need to be stated NOW, so in the future, we have a FAIR AND HONEST chance at tickets!  This is nothing but DISCRIMINATION and all season tickets holders ARE NOT BEING TREATED THE SAME. 

Why don't the Packers organization want a FAIR AND HONEST TICKET SYSTEM?  Easy!  Their ticket department is quietly are giving "favors" to their local Ticket Broker Partner, which makes a profit reselling their tickets!  Who and where does all this undocumented money go?  Also, why would the Packer organization quietly sign an agreement (BEHIND CLOSED DOORS DURING THE OFF SEASON TOO) allowing a "Ticket Broker" to oversee various Packer ticket distribution?  This is a FACT; nor a fabrication! 

All I am asking for is that ALL Season Ticket Holders have a FAIR AND EQUAL CHANCE AT PLAYOFF TICKETS!  As you can see, there are 2 Lotteries when their should only be 1!  WHY IS THEIR FAVORATISM & A DOUBLE STANDARD WITHIN THE PACKER TICKET ORGANIZATION?

Also, look into where all the Packers "AWAY GAME" tickets that are given to the team go?  They DO NOT GO, NOR OFFERED TO IT's FANS, but again, quietly resold under the table to their ticket broker partner.  Where do you think this money is going?  Your right!  Directly into their pockets as a "kickback".  The ticket broker they used paid cash to the organization (bribe) and now they are getting all the tickets they want, and placed their hands into the Packer ticket department!

Please pass this on to your friends, news, and season ticket holders!  Also, if you have any shareholders that attend their yearly meeting, please have them question why the Packers Organization has partnered up with the ticket broker "Event USA" and "Front Row"?  Also ask them to reply to this discrimination in Lotteries!  If they wanted a "fair and honest" chance at tickets, why couldn't they treat ALL SEASON TICKET HOLDERS EQUALLY THE SAME?  There's too much money involved that we are not suppose to know about they pockets and the reason they don't want this corrected or KNOWN TO ANYBODY....  THERE ARE MANY MORE HIDDEN AGENDA's that this organization does that are not known.  As an paid employee of the Packers, this needs to be addressed!

December 26, 2012  02:46 PM ET

Not true. I'm a GOLD ticket holder and got playoff tickets last year and I got them again this year


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