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I have so many mixed feelings about the SEC expanding. When Texas A&M basically begged and cried to be in the SEC, you knew it was going to happen. Then the BIG QUESTION was, who will be the 14th team. Missouri then pulled a TEXAS A&M and basically cried and begged HARD to get into the SEC. They were the little guy begging to come to the SEC PARTY. Thank goodness they will be in the SEC EAST. It will be a rough going for them.

I though the SEC was great without adding anyone. I will try to give some insight on how it will be better now and also continue to dominate College Football.

 Missouri will have some interesting matchups in the SEC EAST. Will the SEC also have Missouri's cross over game with the SEC WEST be TEXAS A&M? It would be a good move and make scheduling easy to sort of.

Missouri will bring no interest when it plays Kentucky or Vandy in just get that out of the conversation. Basketball will be where it is at when Missouri plays Kentucky or Vandy!

People will be interested in seeing Missouri vs Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina. Just about any team from the SEC WEST besides the Mississippi schools will draw a big crowd for Missouri games.

With the way the SEC EAST is, Missouri has a chance to come in and be at least 4th or 3rd. It is a little bit of drive to Columbia from Gainesville but fans will make it work every other year.

Missouri is also known for beating an Oklahoma or Texas every now and then when it was apart of the BIG-12. It will do the same when it comes to the SEC. I bet Missouri beats a highly ranked LSU team first.

Missouri will also be able to recruit better in the south with the SEC BRAND on their resume! It will now be up to the fans to make this transition successful for the school.

How about TEXAS A&M? With the state of Texas in the mix, the SEC now has control of 2 of the major states loaded with talent. Texas and Florida have more BCS talent ready kids coming out of high school than any other state in the America (CALIFORNIA has some talent but I will take Florida or Texas boys over Cali boys...Texas vs USC....)

Texas A&M has not been super successful but has had its moments. Has anyone noticed how highly ranked the Aggies have been this year but choked so many teams this season vs Oklahoma State, Missouri, etc.! The SEC already has LSU.....start ranked high and lose games they are suppose to win! Looks like Les Miles will have some competition in that department.

Texas A&M excels in all sports and has a great fan base. It will be cool to see SEC teams hit up the TEXAS market. See Alabama host the Aggies or have the Bulldogs goto College Station.

Texas A&M still needs to play TEXAS every year just as Florida plays FSU or Georgia plays Georgia Tech. They need to make it happen! I just hope the AGGIES and LONGHORNS can work out their childish ways and continue the rivalry!

The fans will make or break this transition. Stand behind the move and get ready to roll. It will be awesome! Let us jusy enjoy football and embrace the change...maybe a playoff will come out of all this moving!


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