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 Hello FanNation and Lighter Side enthusiasts. My apologies for waiting so long to do my HYS blog. The holiday season threw me off completely, so some of these are going to be very dated. But they're humorous just the same. Remember to vote for your favorites, and keep sending any funny stuff you see out there in comments, blogs or throwdowns, just like rstowe, paddy, Gu3, and DJroxalot have done in the past (among others). I'll get on the ball much quicker next time!

1) The toucan takes no prisoners



Kitna at Wendys

3) Some of you may think I am crazy but I have good arguments to go with my opinion.
....when Jon Kitna retires or becomes a free agent, Drew Stanton ,the rookie from Hawaii, will take over.


4) You speak as though The Undertaker is real? lol.
1: Wrestling is fake
2: 15-0 Wrestlmania record is staged and scripted
3: Kane is NOT his real brother

5) "test Your Opening Argument" This is a test. For the next 24 hours, this station will conduct a test of the Emergency Fannation System. This is only a test."
"CNNSI is conducting a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. This is only a test."
"This is a test. This station is conducting a test of the Emergency Opening Statement System. This is only a test." "The following is a test of the Emergency Opening Statement System."


6) The main reason he is not a pro bowl snub: he is going to the pro bow.

Big Tuna

7) lisen tuna is the best , give him to years and miami will be in the playoffs

8) There is no way the Saints would be Seattle now. (Kinda late for this one)

ew. cooties

9) Come back when you can talk to a girl without accusing them of having cooties.

10) You know, I was gonna take this TD but I didn't wanna be mean. Poor kid. So what if he's a little, you know, familiar with his food?

11) was trying to be nice...

I didnt want to call her dude, man or whatever for the obvious reason
I didnt want to call her ma'am cuz, what, she is like 15
I didnt want to call her a baby name like cupcake or crap cuz that is like weird since she is older
And I am from Baltimore.. we all say hon

12) yea.... next year... i am gonna think '13 year old boys.. aww'  No, im not Michael Jackson (even though i was him for Halloween)

13) What is up with everyone calling each other hon? (Gu3 thinks he is sexy, and he plays that song by Rod Stewart...)

If you want his body? Nah.


14) No, I dont think I am sexy. I know and Holy Shiate. How do you know i listen to that song.. That song is watz up

15) You are the weirdest 13-year old. Haha, you barely make the cut off for the shrimps.

16) Not even a good worddown, let alone a throwdown.

17) Good luck with your girlfriend Gu3. I am still stalking you.

18) Best Ball Park Food (1st,2nd,3rd no arguments)

19) At 82 he has accomplished just about anything that can be done in football. Hellll at 82 I'll be proud if I can still hit the bowl sitting down!

20) no, he's thirteen, he still reaches into his pants and counts to one

21) someone has fallen victim to my sexiness

Gu3= 5'9"
Gu3= Sexy
Gu3= Can beat D-fan

22) Gu3 = 75 Years Old
Gu3 = Wrinkly Old Man
Gu3 = Loser
Gu3 = Still thinks his gold fish is alive after 31 years, how will he respond when his parents aren't there to switch it again?

23) That's how poor people make it rain. Turns out pennies bruise.

24)  For the last time, the Tellitubbie Boxers have got to go...!

25) i knew popcorn started trouble

Getcha popcorn

26) The questions the officer asks:

- Was it burnt?
- Was it good?
- Was it buttery?
- Did you use the Popcorn button?

27) They won't even care about Gu3, they will just want the Popcorn...

28) Yeah, because I am one slow kid.. (Educated slow or Speed Slow?)

29) I thought you were still trying to find your manthong.

30) If you haven't noticed, after one year, people get one year older.

31) Yes, I know he gets older. In fact, if you look at it that way, he is dying, too. Who wants a QB who is dying? Westbrook is dying, all the Eagles are dying. Even the poor cheerleaders are dying! Can't we get some healthy infants to play?

32) If you have THE best team you could plug in Elmo at the 3rd and still get first downs...

33) Elmo would be hard to tackle, he would get phenomanal YAC!

Elmo the Jet

34)  If you tickle him, he would fumble.

35) Nah Bert's been helping him with his "grip"

36) Forcing Ernie to file a complaint with the Player's Association

bert says U R A Sucker


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