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I wish Harry Kalas could announce every passing moment of my life, so that after I make a fool of myself, I am able to go back and listen to his ever-booming commentary. His voice makes things sound so much more official and more important. Take him and Chris Collinsworth, put them into a press box, and let them call the game. That's a killer combo worthy of Super Bowl standards.

Anyway, what a plowing I received after these scores started coming in on Sunday. It was my worst week in many moons, however when the Bears beat the Rams tonight, I’ll rectify an 8-7 record, which ain’t that bad after all. Kudos to the people who left me with negative votes last week, despite not leaving any comments. Yes, I got many games incorrect, so if you lost money at the track, then I’m sorry but you know that everyone is entitled to an off week occasionally. If it’s any consolation, I finally lost a week in fantasy football, snapping my 4 week winning streak and leaving my team with many questions entering the 1st round of the playoffs. Not that any of you care, as my brother is always quick to remind me whenever I bring it up, but my pride is at stake. I expect that my guys will pull out the Cinderella story in 2 weeks, but it might take Marty to sit LT after next weekend when he threatens to run the TD record upwards of 40.

Of course, I still was able to get some things correct, although my worst prediction was that Seattle was going to win on a field goal, yet still score 28 points. Is that even realistically possible to score a field goal at the end and still manage an even 28 points? That would require 2 touchdowns, 4 field goals, and a safety. I guess its not that far fetched, but it was dumb of me to throw in a four TD score and expect them to kick a field goal to win it. Actually though, the score looked as if it was going to happen didn’t it? All they needed to do was have Deion Branch get to the 6 yard line instead of the 6 ½, and get one pass in there and bada-bing. I’m Marine Sniper accurate.

Peter King mentioned that JD Drew is getting paid almost 3 times more than David Ortiz. I thought that was an interesting statistic, since Drew will play 3 times less games in 2007 than David, and probably hit 30 less HRs (as long as he’s pitched to).

Troy Smith might have won the Heisman, will probably win the National Championship, and will enjoy a top 10 pick in the NFL draft. He’ll probably end up in Houston, which will be vehemently booed upon in the lone-star state. He’s no answer to any NFL team, and should not be looked at for drafting. Thank you.

The Colts really suck then huh, when a 5’6” overweight rookie running back picks up 303 yards of all purpose yardage. They should draft every single massive defensive player in next year’s draft. Get a 350 lb DT and spend all the money you can to bring Adalius Thomas or Lance Briggs to the Colts and you might give Peyton a chance to win a Super Bowl.

Jeff Garcia looks pretty sharp for a 37 year old, doesn’t he?

The Panthers are freakin awful, it’s a sad affair to watch them struggle. Chris Weinke on the other hand, did throw 61 passes and picked up 460-something yards. That must have been fun for someone.

Wow and the Pats go flat. Some of the things that my roommates let slip about the Pats are unprintable for this blog, but nonetheless it was a devastating domination of the local team. Lifelong Pats fans were in complete denial of the shutout. They stopped watching after the 3rd and 15 sack on Brady late in the 4th. I guess Gary Tenguay (local Pats postgame shows) knew his things, and called the game correctly, stating that it was the one game that scared him for the rest of the season. Hey Gary, how do you feel now about the Pats going to Jacksonville and Tennessee to end the season? Could be ugly unless Belichick can patch something together in the coming weeks.

Those Bengals had 3 impossible games coming up to finish their season a few weeks ago. Now all of sudden, Indy, Denver, and Pittsburg don’t look like that big of a problem, do they? Expect the Bengals to run over the Colts and beat them, sending the Colts back into remission. Bengals are getting into the playoffs and finishing 10-6. I think the only game they might lose is against the Steelers, who have been playing like the Super Bowl Champions the last 2 weeks.

Well, the Chiefs missed the playoffs this year, perhaps they need one more to get all the pieces together and play Herm Edwards defense. LJ remains impressive, getting stronger and stronger as the year goes on. He’ll win the rushing title with about 1845 yards, but that will be the only positive that the Chiefs experience as the season comes to an end.

Vince Young, I finally called you right! What a run, he looked like the fastest guy on the field during the last 15 yards of his game winning OT touchdown run. I loved seeing the Houston fans cheering for him, that was really cool.

Yup, those Lions really did get their hopes crushed by the Vikings. Jon Kitna really is a horrible decision maker.

Matt Leinart and Edge James might have a chance to make the playoffs next year if they get lucky enough to score one of the defensive free agents and draft offensive line. Maybe the team is finally realizing their potential. I still think they have bar none the best wide receiver corps in the game, so get an O-line and they’ll be okay. Their defense is like the Bengals D last year, very opportunistic. I like the way they attack, but if they solidify it with a veteran, they have major potential to be a damn good team.

Favre’s victory parade through the states continues. He’s coming back next year. Oh, and I believe I predicted a 70 yard run by Frank Gore. How long was that big run by him by the way?

Jets just blew it, such a stupid loss, but good for the Bills. They are the quiest 6-7 team in the NFL right now. Not bad.

How can anyone not like LT. What a special 4th quarter that was. It didn’t seem possible he was going to have a chance to get back in the game and have an opportunity to score. And yet, Shawne Merriman, who is an absolute steroid-riddled animal on speed, what a nut on the field. I’ve never seen anyone with that kind of motor. So impressive. He comes up and grabs the ball, the sack, and hands LT a chance to get the record at home. I love it when records are broken and championships are won at home. It’s so depressing how the Red Sox won the World Series in St. Louis. At least LT didn’t have to break the record somewhere else, although they stay home next week too. NBC was certainly hoping to save that record for next Sunday night.

Those Saints are insane. Everyone loves them too. There wouldn’t be a better game than the Saints vs The Chargers in terms of marketability and shootout potential. Imagine some of the stats. 515 yards passing by Drew Brees. 235 yards rushing by LT. 1000 yards of total offense. 7 turnovers. Reggie Bush 215 all purpose yards. Chargers 49, Saints 45. That would be the greatest Super Bowl ever for NFL fans. Lets all cross our fingers and hope it happens. It will be interesting to see if Tony Romo can come back. He hasn’t played a good game since Thanksgiving all of a sudden. Don’t get that anointing oil out yet.

Alright, I’m done for this week. Hopefully my knowledge has given all of you a better perspective on life. Talk with you all soon!


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