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On the day where Peytons brother, Eli Manning, will take on the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship, Peyton is at home, watching.  Now it was a surprise to us and I am sure to him that he is not playing today and his brother is, but now that I have watched some games of Peyton and watched this past season playout, I am not so surprised anymore.

To begin I would like to say I am not completley bashing Peyton Mannings career.  I know he is a good quarterback and will go to the Hall of Fame.

Now that thats settled, I will give you a heads up on what I am talking about here.  After last season, where Peyton beat the Chicago Bears in the Super Bowl, many crowned him "the best quarterback ever" or "the man to beat".  But not so fast, is Peyton really THAT good or is it the team around him?  One must wonder about these things but I have an answer and I will take you along on a trip to week ten, the Colts vs. the Chargers.
The Colts were coming off a heart breaking loss the the Pats and were looking to take charge once again by beating the already beaten up Chargers.  The Colts were coming in beat up and tired.  Peyton without his star players, Marvin Harrison, Dallas Clark, and half of his offensive line, had the worst game of his career. 

Now you may say it was a fluke and he still had an OK game, but OK pretty much sums up his whole season.  Without Marvin Harrison and a lot of other key players in games, Peyton struggled, he had a season that put him in the top ten, but not his usual #1 spot.  He had almost as many INT's as Brett, "i chuck it up in the sky and see what happens", Favre.  He was 6th or 7th in total yards for a QB and finished 4th in TD's (i think??). 
What I am trying to get at here is that maybe Peyton Manning might be only good because he is surrounded by Pro Bowlers and Hall of Famers, and when you take them away like in the Charger game, he really isnt that good.

He is a product of a good system and good players, instead of what most people say that all of his Players are a product of Peyton.  If I put Peyton on the 2005 Green Bay Packers, he may have done just as bad as Favre, who took a lot of criticism from that season.  This year Peyton found out what it was like to not be surrounded by amazing talent, a thing most QB's go through year after year, and he had marginal success, telling me he may not be "the greatest quarterback of our time".  He is good, no doubt about that, but I would put about 4 other QB's ahead of him in the rankings.

Now for all the Colt lovers, I know I am about to take a bashing from you, but just think, what if he didnt have Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison, JoDai, Dallas Clark, and an Offensive line that can get away with holding, and he had guys like Carlyle Holliday, Ruvell Martin and Noah Herron as his top targets...do you really think he would be that good?


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