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  Another week in the books and more upsets have happened. This season is starting to finally take shape for who will play for the title. Will we see an epic offense vs a dominant defense? Maybe 2 offensive juggernauts will take the stage in the BCS BOWL. I for one am sick and tired of having to hear about Penn State. It is a shame what happened there but please show me something else other than Joe Pa's house. Let's us go over the past week of football because it was a good one that had me cheering and yelling at the edge of my seat.

1. TCU HORNED FROGS come through in a big way while Boise State is left to wonder what could have been if they had a kicker the past 2 years. Special Teams will cost you, ask Bama. TCU's coach has ice in the veins to call for a 2 point conversion. It was so close to being knocked down. Props to TCU offense for getting it done. It should have never have come down to the field goal. HORRIBLE calls by the refs on 4th and 10. Ball was 15 feet up in the air. TCU can brag that they still have not lost a MWC game since joining. Get ready for the BIG-12 TCU because a lot of teams are going to come after you!

2. LSU and BAMA ripped each other to pieces last week but came out and got the victory this week without a let down. Both teams started slow but managed to finish the game out. Mississippi State was a tough test for LSU at the beginning of the season and proved still to be tough against Bama on Saturday. Western Kentucky started hot vs LSU but then LSU realized they should be beating them by more and woke up. Both teams are still playing great. I am not wanting a rematch but it would be a better rematch than LSU vs Oregon.

3. Speaking of Oregon, Congrats on the upset over Stanford. I would not call it an upset because I knew Oregon would win. The Luck ran out on Stanford finally. Oregon's James made a ton of plays to make everyone reconsider him for Heisman even though he can not get it done vs big time opponents outside the PAC-12 (LSU, Auburn, Ohio State). Oregon's defense even showed up and created enough turnovers to blow it wide open. Ducks will win the PAC-12. They still have USC next week and need to be ready for Barkley and Woods to avoid a letdown game!

4. Offense, Offense, Offense. Oklahoma State is all about it. They can score on anyone and they can do it FAST! Anytime I change and the channel for just a moment when watching them, BOOM, they score another 2 or 3 Touchdowns. I am sure a lot of people would love to see Oklahoma State offense vs LSU defense. It would be a great match up! Maybe Weeden can get some Heisman talk now. Look at the crazy numbers he is putting up.

5. Clemson locked up the ACC title game spot thanks to a late field goal. I really thought they were gonna blow it. Clemson is notorious for losing games they should win. Looks like Virginia Tech will be playing Clemson in the ACC title game. It is not official yet but it could happen. V-Tech took care of Georgia Tech. Great game but G-tech's defense lost its composure on 3rd down and got a personal foul penalty giving V-tech a crucial first down. V-tech then drove for the lead and changed the whole momentum of the game. Really thought the Rambling Wreck would pull through. The ACC can be a mess sometimes. It will only get worse with Pitt and Syracuse joining the mix. I hope they have a north and south division once things are settled. Make things easier on the league. Don't sleep on Virginia... they still have a shot at the ACC title game spot but need to win out (vs FSU next week then V-tech). Pulling for Virginia. Does anyone really want to see Virginia Tech goto another BCS bowl game and lose.

6. Does anyone in the BIG EAST want to win. West Virginia beat Cincinnati to joggle the first place standings in the BIG EAST. Gosh not only is that conference falling apart, but no one can win out with a respectable record. I still believe that the final record of the BIG EAST winner will be 8-4 at BEST! I hope it turns into a slug fest and somehow Louisville or UCONN win the BIG EAST. That would make a lot of people mad to see a 7-5 team in the BCS bowl game while an 11-1 team gets left out. It will also show what a joke the BIG EAST and BCS has turned into!

7. Emotional day in the BIG-10 with Penn State and Nebraska.(That is all I will say about Penn State) Congrats to BIG RED for pulling out the win. Sets up a big game next week with Michigan vs Nebraska. Both teams are playing in hopes that Michigan State loses one more game! Michigan State showed that it will not let that happen with a dominate effort over Iowa. Michigan dominated Illinois. That means the Zookers started 6-0 but have lost 4 in a row and will probably lose again vs Wisconsin. Purdue gave Ohio State all it could handle and won the game in overtime. Congrats to the Boilmakers for doing something with their season. One more win and Purdue goes to a Bowl game.

8. Is anyone following this? Houston and Tulsa are both undefeated in conference play. They play each other in the final game of the season. Winner goes onto the C-USA title game. Keenum is still putting up amazing numbers but this past week it was the running game that was impressive. Houston is a fun team to watch and has broken the 55 point mark 6 times this season. WOW! If Oklahoma State and Houston played they could both score over 100 points.

9. The SEC EAST will come down to the final conference game for Georgia and South Carolina. Georgia blew the roof off of Auburn. Cam Newton was Auburn last year. They miss him! All South Carolina can do is pull for kentucky next week. This is football not basketball so I do not see Georgia losing. Also congrats to Vanderbilt for winning. They are one win off from being bowl eligible. Vandy has barely lost against top teams. They are well coached and just a few players off from being scary good in the SEC EAST! I am looking forward to seeing Arkansas vs LSU at the end of the season. The SEC is the greatest conference in college football. I really hope Texas A&M and Missouri do not water it down.

10. How about Kansas State. 4 Overtimes. What a game. Reminded me when K-state lost in overtime to Texas A&M in the BIG-12 title game so long ago. K-State avenged that overtime lost and got the job done. Snyder has done magic with that team. The Big-12 is coming down to the winner of the Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State game. Should be fun to see how it all turns out. Also gutsy call by Turner Gill to go for 2 against Baylor in Overtime. That was Gill's last desperate attempt to keep his job. See ya!

On a side note, UCLA lost and pretty much took itself out of the PAC-12 race. NOT SO FAST! Arizona State lost to Washington state late last night making the PAC-12 wide open. Might as well be the BIG EAST with how many ups and downs that are going on!

Also if you enjoy offense, watch the MAC games this week. They have been a lot of fun to watch. So glad the NBA is on lockout and we get to see those games. MAC ATTACK!

I enjoy the upsets. It is why we watch college football. Even when the realignment is all done things will still be just as exciting. We will have to get use to it! Maybe it will get us close to a playoff! Play with class and success will follow.

Now onto some picks:

  1. Wisconsin 42 Illinois 24 (Zookers just keep losing)

  2. Nebraska 28 Michigan 24 (Dual Threat QB's go at it)

  3. Houston 73 SMU 42 (Shootout in Lone Star State)

  4. Ohio State 31 Penn State 14 (the SCANDAL BOWL)

  5. Miami 35 USF 21 (Sunshine Showdown Part II)

  6. Notre Dame 42 Boston College 17 (Catholic Bowl)

  7. Vanderbilt 38 Tennessee 31 ( Vandy becomes bowl eligible)

  8. FSU 27 Virginia 24 (BIG ACC GAME)

  9. Oregon 56 USC 42 (PAC-12 Shootouts are back)

  10. Kansas State 38 Texas 35 (Snyder can run better)


Any thoughts? Love to hear back from the readers. Enjoy!


November 13, 2011  06:32 PM ET

I am feeling this next week will not have an upsets. The final week of the season will be great to watch!

November 13, 2011  06:33 PM ET

Any word on the BIG-12 and them getting WVU into the conference? It is a mess. The BIG EAST needs to just stop being a cry baby and let it's teams leave. They are a sinking ship and do not need to keep anyone else from going down with them!

November 14, 2011  11:34 AM ET

Fun reading the commentary, sounds spot on

November 14, 2011  06:48 PM ET

Thanks! Pass it around!


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