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     after Brett Favre tore my heart out last week for the 12th time, i really thought that my niners gave up on the season...the one moment of joy i've had over favre goes back to the lone playoff win against greenbay in the playoffs "young to owens"...i know exactly where i was at that moment and what i was doing...

     i was skiing with my dad and brother in UTAH at snowbird ski resort...after a great day of skiing, we get back to the car and warmed up the ingine...i had considered staying in that day and watching the playoffs, but making the trip all the way out to Utah doesnt come along too often for the kid from southern california...so i'm in our suburban taking off my ski boots...i search on the ghetto radio to find the football game...it had been on my mind all day...could this be the game that my boy steve young conquers the trendy cheeseheads from greenbay??? after maybe 10 mins of searching on the AM dial, i finally find the game and am listening closer to the radio than ever before...

     i conviently hear the last drive for the niners on the radio...i find out that we are down, need a TD to win, and its been a great game thus far...that final pass to owens was music to my ears..."young back to pass, he almost falls down, gets the ball away.....OWENS OWENS OWENS!!!!!!"... Ive never been in such disbelief in my life...Ive always known that we were capable of beating greenbay (espically at home away from that hellish frozen icecube they call a field)...that radio call made that day of skiing one of my best rides home ever...getting home i must have watched sports center all night...

     today i repeatedly watch the highlights of last nights game against seattle...did we really win a game on the road in seattle??? at home we are competitive and have a chance, but on the road???  because of my social ajenda and the specific bar where i was at did not have the NFL network, i only caught the highlights of the huge win over the seahawks...i was there last year at the bush bowl AKA 49ers vs texans....i didnt want the first pick and reggie bush...one player does not make a team and to be honest we cant afford the first pick every year...

     i want a tough defense, a running back that runs hard always falling forward, and a quarterback that makes smart decisions on every play...i think we have two of the three to be honest...i dont expect the playoffs this year but i want my defense to step up and take pride in their efforts...we're a very young team and have alot of potential...the coaching staff is finally on solid ground and some of the players seem to understand their roles and responsibility...i look to play spoiler the rest of the season and shake things up in the NFC west...we've had some good games this year and some bad ones...the key here is to end the season on a bright note and keep building for the future...its soo much better to be a niner fan this year than the past few!


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