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Hey what's up Nation, It’s your friendly neighborhood NFL pickoff champion and I am feeling mighty good about the picks this week. Unfortunately, I forgot to pick the Thursday night game, but I have no doubt in my mind that I was going for the 49ers anyway. How could you not love that blossoming relationship between Alex Smith and Vernon Davis? Click. Clack.  

The holidays are always a special time for me, as I can’t wait to get the hell back home and hang out with the family, watch some football in HDTV, and ring in the new year. I hope you all feel the same way and are able to enjoy this time as much as I will.

So Dice-K finally arrived only minutes from my residence at Hanscomb Field Wednesday, and it was a nice thing to see. If we had failed to grab him from those Seibu Lions, we’d have a lot of explaining to do to our fans. Now we have 6 starting pitchers, plus Roger Clemens as a rumored 7th. It can’t get much better for us Red Sox fans, unless JD Drew is playing for more than 110 games in 2007. That would be a real treat.

To the Picks!

Cowboys @ Falcons, Saturday 8pm NFL Network

            Another NFL network game that most of us probably won’t see. Then again, an interesting matchup for the Cowboys, as the Falcons are supposed to lose this game badly. However, with Tony Romo playing poorly as of late, and the Falcons still fighting for their playoff lives, things could get interesting in Hotlanta. I’m going to surprisingly go with the Falcons in this one, throwing another monkey wrench in the mix. Matt Schaub might get a few snaps in this one if it all goes awry, but I’m going with the worst QB in the league and his Falcons to pull out an inexplicable win.

            Final Score: Falcons 24, Cowboys 17

Browns @ Ravens, Sunday 1pm

            The Ravens are playing as well as they did during their Super Bowl win in 2000. Only this time, they have a former NFL MVP at QB and not Trent Dilfer. Unfortunatley, the experts that believe they have a chance don’t understand that the NFL has changed since 2000. These defensive guys are 6 years older now then they were, aka Ray Lewis. I love Ed Reed, he is my favorite defensive player bar-none, and one of my top 2-3 favorite players in the NFL. Their defense is a monster, with Reed, Lewis, Suggs, Thomas, and McAllister. Look for them to go far, but they can’t beat the Chargers, probably the only team they couldn’t beat if they had to.

            Final Score: Ravens 26, Browns 10

Buccaneers @ Bears, Sunday 1pm

            Bruce Gradkowski is not making it out of the 1st half alive. Remember Rex Grossman? Bruce will show a pretty darned good imitation of Rex in this game. The Bears D is going to all out slaughter the young QB and probably cause 3 1st half turnovers. We saw last week how incapable the Bucs were on offense, so even if the Bears O doesn’t score a field goal, they are still going to take this game. And how about Devin Hester. Why don’t you just give him the rookie of the year? He has been good for like 2-3 wins this year by himself thanks to Grossman. And he’s mainly a special teamer! Incredible player with incredible speed, he might take back a 7th return this week against a team who still hasn’t had a kick-returned TD in their history.

            Final Score: Bears 28, Bucs 6

Dolphins @ Bills, Sunday 1pm

            Now from what I can remember, the Dolphins never play well in the cold climate of the Northeast in December. I don’t have the actual stats, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the Dolphins are under .500 in the Northeast in December in their franchise history. They surprised me last week with their dominant win vs the Pats last week. Expect more of the same this week against the feel-good Bills. The Bills beat the Jets outright last week, but I can’t see them doing it again this week. The Fins defense is extremely strong right now, and are lined up to have another big game. My fantasy team depends on it! Dolphins win this one slowly but surely and inch closer to the 9-7 season.

Final Score: Dolphins 27, Bills 13

Jaguars @ Titans, Sunday 1pm

            Here’s yet another game where the Jaguars just can’t lose because they won last week with a huge game by taking advantage of a team with a good record that has a major flaw. The Jaguars are Super Bowl contenders! Um, no, scratch that, my ranting about Eric Allen made him fly up from Bristol to try and stall my blogging. I kicked him out of the office though and I’m sure he’s trying to get in on a Patriots mini-camp right now. Vince Young finally came through for me last week, and I think he’ll do it again this week. In addition, I’d hate to see the Patriots have to play him in 2 weeks. I think he’ll beat the Pats too. I’m starting to believe in this guy, despite my former disgust for him as a player. I just didn’t think he was very good, but he certainly shut me up! VY for governor of TN.

            Final Score: Titans 27, Jaguars 17

Jets @ Vikings, Sunday 1pm

            This will most likely be an ugly game, but those Jets are going to win. I know, I know, I claimed that the Jets weren’t going to lose to a worse-team than them, and then they get blown out by the Bills last week. Expect that to not happen this week. The Vikings, quite frankly, suck. They can stop the run, but the Jets are having their own running issues, so I don’t think that will matter. The Jets will smother the Vikings and pull out a low scoring win.

            Final Score: Jets 17, Vikings 13

Lions @ Packers, Sunday 1pm

            This was always one of my favorite games to watch as a kid. Barry Sanders running in Lambeau was always a pretty sight. That white jersey getting a little grass-stained on the way to 160 yards rushing. Brett Favre coming back and pulling out a win vs. Scott Mitchell. Ah, those were the days. These are not the days. This is going to be game worthy of an NFC North division game, but it won’t be anything interesting. Just a hard, untalented football game with the Pack winning in the end. Jon Kitna is a complete moron in terms of decision making on the level of veteran NFL QBs. Favre will probably have a big game, and he’ll be even more inclined to play next year.

            Final Score: Packers 28, Lions 21

Redskins @ Saints, Sunday 1pm

            Those Saints are the real deal, and they probably can’t be stopped until at least the playoffs. Especially in the Dome, these guys aren’t going to lose, and the electric players are going to score many times.  Huge points for the Saints, for the Redskins, not so much. Should be a fun game to watch if it’s on TV. The best potential Super Bowl matchup has got to be the Chargers vs Saints. Let’s hope that happens.

            Final Score: Saints 41, Redskins 17

Steelers @ Panthers, Sunday 1pm

            The Steelers are winning this snoozer without much issue, as the Panthers defense is so bad it’s not even funny. Steelers try and hold their noses high as they finish a season with no after-party on the schedule.

            Final Score: Steelers 27, Panthers 14

Texans @ Patriots, Sunday 1pm

            Tom Brady is a lonely man. His pride and joy, the Pats, are struggling. He just broke up with his girlfriend of 3 years, who went to my high school (cool, right?). And the Dolphins are 6-7 and they are 9-4, as that angry sound bite he produced determined. Brady is an angry man and he is going to come out firing. He hasn’t thrown a TD pass in 2 weeks. He’ll throw probably 4 this week and single-handedly make sure the Pats are getting into the playoffs. For the next two weeks, I don’t know if they can hold on and win the East, but they need this game to give them the opportunity. Brady goes off and has an insane game, much like the Vikings game earlier this year. 4 or 5 TDs is not out of the question, and hopefully he’ll pull the Pats through.

            Final Score: Patriots 31, Texans 14

Broncos @ Cardinals, Sunday 4:05pm

            Seems like all those “experts” decided already that the Cards are going to win this one. Sure Leinart has been playing very good as of late, but who is anyone kidding that Matt Leinart can beat Champ Bailey. This ain’t gonna happen. The Broncos are going to play well, and Cutler is going to get that first win. On a semi-related note, those NFL shows they do on ESPN are the WORST shows that ESPN has ever done. These guys are so ridiculous, so high on one team a week after winning, and so low on another team after one loss. After the Colts lost their first game, the talks immediately came in that it was a flawed team and they weren’t going very far. The Jaguars are all of a sudden Super Bowl contenders. The Chiefs can’t lose because of Lamar Hunt’s death (sad note). Matt Leinart is one of the top 5 QBs in the NFL already. PAALEEEASE. I can’t believe how anyone can take Eric Allen and Sean Salisbury’s opinions seriously. These morons have never backed up one thing they’ve ever said with facts. These guys seemingly have no idea of what is going on, which is why I like to read the things that Peter King and yes, even that dork John Clayton have to say. At least these guys have a grain of salt of knowledge compared to the totally clueless Allen/Salisbury team on ESPN. And Trey Wingo, not even gonna go there, that’s too easy.

Final Score: Broncos 27, Cardinals 24

Eagles @ Giants, Sunday 4:15pm

            Those experts are picking the Eagles because they are playing so well lately. Ha! Ya right Jeff Garcia is going to beat the Giants in their house this week! No thank you, people there’s nothing to see here, turn away and walk back to your homes! Do not listen to this excrement spewing from the mouths of ex-NFL puppets! They know nothing! The Giants are going to experience a very satisfying victory here and will make their fans believe in them once again. Big game all around for the whole Giants team.

            Final Score: Giants 34, Eagles 20

Rams @ Raiders, Sunday 4:15pm

            I’d like to think that the Rams are in such flux right now that they can’t pull off a victory against anyone including the Raiders. That would be a false statement. The Rams played pretty well last week and they should be able to play well again this week. However, my whole philosophy on picking NFL games is in the matchups. The Rams can’t stop the run, and they need offense to win games. The Raiders are the 3rd ranked NFL defense amazingly. This matchup doesn’t favor the Rams, so I’m going to call the upset for the Raiders. In order for the Rams to win, Marc Bulger must have a huge game, and I don’t know if that’s what's gonna happen. Watch and learn.

            Final Score: Raiders 24, Rams 21

Chiefs @ Chargers, Sunday 8:15pm

            2nd game of the week right here. The NFL schedule-makers should get a bonus for having both primetime games as premier games to watch on Week 15. LT vs LJ. Who’s going to take the rushing lead after the dust settles? Major fantasy playoff implications with these two, I know because I’m playing against LJ, so I might totally lose and be very sad with my team as of Monday morning. LT is good for 172, 3 more TDs, and he takes the rushing lead after LJ struggles to 108 and 1 TD. Chargers win by a landslide.

            Final Score: Chargers 41, Chiefs 24

Bengals @ Colts, Monday 8:30pm

            Game of the week. I’ve said it all week to my friends and around the office, and I’ve concluded that the Colts are NOT winning this one. The Bengals are playing too strong and the Colts are playing like a bunch of sillynannies. Rudi won’t run for 375 yards, but he’ll get in the realm of 140, and perhaps score a few TDs.  SHOOTOUT GAME. Mark my words, big points shall be scored, and big plays shall be made. What do the Colts do after this one? Only time will tell us.

            Final Score: Bengals 37, Colts 34

So much for that, there are your Week 15 predictions. I am looking forward to a great weekend in Boston, so I am looking forward to finishing this blog so I can get outta here! Hey, I’m done, so take it easy and have a great weekend!


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