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  Finally it has happened! BCS madness is upon us. No is safe from the upset bug. If you are an SEC team in the Top 7 you are just fine and happy with everything going on around you. Especially if our Alabama. With all the upsets happening we are almost guarantying an Alabama/LSU rematch. As Corso would say "NOT SO FAST". Arkansas hopes to have a say in how the title game is played out!

-1-The SEC rocks! If you disagree go look at the Top 3 BCS spots. The SEC EAST is another story in its self. LSU and BAMA took care of business to keep things steady at the TOP of the BCS. Arkansas started slow but then blew it wife open vs Mississippi State (a team both LSU and Bama struggled with). Don't count out Arkansas vs LSU. Les Miles always finds a way to screw up something during a big game. HE has not done it this whole season so I imagine it will happen when LSU plays Arkansas. What a mess the SEC tie breaker will be if Arkansas does win. If you are Stanford or Virginia Tech you are banking on some more madness.

-2- Oklahoma State got caught looking ahead to bedlam. Iowa State is a team you can not look past but has a record that makes you think different. What a fight for Iowa State. They hung in and never let themselves get down when Oklahoma State scored. Turned into a good grind it out match! Every conference has a team know for delivering upsets here and there. The BIG-12 has Iowa State, the BIG-10 has Northwestern or Iowa (depends on who you ask), the PAC-12 has Oregon State (not this year), while the ACC is just a mess and the SEC doesn't really have a constant underdog (maybe Vandy or Kentucky). Just be on the look out when you play those teams. Oklahoma State did not get the memo.

-3- BAYLOR! BAYLOR! BAYLOR! They made the whole state of Oklahoma upset. What a final drive by Griffin! When Stoops called the timeout he was looking to set up a blocked punt before overtime. Then Griffin magic took over on 20+ yard scrambles leading his team down the field. Then almost in field goal range, Griffin rolls out and BOOM,,,throws an amazing 40-yard TD pass with 6 seconds on the clock. Talk about heart breaker for Oklahoma. I am glad to see a struggling Baylor turn the program around. It shows what an amazing QB can do for a team. Best of Luck to Baylor for the rest of the season and I hope Griffin sticks around one more year!

-4-Lets keep rolling with upsets. USC over OREGON! WOW. Did not see that coming. I saw USC hanging in there but then Oregon to pull away at the end. Matt Barkley was amazing. The only error he made almost cost USC the game. Oregon fans now feel like Boise State fans..."wish we had a kicker"! I wish USC was not having to suffer for one players actions so long ago. They would be in the title game this year and have a shot at a possible BCS bowl game! Let's hope the NCAA does the right thing in the future and learn to punish those involved and not the program itself! (I know there is more to it but I just wish the best for Barkley) Barkley is also a player I would love to see stick around to get a shot at big time college football glory! On a side note, Oregon can not hang with teams who have a nasty defensive line. Look at Oregon's losses. Auburn, LSU, USC all had dominate D-Lines. Oregon has great athletes but need a little nasty on their team if they want to beat any time in the country!

-5-Houston is the last undefeated team next to LSU. Houston has some great numbers being put up but I do not believe they would fare well vs Alabama or Oklahoma in a BCS bowl game. Keenum has done great but they needed some last minute miracles to beat some pretty bad teams (Louisiana Tech). I Love Houston and everything about their program and coach but do not see them competing with the big times in a BCS game this year! I hope Houston stays put in C-USA and also hope their coach continues to build them into a power! Keenum gets my Heisman vote if they beat TULSA in the game of the year for them this week.

-6-I am Gator and would love to talk about how much they manhandled Furman this past week. WRONG! Furman gave the Gators all they could handle this week. If not for 2 INTs returned for Tds, I think we would have had another Appalachian State vs Michigan kind of game and results. The SEC EAST was finally set in stone when Georgia barely beat Kentucky! Georgia is going to have its hands full vs LSU, BAMA, or Arkansas in the SEC title game. Richt officially saved his job this year. Let's hope Vandy gets a win vs Wake Forest and goes to a bowl game this year. That would be huge for that program!

-7-Penn State had an emotional win over struggling Ohio State. This now sets up a winner take all show down with Penn State and Wisconsin this week. A rematch of Wisconsin vs Michigan State would be a great in the first BIG-10 title game. In other Big-10 news, Michigan throttled Nebraska to keep its BCS hopes alive. Good job for Brady Hoke in his first year at Michigan. I will be attending the Michigan vs Ohio State game this year! What a great rivalry to see in person, in the BIG HOUSE! The Big-10 will see a lot more games mattering every season now with a season title game on the line! I still hope they change the names of the divisions and also switch a few teams around. Give it a true West and East division! Maybe when the BIG-10 decides to go to 14 teams like the SEC and ACC, they will do some switching around.

-8- How about the ending to the Virginia vs FSU game. What an amazing win for Mike London and the whole Virginia team. For the first time in my life I hated instant replay since it gave FSU another chance to win the game. Now Boise State, FSU, and Oregon all wish they had a kicker! FSU's kicker is usually clutch....not today! Now the Virginia Tech vs Virginia rivalry sets up a winner take all rivalry game. Winner goes to ACC title game! Should be interesting! Virginia Tech has been such a quiet garbage team. They won all their games in the WEAK ACC and somehow find themselves in a position to play for the national title game...UGH!!! Drives me nuts!

-9-A shout out to North Carolina State. They humiliated Clemson. They just ripped Clemson of their cloud and rubbed their face in the dirt. Clemson needs to turn things around fast because they have South Carolina this week and the ACC title game next. Hopefully Clemson syndrome does not kick in and they are able to win out! The ACC is a mess but not as bad as the BIG EAST. Louisville is tied for first place with a 6-5 overall record. Have fun with that one BCS men!

-10- With all of these upsets happening, who do you give the Heisman to? Luck has talent but has not won in the BIG game vs Oregon. Richardson dominates anyone who stands in his way but LSU. Moore lost to TCU, the one game a lot of voters were watching (kickers fault), and Keenum still is putting up crazy numbers but no recognition because of the conference and schedule. I wonder if Voters will consider Griffin at Baylor after the Oklahoma win. That was huge. Who gets your vote? I would go with Keenum or Richardson.

This season is becoming EPIC every week with every upset. I look forward to rivalry week. Which games are the ones that will interest you? For the sake to end arguments I hope LSU plays BAMA for the title. That will be an amazing rematch for the title game. I DO NOT want to see V-Tech play for the title. If Arkansas wins then mass ANARCHY will begin! Just to make things crazy let's say go Arkansas this week!


Now let's do some picks:

  1. Arkansas 24 LSU 14 UPSET (BCS chaos)

  2. Florida 31 FSU 24 UPSET (Gators need this in the worst way)

  3. Alabama 35 Auburn 3 (Tigers get rolled)

  4. Texas A&M 42 Texas 31 (aggies make Texas want to continue to schedule them)

  5. Houston 45 Tulsa 42 (Hello Heisman)

  6. Georgia Tech 42 Georgia 38 (Sorry dawgs)

  7. Wisconsin 38 Penn State 24

  8. Clemson 28 South Carolina 24 (No Clemson Syndrome)

  9. Stanford 38 Notre Dame 31

  10. USC 49 UCLA 17 (and UCLA still goes to title game)

November 22, 2011  09:40 PM ET

Oregon 63 Oregon State 14 (Not even a Civil War)
Missouri 28 Kansas 0 (Turner Gill is given the PINK SLIP...FINALLY)
Michigan 42 Ohio State 28 (the suffering end for BIG BLUE)
Purdue 17 Indiana 14 (Hoosier state is glad its basketball season)
Washington 56 Washington State 35 (shootout for APPLE CUP)
North Carolina 24 Duke 21 (Basketball season is here...the real season begins)

November 29, 2011  05:32 PM ET

SEC should kick out missouri and just be 13 teams for a long the BIG-10....why did the SEC take such a CRY BABY mediocre school! Texas AM started #8 and is now 6-6


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