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First off I would like to congratulate The New England Patriots and The New York Giants on their incredible run to the Superbowl. If the Superbowl was half the game of week 17, I would be pleased. Countdown to Superbowl XLII begins....

Has the year gone by so fast for everyone? The season is almost over and a LONG 7 months await us all. At this time last year, I was planning my trip to Miami for Superbowl XLI. Playing's Home Team Fantasy Football game last year, a salary cap league, I won the grand prize. A trip for two to Miami to attend Superbowl XLI.  Free plane ticket, free Hotel, and free tickets to the game. I would definitely expect everyone to agree that its a sportsfans dream. Now I understand the heartbreak the Packers and Charger fans are currently going through, since my Saints were also one game away from the the big show last year. But imagine winning a ticket to the Superbowl and having your team fall short the same year? I was devastated. If I were to witness my team in the big game, I could've died the next day and be a happy man lol.

Superbowl XLI:

As you could imagine, the atmosphere in Miami was electric. The clubs were packed, the bars were jammed and the people were CRAZY! Celebrities align the streets of South Beach in droves. Coach Shula, Brady Quinn, Franco Harris, Danica Patrick, Fergie, Dwyane Wade and Lisa Leslie were mingling with the crowd down Ocean Drive. The alcohol was flowing and the sun was shining brightly. Kind of a surprise since it rained during the Superbowl. The sun happened to shine the day before and after the game. The food in Miami was amazing and the woman were quite possibly the most beautiful i've seen. I live in Southern California, the mecca of blondes, brunettes and babes. So for me to make that comment speaks loudly of the female presence in Miami.

The morning of the game was gloomy and humid. Though the weather report called for rain, there was a small part of me that didn't want to believe it. My first, and most likely only, Superbowl game and it had to rain. It added to the drama but was definitely not welcomed. Dolphins Stadium was absolutely decked out and gorgeous. While attending the NFL Tailgate party, another gift from my prize, I got to rub elbows with Rich Eisen, Steve Marriucci and Ozzie Guillen. I was stuffing my face with the unlimited amount of free food provided. From Seafood Paella to BBQ ribs. Pounding down free drinks while watching and listening to Stevie Nicks perform "Landslide" on the stage. I was already having the time of my life, even before the game started.

During the game, it was obviously wet and cold. My seats were 17 rows behind the Bears bench so I could feel the intensity on the sideline. Since my team did not make it, I chose to cheer on the Colts. For one, I was not going to cheer on the team that eliminated the Saints and, again since my team did not make it, I chose to cheer on the next best thing. New Orleans natives Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne lol. I was a bit nervous about cheering them on, since I was sitting on the Bears side. Right behind Coach Lovie Smiths brother no less. Once the game started and I got a bit more drunk, I threw all that out the window and was practically the only one in my section standing and cheering for every Grossman interception. The kickoff was probably the most exciting thing i've ever witnessed. The stealth bombers flying high above and Hester returning the kickoff for a  touchdown. It was pure pandamonuim. Unfortunately the game did not continue being as exciting. Once the game ended I sat down in my chair, wet from head to toe, and took it all in one more time. Watching the Lombardi Trophy presentation, I could honestly say I got choked up a bit. My dream vacation has ended.



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