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Sometimes, this site cracks me up. Most of the fans here on Fannation know who I am.

They know I'm a woman. Most of the time, I get a healthy amount of respect. Seriously, I do. I even get comments or FM that says "wow, didn't know you were a chick till I looked at your profile. You know your stuff". So, while I appreciate that, are you saying you expected me to be stupid because I'm a woman? Should I just be grillin' burgers in the parking lot of the stadium? Fetchin' ya a beer?

Sometimes, I get the stereotypical male idiot that tells me to "get back to the kitchen and make him a sammich".  That statement typically is followed by the word used to describe a female dog. Tell ya what stud, I'll make you that "sammich" when you get your arse off the couch and go mow the damn lawn? You want to stereotype? I can with the best of them.

But every so often, I get a Fanmail or a post from a man, who believes I'm of his gender.

They ask me serious questions about defenses, offenses, plays or non-plays. They respect my opinion because they haven't yet gone to my profile and found out I'm a woman.  Some, they find out I am, and they change the way they speak to me.  Some don't.

Today, someone posted to me, and when responded to by someone else,  they returned the statement "I posted to KP because I wanted HIS opinion".

Now, thats kind of a double edge sword to me. On the one hand, in my female brain, I'm rather flattered that a man or anyone really would seek out my opinion. On the other hand, I'm insulted that he did it thinking I was a man.

I just want to know, from the men out there. What makes you think you hold the real estate license on sports? Do you really believe in 2008, that women just want to talk about the Olympics? Pairs Ice Dancing? Women's 10 meter high dive? The Uneven bars?

By no means, am I claiming to be nearly as knowledgeable as some of the women on this site. One needs to look no further than Cassidy, Ruby, Dallas Clark #1, Jr #88, Tracy, Ferrell1,UpstateSoxbabe, RedSoxBabe, Lana, Kari and many many others. You men are cutting off your own damn noses to spite your faces. Aside from a nympho that owns a liquor store, what more could you want than a woman who knows sports?

Why is it so hard to believe that women can understand and appreciate football or baseball or basketball or NASCAR or even freaking CHESS ? I hear men try and "dumb it down" for women thinking we dont know what we're talking about. I have spent more time explaining leg whips, chop blocks, illegal formation, running into the kicker and more to men who while talking night and day about how good their team is, doesn't know a holding call from an illegal contact or a block to the back. I would bet, if you sit down (all you men) and ask your 5 best football buddies to explain the 3-4 defense, they look at you with a blank stare. Bet me. Right now. 100 bucks. They've HEARD of it. Can they tell you or me what it is? I dare you. I TRIPLE dog dare you !

 I'll bet you that 6 out of 10 of you, I would beat in chess. I know I would beat you in 9 ball. I went to Las Vegas as an invitee to a national 9 ball tournament. I played tournaments for 6 years. If I can beat you in 9 ball, you can be sure I would waste you in 8 ball. I'll even spot you a few balls.

Normally, I don't TD. When I joined FN, I TD'd with Cass about instant replay in baseball. It was my first TD and it was old hat for Cass. She played by the rules and I did my best. I lost, but not by much. Then I did another TD and I won. Since then, I will take a TD when challenged but normally, I don't. Not because I don't know what Im talking about, but because to me, its a popularity contest and FN would be best served if they removed the user names from the TD and made it TD1 and TD2. Not that it would stop people from sending FM's to friends or groups soliciting votes. At least the people stumbling across the TD would actually read the arguments. I lost a TD this weekend that maybe I should have won. I ended up forfeiting because of popularity or lack there of. My opponent in fact sent me a FM asking who I pi-ssed off because he thought I was liked by everyone on FN. I like to think I am. Another member sent me fanmails asking me NOT to give up TD's because he thought I was good at them. I'll do some more TD's. Once I get better! Or I learn how to win.

My point is, (and I always have one), stop with the macho crap. We as women respect you that much more when you talk to us as sports fans AND as people. Don't denigrade us. Don't talk down to us. Why do we deserve it?

I WILL say, I have "talked" with a number of men on FN that do NOT stereotype. I can think of several off the bat. Oso, Hllywd, djroxalot, Dyhard, NCDavid, Gu3, Bodine, Smackem,. Dudeman, hiya, PK, Epoch, Hooah, Iowa, #1Cwbyfan, Van_Richten, CowboyDave, as well as many many others. Are they the exception? Are they the rule? I'm hoping the latter

The Women I've met on FN can hang with the best of you men. Can you say that about the women you know NOT on FN ?


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